Here you will find a Step By Step Guide to the games Red, Blue and Yellow. Not all the pages are linked here. I'll be making a menu soon. If you are a beginner to the world of GSC click this link to go to New Bark Town. Everyone else, pick your area in this map.:

New Bark Town Route 29 Cherrygrove City Violet City Ruins Of Alph Route 32 Union Cave Azalea Town Ilex Forest Goldenrod City Nature Park Route 36 Ecruteak City Olivine City Cianwood City Route 42/Mt. Mortar Lake Of Rage Mahoganu Town Ice Cave Blackthorn City Victory Road The Indigo Plateau Vermilion City Saffron City Power Plant Cerulean City Lavender Town Celadon City Fuchsia City Diglett's Cave Pewter City Mt. Moon Cinnabar Island and Seafoam Islands Viridian City Pallet Town Silver Cave

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Thanks to PikachuPikablu for writing a lot of this walkthrough