New Bark Town

You will start the game by setting the time and day. In Crystal Before That You Choose between if you are a boy or a girl. These are who you are:

Then You Choose the name of your character as usual. Now we begin. As usual you will start in your bedroom. Go downstairs and your Mom will give you your PokéGear. She'll also ask what day it is, and whether or not it is Daylight Savings Time or not. In Crystal, your mom's visitor will talk about her child wanting to be Prof. Elm's Assistant. Ignore her and move onwards. Go To Prof. Elms Lab to the North West Of your house. Elm Will Talk to you and tell you that his friend called Mr. Pokémon Has Made A Tremendous Discovery and that he needs someone to go to Route 30 to speak to Mr. Pokémon and find out what it is. He asks you to do this for him so you are allowed to choose a Brand New Pokémon as a New Companion. Use the below table to decide which Pokémon you want. Once you have picked head off to Route 29 and you have begun your new Pokémon Journey.

Grass Fire Water
Hard Easy Moderate

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