Pokémon Adventures & Special - Emerald Saga

The Sixth Chapter: Emerald

After months of construction and preparation work, the pioneer battle facility in Hoenn, the Battle Frontier, was finally ready to begin operation. However, an uncanny trainer named Emerald showed up at its opening ceremony unexpectedly and stirred things up when he declared his wish to conquer the seven facilities. In order to gain publicity, the Frontier Brains half-heartedly agreed to give Emerald seven days to complete his challenge, but were astonished when the boy overpowered them one by one with his extraordinary battling skills.

The mystery surrounding Emerald deepened when he was seen to have the ability to pacify rampaging Pokemon with a special soil gun. It was soon revealed that his true intention at the Battle Frontier was linked to Jirachi, who was said to awake every 1000 years for seven days. However, a mysterious Armored Man also had his eyes on the mirage Pokemon who could grant wishes...

# Chapter Picture
303 VS Sudowoodo
304 VS Swalot
305 VS Illumise
306 VS Pinsir
307 VS Glalie
308 VS Kirlia
309 VS Milotic
310 VS Shuckle
311 VS Dusclops
312 VS Regirock
313 VS Regice
314 VS Smeargle
315 VS Surskit I
316 VS Surskit II
317 VS Shedinja
318 VS Shedinja II
319 VS Vileplume I
320 VS Vileplume II
321 VS Kirlia
322 VS Sceptile
323 VS Charizard I
324 VS Charizard II
325 VS Starmie
326 VS Lapras
327 VS Gulpin
328 The Final Battle I
329 The Final Battle II
330 The Final Battle III
331 The Final Battle IV
332 The Final Battle V
333 The Final Battle VI
334 The Final Battle VII
335 The Final Battle VIII
336 The Final Battle IX
337 Epilogue
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