When you finally hit Level 5, you can start to access Gyms. Before you can, you are told to join one of three teams. Joining the team will determine what colour you go for and allow for you to team up with other local players against the other teams.

  Team Instinct Team Mystic Team Valor
Picture Team Instinct Team Mystic Team Valor
Legendary Mascot Zapdos Articuno Moltres
Colour Yellow Blue Red
Leader Spark Blanche Candela

At present, there's no evidence of any additional enhancement for each of the teams.


Despite Pokémon GO being vastly different to the main games, it does have a recurring feature. These are gyms and are located in a variety of locatrions around the world. These locations are all set on the servers and can be seen by all. If you see a gym which is silver, then that means it is currently uninhabited and can be taken for your team. You can select a Pokémon to look after the gym.

Like the player, Gyms have levels but you can't control the level too much. Instead, it is determined by prestige. The gym's prestige is increased and decreased depending upon whether or not a challenge has been defeated or if a challenger has defeated the gym. If the prestige hits 0, then the gym is lost to the team and can be claimed by any other player. As the gym increases in level, more players in your team can place Pokémon there. If you and another player of your team are attacking the same gym, both player's Pokémon appear in the game and will attack the opponent at the same time.

If the Gym is under the control of someone from your team, then you can also station a Pokémon there in order to try and fortify the gym so prestige is not lost. You can also train other Pokémon there to see if your gym is properly fortified and how your Pokémon work.

Gym Prestige

Much like the trainer, gyms have their own levels and rank up accordingly based on how well they do. To boost prestige at a gym you own, you simply have to train at it, or put a Pokémon into it. To lower the prestige of an opposing team's gym, you have to defeat Pokémon in battle. If you defeat all the Pokémon in the gym, the Prestige hit is larger.

As a gym levels up, it allows for more Pokémon to be placed in the gym, thus making it even harder to take down. However, when that happens, it also loses more prestige if it gets defeated. Should the loss in prestige level down the gym, then the weakest Pokémon will be booted out and returned to the trainer.

Level Prestige Required Number of Pokémon
Level 1 0 1 Pokémon
Level 2 2,000 2 Pokémon
Level 3 4,000 3 Pokémon
Level 4 8,000 4 Pokémon
Level 5 12,000 5 Pokémon
Level 6 16,000 6 Pokémon
Level 7 20,000 7 Pokémon
Level 8 30,000 8 Pokémon
Level 9 40,000 9 Pokémon
Level 10 50,000 10 Pokémon

Players can boost prestige of their gym by Training. This has players use 6 Pokémon against all the Pokémon in the gym, with the CP of the Pokémon dropping down to better match your usable Pokémon. The experience yeild and boost in prestige is smaller than taking a gym, but can boost the gym up so it can survive more attacks. If multiple players attack or train at gyms at the same time, they will each recieve the experience accrued from the battle

Act Prestige Gain/Drop
Add a Pokémon to the gym +2000 Prestige
Defeat a Pokémon in Training +250 * (Their CP / Your CP) Prestige
Defeat a Pokémon in Training that has higher CP than yours +(155 * (Their CP / Your CP) - 27) Prestige
Defeat all Pokémon in Training +50 Prestige
Defeat an opposing Pokémon -1000 Prestige
Defeat all opponent Pokémon -1000 Prestige

However, when a gym manages to fend off against attacks, the prestige is increased by small amounts, which are still being calculated.

Gym Battles

If a Gym is being held by another team, then you can battle it. The battles are relatively simple, with the moves being automatic. If you tap the opponent Pokémon, then your Pokémon will attack. As the Pokémon attack and Hit Points are lowered, a second attack is charged up. When that attack is fully charged it unleashes with a more powerful move. You can also dodge your opponent's attacks by swiping left or right.

When you challenge the gym, you can select up to 6 Pokémon of your to take it on. This gives you a bigger chance at taking on a gym and winning. However, if you are just training in a gym owned by your team, you can only bring in one.

If other players in your team or the team not owning a gym join in battle, it allows for stronger gyms to be more easily taken out as they appear in the battle and attack the opponent.

Gym Bonus

There is another perk to holding a gym. Once every 21 hours, if you go to the shop you will be able to get a bonus. The bonus you will receive is dependant on how many gyms you currently have Pokémon within. For each gym you have a Pokémon in, you will get 10 PokéCoins, as well as 500 Stardust. The more gyms you have, the bigger the bonus.

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