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Outside the Dancing Ponyta Inn, X emerges from his tent and angrily demands that the red-suited women return Kango right away. He reaches for the plastic tape covering his bracelet and attempts to peel it off, but unfortunately fails to do so after several tries, causing Y to sweatdrop and leaving the Team Flare Scientists speechless. Y gets annoyed and with a holler, grabs X by his wrist. She tears off the plastic tape violently, and reveals the seven-coloured stone it is covering.

Aliana gasps that the Mega Ring is going to be activated, and Mable says they should get ready for a Mega evolution. Trevor, who is looking down from the window on the second floor with Tierno and Shauna, overhears the two terms and wonders what they mean.

X places two fingers over the stone on his bracelet and lets out a roar, which causes the stone to glow intensely. Something inside Kang's pouch also glows in response, but then to everyone's surprise, nothing happens. Mable laughs that they are feeling nervous over nothing, and Aliana giggles that apparently the boy still could not stably activate Mega evolution. She grin that they should still take good precaution anyway, and gestures to Diggersby, who hurls Kango against the ground and knocks it unconscious with the brutal crash.

X cries out in horror, and wonders why he couldn't redo what he did in Vaniville. The Team Flare Scientists mock at his attempt to hide the Mega Ring with a plastic tape, and Mable snickers that they are able to track him down by the wavelengths emanated by the Key Stone. Before she could say anything else, Alina shushes her, and says they will get into trouble with the boss if they reveal too much. Both women cringe at the thought of their angry boss, and decide to zip their mouths and say no more.

X slumps onto the ground as Y runs up to him, and the girl hollers that he cannot give up after a single failed attempt. She cries that they must think of something else, and turns to Chespin and Froakie for their help again. However, she soon realizes that she doesn't really know what kind of Pokemon they are, which makes it impossible for her to fight with them. At that moment, she hears Trevor's faint voice calling out to her, and looks up to the window where her three friends are looking out from. Trevor tries hard to gesture towards the ground, and Y soon spots the two electronic devices which are still sitting in the glass boxes Tierno opened earlier. She remembers that they are called the Pokedexes, and quickly picks one up to activate it. To her surprise, it displays the names of Froakie and Chespin, and most important of all, the characteristics of their species, essentially working like a hand-held encyclopedia.

Mable states that they have theoretically accomplished their mission since they were told to capture a Pokemon that is capable of Mega evolving and they have successfully snatched the child of Kangaskhan. Aliana agrees with a giggle, and asks if they should retreat. However, Mable wants to seek payback for what the kids did to them in Vaniville, and Aliana, making fun of Mable's stubbornness, laughs that it will be a good idea to teach them not to defy them again. With that, Mable orders a Flamethrower from Houndoom, which burns at Chespin, and Aliana gets Diggersby to use Mud Shot, which hits Froakie square-faced.

Y feels alarmed as Chespin is of grass type that is weak to fire and Froakie is a water type which doesn't resist ground. She quickly tells Froakie to turn its focus on Houndoom, but before she could give orders to Chespin, it is being gestured forward by X, who has suddenly bolted up from his slumped position and is charging towards the enemy, much to Y's shock.

Diggersby rams its left ear down in an attempt to crush Chespin, but the grass Pokemon manages to evade, and the blow creates a big hole on the ground instead. Y gasps that Diggersby's ears are just like fists, and watches in anxiety as the giant rabbit chases after Chespin by ramming its left ear down repeatedly while keeping Kango captive with its right one. It soon corners on Chespin with a punch that seems impossible to dodge, and the Vaniville kids cry out in horror, all except X, who stays calm, and tells Chespin to spin around. As it does so, it hardens the quills on its head, which instantly turns into spikes, piercing into Diggersby's ear as it makes contact. The excruciating pain causes Diggersby to cry out and flail, which loosens its hold on Kango and makes the baby Kangaskhan fly off from its grip.

X hurriedly lunges forward to catch Kango, and Y reads from her Pokedex that the wood cover on Chespin's head and back is so thick that even a direct hit from a truck wouldn't faze it. She wonders how X knew of this ability of Chespin, but the boy simply shows her the other Pokedex which he has picked up. Y feels somewhat annoyed that X has beaten her to utilizing the device, and lets out a grunt.

Mable is furious about losing the baby Kangaskhan, but Aliana giggles that there is no need to get angry. She tells Diggersby to deliver its best and most powerful punch, and finishes her line with a warning that Diggersby will receive a horrible and painful torture if it disappoints her. Diggersby cringes at the sugar coated threat that is spoken through a giggling voice, and braces itself as it charges towards Chespin with both of its ears curled up as fists. Chespin starts scaling the Dancing Ponyta Inn's external wall, and Diggersby quickly gives chase. Taking its chance, Diggersby delivers a powerful punch, but Chespin manages to jump out of the way and the blow ends up blasting through a hole in the wall. Chespin backflips to headbutt the big rabbit with the hardened quills on its head, and causes its opponent to faint. X then orders a Pin Missile, which Chespin fires towards Mable and Aliana, pinning the two Team Flare Scientists against a tree.

While Mable and Aliana scream in fury, X tells Y that they should probably leave. Y states that Trevor, Tierno and Shauna are still trapped upstairs, but at that moment, Trevor calls out to her that they shall be fine, and Y sees that the hole made by Diggersby's punch has created an opening on the second floor. She wonders if this is what X planned to do all along, but the boy gives no reply and begins to return to his secluded mode.

Shauna yells at Trevor that they are not really fine since they don't have a way to get down, but Y suddenly gets an idea, and tells the three to jump out of the opening. Shauna thinks Y must be out of her mind, but Tierno decides to trust Y, and grabs both Shauna and Trevor under his arms before taking the leap. Just as it looks as if they are going to crash to their death, Froakie foams up the bubble around its collar again and creates a large cushion, catching the three and halting their fall. The kids then quickly climb back onto their feet, and start to move away, with X back inside his tent on Rhyhorn's back. Fletchy catches up with Y after having beaten the old lady and her Spritzee, and Y turns back to steal one last glance at the red-suited people. She has no idea why they are after X's Mega Ring, but she surely will not let them succeed and vows to trump their evil schemes.

A while later, the group has settled down in a forest area and set up a fire place to rest temporarily. Shauna still feels shaken by what happened and wonders how far they should run. Y replies that she has no idea either, and feels troubled by the uncertainty. Tierno states that they should at least be thankful that Kango didn't get taken away, and also feels grateful that X worked in sync with Chespin so well. He suggests X take Chespin since they seem to be acquainted already, but X doubts that it is a good idea. He coldly states that any Pokemon that joins his team will suffer, and believes it is better if Chespin has nothing to do with him. Shauna doesn't know if she should call X considerate or mean, and gently lets out a sigh.

For Trevor, although so much has happened that night, the one thing that really caught his attention was the moment when something in Kang's pouch glowed along with X's bracelet. To confirm his query, he has sought Kang's permission to search its pouch, and to his surprise found a small circular yellow stone with a light purple swirl pattern in its center. Clearly, the stone bore much resemblance to the one embedded in X's bracelet, and Trevor couldn't help but wonder if some strange interaction between the stones when held by a trainer and Pokemon respectively caused a Pokemon's transformation, a phenomenon apparently termed 'Mega evolution' according to the red-suited people. Trevor could not figure out what exactly connected the two stones, but started to think that it was some kind of bond that could not be explained by words or seen by the eye. Trevor's inquisitive mind made him fascinated about this mysterious phenomenon, and he began thinking about what limit meant, and what it meant to surpass the limit.

While Trevor scribbles down his thoughts into his notebook, Y grins and wonders what kind of new understanding he has gained. Trevor sheepishly states that there isn't any at the moment, but Y remarks that she has one on the other hand. Shauna, Tierno and Trevor are astonished and ask what it is, and Y says it is the fact that no hotel is safe for them to stay in from this point forward.

Meanwhile, at Sycamore's Science Lab at Lumiose City, the young professor is replaying the Holo Caster recording of the Vaniville incident which Trevor sent him. In the video, one could clearly see the intense battle between Xerneas and Yveltal, but the recording was cut short as Trevor's Holo Caster was damaged during the clash. Surrounded by his Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, Sycamore plays the video once again, and is still astonished by what he is seeing.

He turns to his friend sitting on the sofa, and says the footage is extremely valuable in assisting the investigations. He feels thankful that his friend invented something as advanced and useful as the Holo Caster, since the recording would not have existed otherwise. In fact, his friend's many other inventions have all served important purposes to humanity, and it would not be too much to say that he has his utmost respect.

Sitting on the sofa next to his Gyarados, a man with fiery red hair named Lysandre, makes no attempt to reply to the flattery, and simply keeps his gaze on the video recording…

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004: VS Chespin!