Pallet Town

Your journey starts In your bedroom. If you wish you may take a potion out from the Computer. Now Leave your house and go up towards the grass and Professor Oak will stop you. After a long talk about not going out of town without a Pokémon, he will take you to his lab, he will let you choose one of three completely different to eachother. The Table Below will allow you to see what are the best ones to choose with at first in the game. Your Rival will choose the Pokémon That has the advantage over yours (typical). When you try to leave, Your rival will Challenge you to a battle to test out your Pokémon. Dont worry if you loose but here's a tip, on it always go for the Attacking Moves (either Tackle or Scratch) because your Rival Wont Constantly use them so you get more chances if you just keep doing damage. Don't worry if you lose, this battle isn't really one that counts but if you do win your Pokémon Will Probably Go up a Level. After The Battle, you should leave Pallet Town and head north through route 1 to try and get to Viridian City.

Grass Fire Water
Easy Hard Moderate

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