This is Almost 100% accurate but we may still be a little bit off

With the latest episode title, you may have noticed that it mention's a departure. The Mini-synopsis found states that "On the way back to Pallet Town Ash and Co. Stop off at Viridian city for a break. However in the Pokémon Center there is a message for Misty. What does it contain?". Well as you may or may not be aware, 3 months ago I put this picture exclusive. It had Ash, Brock, Odamaki, The Three R/S Starters and 2 new people. Here's the picture to refresh your memory

Pokémon Advance League?

Anyway, this picture has been really controversial, and with the starters being classed as real just under a month ago it has held a bit more ground. Now, once more it appears another strike.

It Appear's Misty is going to leave the group and the new R/S girl...named Haruka is coming to take her place. So I guess we should say goodbye to Misty and Hello to Haruka

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