Welcome to the SPP Pokémon Crystal Page .Pokémon Crystal. An Ingenious Idea. It uses the Mobile phone like a Link Cable. So you can battle with your friends anywhere in the world. The game has the same storyline as Gold and Silver except its possible that you can play as a girl and there are Battle Animations:

So the Pokémon move about when Battling. This game is Compatible With Stadium GS. In this game you have a new rival, called Minaki. His mission is to train and only catch Suicune, But can you beat him to it?

Who is the Main Character?
It's believed that the player can choose between the original Gold/Silver hero and a girl trainer. If so, could this alter gameplay

Who is on the Box?
Suicune's image appears on the front of the box. There are also male/female symbols on the box.

Who is Minaki?
Minaki is a mysterious Pokémon Trainer. He seeks to catch and train only Suicune.

Where is Suicune?
Suicune appears right on the map. It's by a house and water.

What's happening at the Ruins of Alph?
A mysterious figure has appeared there.

What's new on the Radio?
There a new DJ named Aoi. She tells the listeners Passwords

What's new with the Phone service?
You'll now get calls about bargain sales to save money when buying.

And the PokéDex?
There is new information and new images of Pokémon.

How have attacks changed?
Pokémon may learn attacks that they didn't learn in the Gold/Silver games. This includes Dugtrio learning Tri Attack and Eevee learning Baton Pass

Here are some rellevant pictures:

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