Pokémon Adventures & Special - FireRed & LeafGreen Saga

The Fifth Chapter: FireRed & LeafGreen

Three years after the Mask of Ice incident, the Pallet Town trainers Red and Green found themselves facing a new mystery again when Prof. Oak suddenly recalled their Pokedexes but went missing himself. The two were attacked by an enigmatic creature named Deoxys at the Science Lab, which also ambushed Blue, who was on her way to the Sevii Islands to meet her long-lost parents.

In order to fight Deoxys, Red and Green sought help from Brinca, an old lady on Two Island who held heritage to the powerful ultimate attacks. They also received assistance from an old acquaintance, Lorelei of the Kanto Elite 4. However, things became complicated when it was revealed that Team Rocket has once again returned, and Deoxys's attacks were all part of their scheme...

# Chapter Picture
268 Escape!
269 Formless Assailant
270 The Darkness That Swallows
271 Inside The Silph Scope
272 Two Island’s Old Lady Brinca
273 The Battle Path
274 Ultimate Attacks Unleashed
275 Action Terminated
276 The Grass & Fire Inheritance
277 Beast Warrior Trio Enters
278 Full Region Attack
279 Deoxys Descends
280 A Shattered Red
281 The Secret Of Form Change
282 A Holder's Qualification
283 The Reason To Fight
284 Mewtwo Joins The Battle
285 The Tower With A Mind
286 The Deoxys Clone Army Attacks
287 Hometown Viridian City
288 Cracking the Restrainer
289 Viridian At The Bottom Of The Heart
290 Midair Battle Stadium
291 Combat at the Summit
292 Father's Name is Giovanni!
293 The Deceiving Aurora!
294 The Phantom is at Faraway!
295 Last Shot!
296 Deoxys' Roots
297 The Rebelling Jagura
298 The Getaway Blackhole
299 An Innate Calling
300 A Father's Soul
301 Red The Battler
302 The Holder's Link
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