Pokémon Adventures & Special - Black 2 & White 2 Saga

The Eleventh Chapter: Black 2 White 2

2 years have passed since the incident at the Unova Pokemon League. The evil Team Plasma has apparently disbanded after the departure of its misguided king, N, but the true mastermind, Ghetsis, and the other Sages remained at large.

Lack-two, an extremely skilled and charming twelve-year-old International Police Superintendent, continued his pursuit of Team Plasma, and worked as undercover at the Aspertia Trainer's School. His goal was to find a 12-year-old former Team Plasma girl who held the technology to counter the Pokemon-controlling device created by the mad scientist, Colress. He had his eyes on the new transfer student, Whi-two, but it seemed that his charm failed to work on the cautious and mysterious girl…

# Chapter Picture
525 VS Scolipede
526 VS Genesect I
527 VS Genesect II
528 VS Genesect III
529 VS Foongus
530 VS Vullaby
531 VS Frillish
532 VS Tornadus Therian Forme I
533 VS Tornadus Therian Forme II
534 VS Sawsbuck
535 VS Beheeyem
536 VS Kyurem I
537 VS Kyurem II
538 VS Thundurus Therian Forme
539 VS Landorus Therian Forme
540 VS Mandibuzz
541 VS Volcarona
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