Generation 7

Timespan: November 18th 2016 - ???
Number of new Pokémon: 81
Number of new Moves: 80
Region: Alola

In February 2016, on the 20th anniversary of Pokémon Red & Green, a special Pokémon Direct was held by Tsunekazu Ishihara that revealed the next games, Pokémon Sun & Moon, were coming for Nintendo 3DS later in the year. These games were to push the Nintendo 3DS to their limits and created an even more 3D game than previous, changing up all the elements of Pokémon that many people considered the norm. While it only introduced a slightly higher number of Pokémon to the last generation, the seventh generation continued the features of adapting old Pokémon, this time including regional variants of existing Pokémon.

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Main Series Games

Pokémon Sun & Moon
Release Dates:
Japan: November 18th 2016
North America: November 18th 2016
Europe: November 23rd 2016

Console: Nintendo 3DS

Pokémon Sun & Moon, were the first Generation VII Pokémon games. In them, you played as a new trainer who had just moved to the Alola Region. When there, the trainer quickly learns of Pokémon and decides to explore theAlola Region to participate in the Island Trial Challenge. In the process, the evil Team Skull is encountered, along with the mysterious Aether Foundation who claim they want to protect Pokémon, and the mysterious Ultra Beasts that come from another dimension.

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Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon
Release Dates:
Japan: November 17th 2017
North America: November 17th 2017
Europe: November 17th 2017

Console: Nintendo 3DS

Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon are enhanced versions of Pokémon Sun & Moon featuring an enhanced and improved story as well as various new Pokémon forms.

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Side Series Games

Pokémon Bank
Release Dates:
Japan: December 25th 2013
North America: February 5th 2014
Europe: February 4th 2014

Console: Nintendo 3DS

Pokémon Bank is a storage software that allows you to store up to 3000 Pokémon from any Generation VI & Gen VII Pokémon game on the Internet cloud. As Pokémon are stored, they accrue PokéMiles that can be converted into Battle Points and sent back to the main games. Special distributions of Pokémon also happen through the service.

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Spin-off Games

Pokémon Shuffle
Release Dates:
Japan: February 18th 2015
North America: February 18th 2015
Europe: February 18th 2015

Console: Nintendo 3DS / iOS/ Android

Pokémon Shuffle is the successor to Pokémon Battle Trozei. This game is a slower turn-based variant of the Match-3 puzzle format and has you defeat the Pokémon by making successful combos utilising the Pokémon you have already captured. Each Pokémon has got a special ability and strength that make it useful in battle. The game has routine updates adding more new stages and special events.

On March 8th 2017, the game was updated to include Generation VII Pokémon.

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Pokémon: Magikarp Jump
Release Dates:
Italy: May 17th 2017
Global: May 23rd 2017

Console: iOS/Android

Pokémon: Magikarp Jump is a small game where you capture various Magikarp, raise them, and then send them out into leagues to face off against other Magikarp to see which Magikarp can jump the highest. There are many levels to complete and many different Magikarp styles to collect

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Release Dates:
Alpha Test: May 31st 2017

Console: iOS/Android

PokéLand is the continuation of the Pokémon Rumble series and has you control Toy Pokémon through various stages to collect and defeat more Toy Pokémon.

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Pokkén Tournament DX
Release Dates:
Japan: September 22nd 2017
North America: September 22nd 2017
Europe: September 22nd 2017

Console: Nintendo Switch

Pokkén Tournament DX is an enhanced version of Pokkén Tournament. The game is a unique fighter in that it has both 3D arena fighting and 2D close combat fighting, and shifts between the two as the battle progresses. With 21 playable Pokémon and a myriad of Support Pokémon, you followed the story of how the Ferrum region's Synergy Stones were starting to dry up when a Shadow Mewtwo arrived..

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Pokémon Anime

Pokémon the Series Sun & Moon

Pokémon the Series Sun & Moon:
After the Kalos League, Ash goes to Alola on vacation after Professor Oak asks him and his mother to deliver a mysterious egg to his cousin, Samson Oak. When there, he learns of a nearby Pokémon School which helps people become stronger trainers. He also meets Tapu Koko and is gifted with a Z-Ring, so Ash decides to stay in Alola to enroll in the school and learn as much as he can of the Pokémon in the region and further his push to become a Pokémon Master

Pokémon Trading Card Game

The Trading Card Game added more new mechanics in line with Sun & Moon, adding new Pokémon-GX mechanics, which work like Pokémon-EX but have a special move that acts like a Z-Move. You can only use one GX move in an entire game

Set Name Number of Cards Logo
Sun Moon 163
Guardians Rising 169
Burning Shadows 169
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