As you all know, In Japan's Crystal the Goldenrod Pokémon Center was made larger and into the Communication Center for the Mobile Adapter. For The US version this was removed but using the gameshark you can access it and here is how:

WARNING: Do NOT NOT NOT save your game in the PCC, you CANNOT get out! Now, use these codes:


The first two are to dig to the PCC; the last four are so you can escape from the walls. NOW: Flip the switch ON before you select "Dig", hit A, then flip the switch OFF, and you'll dig normally, and end up inside the PCC walls (you'll hear the Pokecenter music). Flip the switch on and walk directly DOWN and you'll find yourself in the PokeCom Center!If you use the PCC code make sure you dig from the first floor of Mt. Mortar or Ilex forest and not anywhere else. otherwise your game will get all glitchy. If you warp from Ilex forst you'll appar in the administration room where not only can you talk to the scientists, but you can also read the computer screen for info on the adaptor. If you warp from Mt. Mortar, then you'll apear in blank space. turn the switch on and walk down and you'll eventually be in the PCC. NOTE: Do not save in the PCC, as the three exits (Administration Room, Stairwell, Welcome Mat) DO NOT WORK!! You cannot get out; except maybe with another GameShark code. There are no people inside the PCC to talk to, and the computer (Bill's PC, Crystal's PC, etc) is the only thing that works. Feel free to gawk, but you can't do much. Doing this won't replace the old PC with the PCC, it's not possible... so... gaze into what may have been. Oh, and in case anybody is dumb like me and saves inside the PCC... Input the last four codes (walk through objects), and go to the red mat where you'd normally exit, and walk down and left into the Administration Room. Flip the switch off, talk to the three scientists if you wish (they are they only ones not removed, I guess), then exit the through the door to find yourself in the regular Pokemon Center. Whew! ^_^
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