Yellow Series

Heading off to accept a Challenge, Red goes missing leaving only his Pika left...however Yellow goes out searching for Red and uncovers a diabolical plot by the Elite are the events of that Series

  • Yellow Arrives in Pallet Town
  • Yellow Gets Red's Pika
  • Yellow gets Red's Pokédex
  • Yellow heads off to find Red
  • Yellow meets Bill
  • Yellow Gets A Seadra
  • Lorelei appears to get back Red's Pika
  • With help from Blue, Yellow & Bill escape from Lorelei
  • Yellow meets up with Erika
  • William, A Student at Celadon Uni, pretends to be Red and tries to kidnap Pika
  • Yellow tries to get Pika back
  • Misty, Brock, Erika & Blaine save Yellow from William
  • The Gym Leaders realise Gastly is in control of William
  • Green Arrives and defends the Gym Leaders From Gastly
  • Brock gives Yellow his Graveler
  • Misty gives Yellow her Omanyte
  • Green and Yellow head off to find Red
  • The Saved Caterpie starts following Yellow
  • Green tells Yellow about his meeting of the Elite 4
  • Green catches a Lapras
  • Green & Bozz go to the Power Plant
  • Green meets up with Agatha
  • Green is knocked unconcious and gets attacked by a Gengar
  • Green defeats Agatha
  • Bozz gets his Haunter back from Agatha
  • Green gives Lapras to Bozz
  • Green teaches Yellow about Pokémon
  • Yellow Catches a Caterpie
  • Ratty evolves into Raticate
  • Pika takes care of Freesk
  • Green continues to teach Yellow about Pokémon
  • Green & Yellow seperate
  • Three remaining Team Rocket Elites cause the SS Anne to sink
  • Yellow defeats the three Rocket Elites and saves the passengers of the SS Anne
  • Yellow Discovers the ruins which contain the re-usable evolution stones
  • Blue & Bill find out Red is still alive
  • Blue & Bill flee from the Elite Four
  • Yellow borrows a Slowpoke for a Surf Contest
  • Blue & Bill hunt down Hitmonlee
  • The Dragonair used as a prize starts acting violently
  • Lance looks for Yellow
  • Blue defeats Hitmonlee
  • Yellow Chases after Lance & Dragonair and gets Captures
  • Yellow keeps battling Lance
  • Lance spots Pika and tries to get it
  • Pika learns Surf
  • Yellow helps a Farfetch'd find a new nest
  • Yellow meets Blaine again.
  • Brock finds Red...or is it Red?
  • Celadon, Cerulan, Pewter come under attack by the Elite Four
  • Blaine, Mewtwo, Yellow & Green arrive on Cerise Island to find Surge, Sabrina & Koga
  • Cerulean, Celadon & Pewter Go Up in Smoke
  • Green & Blaine Meet Koga, Surge & Sabrina
  • The Elite Four remember the battle Bruno had with Red
  • Red continues his battle with Bruno
  • Red meets Agatha who reveals her plans involving the Earth Badge
  • Red refuses to join the Elite Four
  • Red sends Pika to Pallet to warn Oak of the Elite Fours Plans
  • Blue & Bill meet up with Yellow
  • Blue, Bill & Yellow fly around Cerise Island
  • The Towns keep getting attacked
  • They enter the cave with the Gym Leaders & Green in
  • The Gym Leaders, Green, Blue, Yellow & Bill split off to find the Elite Four
  • Green gives Koga his Golbat Back
  • Agatha amubushes Green & Koga
  • Green & Koga Strike back at Agatha
  • Blue & Sabrina get Ambushed By Lorelei
  • Surge & Bill keep searching for the Elite Four
  • Surge & Bill get ambushed by Bruno
  • Blaine & Yellow find Surge & Bill but cannot reach them
  • Blaine & Yellow have trouble getting to Surge and are wrapped by an Onix
  • Bill & Surge formulate a Strategy to beat Bruno
  • William wakes up and decides to help Bozz with the Red Situation
  • Agatha remembers about her feud with Oak
  • Green & Koga keep searching for the Elite Four
  • Green & Koga are ambushed by a Gengar
  • The Kanto towns still are under attack
  • Red arrives and helps defend Surge & Bill
  • Yellow & Blaine get swept away by water into the cave
  • The Attacking Armies steal the Gym Badges
  • Yellow & Blaine get ambushed by Lance
  • Blaine sends Mewtwo to defeat Lance
  • The battle between Mewtwo and Lance's Pokémon continues fiercely
  • Blaine & Mewtwo Pass out
  • Lance flees but Yellow follows him
  • Yellow tries to battle Lance
  • Cinnibar Island gets attacked
  • Sabrina & Blue continue fighting Lorelei
  • Blue remembers how she got Yellow to help stop Lance
  • Blue defeats Lorelei
  • Red defeats Bruno
  • Bruno decides to go against the Elite Four
  • Green & Koga defeat Agatha
  • The Gym Leaders head off
  • Red & Bill discuss who freed Red
  • Yellow survives the fall from her battle with Lance
  • Yellow, Pika & Mewtwo start to try to defeat Dragonite
  • Yellow keeps trying to defeat Lance
  • An unknown trainer from Viridian arrives
  • Giovanni almost defeats Lance
  • A big Bird arrives stopping the battle
  • Sabrina departs from Blue
  • Blue runs outside to see if the Bird is the one that took her
  • Freesk evolves into Metapod
  • Omask evolves into Omastar
  • Dodosk evolves into Dodrio
  • Golosk evolves into Golem
  • Freesk evolves into Butterfree
  • Yellow tries to stop Lance
  • Yellow tries to defeat Lance
  • The Mysterious Pokémon sends the power out from the Gym Badges out to revitilise the Lan
  • The Armies attacking Kanto stop
  • Giovanni states that its not the right time to bring back Team Rocket
  • Giovanni, Koga & Lance Disappear
  • Pika goes back to Red
  • Red, Green, Blue & Yellow go to help rebuild the Land
  • Blue informs Silver that the bird wasnt the one that kidnapped them and has headed West to Johto

And That's it for the Yellow Series and the adventures in Kanto...The Adventure continues in Johto


Chapter Name-


VS. Ponyta


VS. Dodrio


VS. Seadra


VS. Dewgong


VS. Cloyster


VS. Marowak


VS. Persian


VS. Paras


VS. Gastly


VS. Lapras


VS. Magneton


VS. Gengar


VS. Caterpie


VS. Pidgeotto


VS. Primeape


VS. Slowpoke


VS. Ekans


VS. Tentacruel


VS. Hitmonlee


VS. Dragonair (Part 1)


VS. Dragonair (Part 2)


VS. Dragonair (Part 3)


VS. Exeggutor


VS. Arcanine


VS. Machop


VS. Poliwrath


VS. Diglett


VS. Jigglypuff


VS. Horsea


VS. Alakazam


VS. Muk


VS. Weezing


VS. Venomoth


VS. Magikarp


VS. Electrode


VS. Chansey


VS. Golduck


VS. Venusaur


VS. Aerodactyl (Part 1)


VS. Aerodactyl (Part 2)


VS. Aerodactyl (Part 3)


VS. Raticate


VS. Slowbro


VS. Clefable


VS. Shellder


VS. Dragonite


VS. Rhyhorn


VS. Beedrill


VS. Metapod


VS. ???

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