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As Ash and co continue their journey, they come to the end of the woods, and a place called Rinshin Town. May suddenly feels like going shopping, but Ash is hungry, so he wants to go to the hamburger joint. Brock also wants to go shopping for some medicine, and Max wants to see more Pokemon. So, Ash and Max decide to split up with Brock and May, and meet later at the Pokemon center.

Meanwhile, in the city, a bunch of construction workers are working on a European style mansion. Then, they mention how one of the workers resigned because it was too scary. They have a feeling something is lurking in the mansion. When something was in this mansion too, it had said and grumbled. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are also nearby, plotting to capture Pikachu… Jessie is hungry, and annoyed that she doesn’t have enough money to buy anything… so she just decides to help James and Meowth on capturing Pikachu.

Meanwhile, Brock and May are shopping… more like May is window shopping, and Brock is just following her, bored, wanting to go buy medicine. After Ash and Max finish their meal, Ash agrees to go on a Pokemon search with Max. Max says that in the city, Pokemon are usually found in the back alley, so they go there. After searching for a while, with no luck, they decide to give up… but then, a Shroomish comes out from behind a nearby box!

After Brock finishes buying the medicine, May is surprised that he has so much. Brock explains to her something, and she gets bored… then, a passerby asks them if they heard about the Green Mansion. May isn’t interested… but Brock wants to hear. So, she takes them to that mansion from before. They ask what’s so special about it, and she explains that there’s a rumor that it’s cursed. She then points out that a demolition team is trying to take it down… but any worker who enters it, falls asleep! Brock then turns all pale and gets scared… but May seems interested to check it out.

Meanwhile, Max tries to talk with the Shroomish, but it seems like it’s in an angry mood. Max then asks Ash for some Pokemon food. Luckily, he manages to find some in his pocket, so Max gives it to Shroomish, and explains that he just wants to make friends. However, Shroomish releases a Stun Spore… so Ash and Max run away as fast as they can!

Eventually, May manages to pull Brock towards the Green Mansion. Meanwhile, Ash and Max try another attempt at feeding the Shroomish and making friends with it. They slowly approach it… put down the food, he eats it… and he likes it! He motions a thanks, and then Pikachu asks him why he’s like this. Then, he understands that Ash and Max are the only people that have ever been nice to him, and that he’s usually in the woods, alone, abandoned by its trainer. Ash then thinks about taking it to the Pokemon center, but then Max takes out a hankercheif, puts it around the Shroomish’s head as a sign of friendship, and then, it feels a lot stronger.

As Brock and May start to enter, Brock is a little shaky at first and refuses… but May manages to somehow lure him in. Shroomish is also walking around the city with Ash and Max, and when they pass by the mansion, Shroomish gets a sad expression… Meanwhile, Team Rocket are watching this whole thing from a distance, planning to get Pikachu. Suddenly, Shroomish runs away, right under the mansion! Ash and Max run after it… as Team Rocket follow.

Meanwhile, as May and Brock head down the main hall, Brock eagerly wanting to get out, suddenly, the Shroomish from before appears in front of them! Just then, Ash and Max also come in… but by then, the Shroomish is gone! Suddenly, a man notices them, and tells them immediately to get out. Ash explains that a Shroomish escaped and ran in the house, but the man doesn’t believe them… in fact, he even says its impossible, because Shroomish don’t come to this town anymore. They ask what he means, and then he tells them the story about how long ago, this mansion used to belong to his grandfather… and back then, they were fond of Shroomish. That is, until they completely took over and invaded the mansion (it was on the outskirts of town), then it had to be torn down… which was done shortly after his grandfather passed away. Then, this mansion was built. Now, something seems to be not quite right with this one… so it’s gonna be taken down soon too.

Brock then notices a Shroomish footprint, and when he points it out, the man starts to believe Ash and Max about the Shroomish entering the mansion. So, they decide to start searching throughout the mansion. They look in every room really hard… no luck. After a lot of searching, Brock starts to get the willies and begs to leave… and just then, Ash and Max find a Shroomish, hiding in the fireplace! He seems to bring back a lot of memories to the man…as they exchange greetings. Then, it calls the rest of its friends, who also seem to remember the man. Pikachu seems to get along with them well, and Ash then realizes that they’ve probably been living in the mansion like this for decades! The man then introduces himself as Azuma, and points out a picture of his grandfather on the wall… and as they all sit by the fire, Azuma tells Ash and co a bit about his life. Suddenly, Team Rocket burst in, and try to steal Pikachu! James starts by attacking with Cacnea… who falls back and pricks James . Jessie then takes out Habuneeku, and Pikachu pounces on them both with Quick Attack. Suddenly, the room gets really cold… and then they realize the fireplace went out! Then, Cacnea and Habuneeku attack the Shroomish with Poison Tail and Pin Missile. Thinking fast, Azuma tells Shroomish to use Stun Spore… and they listen, paralyzing Team Rocket! Ash and co then quickly run out with the Shroomish, and then they realize why all the workers become paralyzed or fall asleep… all this time it was the Shroomish. However, Azuma explains that they aren’t like that anymore… they learned their lesson. Then, they say they all wanna live happily in the woods again, just like old times. So, Max picks up the one he made friends with, says his goodbyes, and gives it to Azuma. He seems a bit depressed, but he can separate.

Meanwhile, the Stun Spore wears off Team Rocket, and they get up, and this time they’re gonna try capture the Shroomish as well. Just then, they come in a mechanism, and scoop up the Shroomish! Pikachu tries to use Thunderbolt, and fails. Azuma then tries to command the Shroomish to use Stun Spore… they do, but just then they realize that since they’re high up, it could spread through the whole town! Thinking fast, Brock takes out Forretress, and has it use Rapid Spin, making sure the Stun Spore goes on them and only them. Just then, they feel hot… so they open the window (what a coincidence *sigh*) and receive the Stun Spore. Just as they freeze, Azuma has the Shroomish use Leech Seed, sucking out more of their energy. Then, May takes out Torchic, who uses Ember, releasing the Shroomish. Finally, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt, blasting them off.

Ash and co then anxiously ask Azuma what is to become of the mansion now… so, he decides that after much deliberation, he’s gonna let them take down the old mansion, and instead plant a lot of trees there, and make it a habitat for the Shroomish. Ash and co wish him good luck, shake his hand, and then continue on their way to Rustboro!

Thanks to Spinazak for writing This for us


285: Taming of the Shroomish!!

Between Petalburg and Rustboro

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Wobbuffet Seviper
Machoke Shroomish

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