Pokémon Box: RS

Pokémon Box, a gamecube game that came out in Japan on May 30th. This is not technically a game, more of an expansion pack to it. As far as we know, this is just a Pokémon the ones in the Lab on Stadiums 1 & 2, however I feel there is something Nintendo isn't telling us about it.
This game comes in 2 seperate packages. The packages arent different but one costs 2000 Yen (About $16-17) and the other Costs 2800 Yen (About $24-25). They Contain the Disk, A Special Memory Card and on the more expensive version...the GCN/GBA Link Cable. Unfortunately the GameBoy Player will not work with it...for that needs a disk...and so does the game so it wont work. It also Requires Ruby or Sapphire to work on it.
Also...unfortunately this game is somehow incompatible with the Memory Card 251 which is why they gave a Memory Card with it

The Egg

When you start the game up, you get given a Pokémon egg which contains a Pokémon knowing a certain attack. It is unsure if you can only get this once but it is worth it. To find out what the eggs contain click the egg:

Pokémon Box Eggs

Anyway. here are a Few Screenshots with explanations explaining the various functions of this expansion pack:
Storage Box

Here there are 25 boxes to store your Pokémon from the games in. Each box contains 60 pokémon in them. That means that you can store up to 1500 Pokémon on this storage box utility

Pokémon Stats

Here you can view the two pages of statistics for the Pokémon. The first page containing the attacks, stats and other information. The second page contains the contest information. Like how high the Pokémon's beauty is (as seen in the PokéNav) and the type of the attacks which the Pokémon has and what they do in the contests.

Pokémon Figures

A Common thing recently in Nintendo games, here you will have multiple figures of each of your Pokémon that are stored in. You are able to arrange them and make your favourite Pokémon stand taller than the others

Pokémon Emulator

Like the Stadium games on the N64, here you have the chance to play Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire on the TV screen

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