Welcome to the Spin-Off Pokédex. Here you will find all Dex information for all the Pokémon in the spin-off games of the 3rd and 4th generations, specifically; Trozei/Link, Dungeon & Ranger:

All 386 Pokémon of the 3rd Generation have entries. However, only 213 Pokémon have Ranger entires so they have also been listed seperately to help you for ease in searching throughout the Pokédex.

In regards to recruit rates for Dungeon, the Percentage shown is the Percentage of capture without any boosts. If it's below 0 then there is no chance of recruiting unless there is the boost. The boosts are as follows

Your Level Bonus
0-29 0%
30-39 5%
40-49 7.5%
50-59 10%
60-69 12.5%
70-79 15%
80-89 17.5%
90-100 24%

You also get an added 10% Bonus with the Friend Ribbon Item attached to your lead Pokémon. However although all Pokémon are seen in the game and battled in Dungeons, a good majority have a rate of under -34% which stops them being capturable. In this case their location has been removed and replaced with the Evolution suggestion.
Pokémon Locations for Dungeons where recruiting isn't possible have also been removed

For the sections for the games in question, please click below:

Special Thanks to Arty2 for his coding expertise

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