#775 Komala
6th Gen Dex

| Samson Oak |

Samson Oak's Komala

# -English Episode Name- -Jap. Episode Name- Pics
945 The Guardian's Challenge! Enter the Guardian Deity Tapu Koko! Let Us Attempt To Master Our Z-Move! Pics
946 Loading the Dex! Good Rotomorning, I am the Rotomdex, Roto! Pics
948 Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio! Popplio, Do Your Balloonest! Pics
950 TBC The Marketplace Wanderer, Litten! Pics
951 TBC Who's in Charge of the Egg? Pics
952 TBC The Totem Pokémon is Gumshoos! Pics
956 TBC The Great Alola Pancake Race! Pics
957 TBC The Fruit of Courage: Lillie and Vulpix! Pics
958 TBC Scratchmark Hill, Rockruff and Lycanroc!! Pics
960 TBC Alola Detective Rotom! The Mystery of the Lost Crystal!! Pics
962 TBC Intense Electric Shock Training! A Rematch with Tapu Koko!! Pics

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