Diamond, Pearl & Platinum Series

The following card sets are the Pokémon Card sets released during the fourth generation period. Technically seperated into Diamond & Pearl and Platinum sets, these sets cover the fourth generation cards. These focus upon the fourth generation Pokémon and brought several new mechanics to the fold including Pokémon Lv. X & Pokémon SP.

Set Name Number of Cards Logo Release Date
Diamond and Pearl 130 May 23rd 2007
Diamond and Pearl: Mysterious Treasures 124 August 22nd 2007
Diamond and Pearl: Secret Wonders 132 November 7th 2007
Diamond and Pearl: Great Encounters 106 February 13th 2008
Diamond and Pearl: Majestic Dawn 100 May 21st 2008
Diamond and Pearl: Legends Awakened 146 August 20th 2008
Diamond and Pearl: Stormfront 106 November 5th 2008
Platinum 136 February 11th 2009
Platinum: Rising Rivals 120 May 20th 2009
Platinum: Supreme Victors 153 August 18th 2009
Platinum: Arceus 111 November 4th 2009
HeartGold SoulSilver 125
HS Unleashed 97
HS Undaunted 92
HS Triumphant 104
Call of Legends 107