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Great Thanks to Xeno Lugia for making this brilliant Synopsis so quickly

Lotad is going along a high branch in a tree, followed by Mudkip who's watching after it. But Lotad falls off, getting it's lilypad caught between a forked branch. It panics while Mudkip calls in Pikachu and Torchic to help. All three try to reach for Lotad, but in comes Treecko who slides down and bumps them all off straight down to Lotad. When they all land the branch acts like a giant trampoline, sending them all flying. They land smack dab into a rock, which breaks on the other side, and then the whole thing just topples down. After recovering from that whole bit, the troop walks on, and they see a weird building up against a cliff. The building was made of a bunch of really huge dice, all going from one to six. But they notice a familiar "R", maybe this is some Team Rocket place?

Just inside the building, Jesse, James and Meowth are planning out what looks like a party. Jesse and James are going out for a while, and they want Meowth to ready the "big surprise" for Giovanni. Meowth says he can handle the place easily, and everything will go perfectly. When Jesse and James go off, Meowth turns to a stage that's set up. In there is Cacnea, Seviper, Wobbuffet, and a trio of scared Whismur. Meowth starts to boss around the Whismur, telling them to get ready. The three whip out maracas and Meowth takes out a wand. He presses a button, a ball at the end opens up, and it starts up the Polka O Dolka music and dance to it.


Half the song is Meowth and the crew dancing to the song, the other half is showing Pokemon dancing from the settings of the previous Pikachu Shorts (with all the Pokemon who started in it).

After the song's done, Meowth says that that'll make Giovanni impressed enough. He thinks that it'll shove out that Persian from being #1 and Meowth will be back in business. So until then, Meowth locks up the Whismur in a cage at the basement. Just then Pikachu and co. found a way to the building, but just at a small window where the basement is. Lotad nudges a pebble that falls on a sleeping Loudred, just adjusting his position in reaction to the pebble. After Meowth and others leave, Pikachu spots the Whismur and decides to rescue them. Pikachu, Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip all try to squeeze in the window at once, but suddenly Lotad makes a big sneeze shoving them all in. Everyone's a little miserable except Lotad, of course.

Pikachu finds the Whismur trio and talks with them, figuring out Meowth's little plan. But of course, the cage is locked. Then Pikachu has an idea. First Pikachu starts to zap the door, then Mudkip hoses it down (while Pikachu is still going), then Torchic sends a few Embers. Then the part of the cage blows up making a big hole. The commotion alerts Meowth and the others hurry to find someplace to hide. They hide inside barrels stacked along the wall. Meowth bursts in and sees that the Whismur escaped. He tells the others to hurry up and go search for them, but they all run Meowth over, making him fumble the wand he was using. It lands on Treecko... but it presses the switch to activate the song! Everyone starts to get into the song and they all start dancing. All of them except Treecko is enjoying themselves a little too much to see they're there. Treecko on the other hand has the wand in hand and is trying his hardest not to dance. And in the middle of it, the Loudred from before busts through the wall and starts dancing.

Finally Treecko tips over hitting the switch again on the wand causing all the music to stop. Meowth notices Pikachu and co. and they notice Meowth. Meowth tells Cacnea and Seviper to go after them, but Pikachu and co. escape in the nick of time. Meowth follows afterwards. The Loudred on the other hand just stares blankley.

Meowth comes across the patio, a large suspended wooden floor with a windmill on one edge. Meowth spots Pikachu on the top of the windmill and they try to scramble down, but Lotad falls! Treecko gets a catch at it with the wand, but presses the switch at the same time. Soon everyone but Treecko starts to dance to the music again. Loudred breaks through once more to join in the party, but this time a Ludicolo comes in. But the weight of everyone dancing starts to break the patio! Suddenly Wobbuffet swipes the wand from Treecko and Treecko gives into the music. But this time the tune changes into a waltz version and everyone partners up and waltzs towards the building. All the while the patio is falling right behind them. They all make it safely to the building's edge, and by then Wobbuffet tosses the wand, making it land on Meowth. Everything goes back to normal and the first thing they see is the deep gorge below. They all inch their way up against the wall before they notice each other again. Pikachu's group and Meowth's group all chase each other back inside leaving the Loudred and Ludicolo there.

Pikachu and co find their way to the party room, but Meowth is worried most about this room. While everyone attempting to ruin a cart dish here and there, Meowth is trying to rescue the place. But while Seviper chase Lotad and Mudkip, Torchic swings by on a ribbon. Then Cacnea drops on Seviper. Then came along Wobbuffet chasing Mudkip, and Meowth chasing Pikachu all on top of them. Cacnea gets ticked off and gets up, going trigger happy with his Pin Missile attack. Cacnea shoots up the decorations, the food, the glass, just about everything in the room!

Meowth and co now have practically nothing lose so they chase Pikachu's group to an unfinished part of the place. Everyone's chasing each other on different sections and before you know it, Meowth has the wand thwacked out of his hand, and it lands on a pile of sand at the bottom, but it breaks a little. It turns on, the music starts playing. Everyone starts to dance. Torchic and Lotad dance on a carefully balanced pipes hanging from a rope. Meowth drops into cement, going in and out of the mixer (the song is messed up, so this scene is "repeating itself") then a few tiles drop on Meowth. Loudred and Ludicolo join in the fun at an unfinished tower. Treecko on the other hand is still trying his best not to dance, but his foot is already getting the beat. Just like that Treecko gives in and joins in other others with the dancing.

The wand breaks even more, switching off to waltz, then normal, then it starts to speed up and up before it explodes. Everyone stops, but a few tiles drop on Loudred's head which really ticks him off. Loudred soon grabs a beam and then starts rampaging across the construction area. Both Meowth and Pikachu's group flee from the scene only to be cornered inside of a tower. Treecko tries to step up against the Loudred but Loudred whacks a support beam, causing the whole thing to collaspe! Pikachu and co starts to make a run for it, leaving Meowth's group behind. But the sudden collaspe forced Pikachu and co. along with Loudred and Ludicolo out on two boards. Pikachu's group flies high and then drops down, but they're going to land right into a small cliff! Everyone tries to back away, but then Lotad steps up and sprays a high power Water Gun to stop the board. The board simply drops, Pikachu's group is out alright!

As for Meowth, all that's left is the basement. It looks like Jesse and James aren't going to be very happy when they come back Meowth complains. Then the basement walls just drop.

At the end of the day Pikachu and co. say their goodbyes to the Whismur trio (who still have their maracas out.)

Gotta Dance

Mysterious Stage of Dancing Pokémon


The Wishing Star of Seven Nights