PokéPark Fishing Rally DS is a simple game that is offered at events, in this case it is downloaded at PokéPark in Japan between 10th May 2005 and 25th September 2005.

The Game is simple, you start off having a view of the river and then out to see the sea. This is your fishing area

This is the catching Interface, you use the D-Pad to move the Fishing Rod Left or Right and A to cast aiming for where the shadows are on the top screen.

Once you have cast, your float will appear on the top screen and you will see if the Pokemon will want to go for it. When the float starts to shake, Press A Repeatedly to try and catch the Pokémon. If it works you have it, if not then you'll have to try over again. Below are the Pokémon That we know are in the game:

#060 Poliwag
#098 Krabby
#099 Kingler
#118 Goldeen
#119 Seaking
#129 Magikarp
#130 Gyarados
#148 Dragonair
#341 Corphish
#342 Crawdaunt
#349 Feebas

Once you have caught your Pokémon, it is rated based on three things; Level, Weight & Rarity. It's Level and Weight is also stated and Points are determined from this.
After this has been decided the Pokémon you caught gets placed in a top 50. This is done with your friends and by connecting up with a server via the DS and placing it. A Good way to show off your fishing skills

Finally you can store up to five Pokémon...your best possibly to share the scores with your friends or just show off for bragging rights.

Unfortunately, as with all games on Download Play on the DS, if you turn the power off you will lose your data and would have to re download the game.

A Non-Japan Release is not known as of yet but watch this space

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