The game that comes with a Pokemin Mini is Pokemon Party Mini. This game is a collection of various simple minigames that are designed much like older Game and Watch titles, the gameplay is simple and the goal is to score as high as you can. There are eight games on Pokemon Party Mini.

Pikachu's Rocket Start: In this game you have to press A when Elekid starts the race between you and either a Rattata, Eevee, or Pikachu. To signal the start of the race Elekid will drop his arm and the system will vibrate. Pressing A will cause Pikachu to dash forward, hopefully fast enough for him to cross the finish line first.

Slowking's Judge: In this game you play the role of a Slowking. Slowking is judging a tennis game and you have to tell if the ball is either in [A] or out [B]. Simple and extremely addicting.

Chansey's Dribble: Chansey is running up a field dribbling a soccer ball ahead of her. You have to make sure you don't let the soccer ball fall past you as you run or you'll have to go back and get it adding vile seconds to your time.

Bellossom's Dance: You are a Bellossom and you have to follow the movements of the two Bellossoms behind you in a dance contest. Press either up, down, left, right, or shake the system on the beat of the systems vibration.

Hitmonchan's Boxing: Mmmmm... mindless shaking... You play the roll of a Hitmonchan in a boxing match with a Machop. Shake the system as fast as you can but when it starts vibrating you've gotta stop or you'll lose points.

Sneasel's Fake Out: This is a two-player game. One player is on offense and the other is on defense. Press either left or right to throw the ball in that direction. Your opponent has to choose the same direction as you to block the ball. If not, you win!

Battlefield: In this game you and up to five other people each choose one of the first five games to play. Whoever gets the highest score wins!

Celebi's Clock: It's a clock with a Celebi flying next to it. Also can be used as a stopwatch.

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