Berry Crushing, while similar in design to Berry Blending, it has a different use. It can be done in any Union room in Kanto or the Islands and with 2 up to 5 players. The result from Berry Crushing is Juice...which can be traded for certain items.

To be able to do this, you need to get the "Konaire", basically a Bottle, from the guy in a house in Cerulean City, just north west of the Pokémon Centre.
To get a higher amount of Juice depends on the Berries and the Combinations of Berries...which we will do a page about soon, also you need to

  • Be in synchronisation with the other players (In Pressing A)
  • Be fast whilst doing it

To Redeem the Juice Points, you will have to go to this house in Cerulean City, just north west of the Pokémon Centre and inside is an Old Man who will offer you items for the points

Here are the items that you can purchase:

Picture Name Effect Juice Points
Energypowder Recovers 50 HP. Bitter 50 Units
Energy Root Recovers 200 HP. Bitter 80 Units
Heal Powder Recovers Any Status Ailment. Bitter 50 Units
Revival Herb Recovers a Fainted Pokémon. Bitter 300 Units
Protein Raises a Pokémon's Attack 1000 Units
Iron Raises a Pokémon's Defense 1000 Units
Cabos Raises a Pokémon's Speed 1000 Units
Calcium Raises a Pokémon's Special Attack 1000 Units
Zinc Raises a Pokémon's Special Defense 1000 Units
HP Up Raises HP of a Pokémon 1000 Units
PP Up Raises PP of a Pokémon's Move 3000 Units




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