PokéToon is a series of short animated series that run on the Pokémon Kids TV Youtube channel. These shorts started in June 2020 and provide various short stories based around Pokémon in a variety of classic animated styles from the classic 1940s animated short to modern animation.

Episode Listing

PictureEpisode NameRelease Date
PokéToon - Scraggy & Mimikyu - Chase The Bean Scraggy & Mimikyu - Chase The Bean June 5th 2020
The Pancham Who Wants to be a Hero The Pancham Who Wants to be a Hero May 5th 2021
A Budding Dream A Budding Dream June 4th 2021
Please Wait! Magikarp Please Wait! Magikarp July 2nd 2021
Please Wait! Magikarp The Warming Slugma House August 5th 2021
Please Wait! Magikarp I've Become a Gengar September 10th 2021
A Blizzardy Summer Vacation A Blizzardy Summer Vacation October 8th 2021
Jigglypuff's Song Jigglypuff's Song December 28th 2021