1P Modes
Endless Endless
This mode continues until you get Game Over.  As time goes by, panels raise from the bottom faster and faster!  (Note: If this is like previous Tetris games, the longer you play, the better the ending.)
VS. Computer VS COM
In this mode, you battle against the computer.  As you attack your opponent, their HP lowers.  Lower the HP gauge completely, and you win!  Each time you defeat one opponent, you're met with a stronger opponent's challenge!
Score Attack Score Attack
You have a 2 minute time limit in which you must try to reach as high a score as possible.
Stage Clear Stage Clear
One by one, you must clear stages.  Each stage has a Clear Line below the panels, and you must clear every panel above that line to proceed to the next stage.  Each stage moves faster than the previous.
Puzzle Puzzle
You have a turn limit to clear out all the blocks.  You may think you can clear them all out in 5 turns, but you'll have to think again if there's a 3 turn limit!  Each puzzle is more complex than the last, and will require more turns than previous puzzles!
Garbage Attack Garbage Block
Garbage Blocks rapidly fall from above, trying to force you to reach Game Over.  Hurry and clear them before time runs out!  This is good practice for VS COM and VS 2P Modes!
2P Modes
VS. 2P VS 2P
2 players compete against each other in this mode.  Using Chains and Combos, players can surprise each other by sending over Garbage Blocks.  Keep playing until one player gets Game Over, scoring the other player 1 point.  The first player to earn 2 points wins.
Score Attack Score Attack
Competing players have two minutes to try for the higher score.  Whoever has the higher score after two minutes gains 1 point.  The player who reaches 2 points first wins.
Stage Clear Stage Clear
Far below is a Clear Line.  Both players must hurry to clear all of the panels above the Clear Line.  Clear all of the panels above the Clear Line to score a point, or gain a point from the opponent getting Game Over.  First with 2 points wins.

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