Base Operation Method
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Above, the cursor is the two white boxes. The panels within the cursor are joined together. Press the "A" button, and the two panels within the cursor switch left and right, taking each other's place. This aligns a column of Heart Panels. Because three matching panels in a row were touching, they vanished. Pieces above the vanished panels fall.
Skill Chain

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When more than 4 panels vanish in one move, this is called a "Skill Chain". It doesn't matter if two sets of panels are different colours--it still counts towards overall number of vanished panels in one turn.
Active Chain
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Switch the Green and Yellow Panels, causing the Green Panel column to vanish. Now, the Violet Panel begins to fall. You have only an instant to move the Violet Panel on the right over! The Violet Panel above will fall, creating a column of three Violet Panel that will vanish. That's an "Active Chain".
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