Pokémon Ranger

Pokémon Ranger is an action RPG for the Nintendo DS. In this game you start out as a rookie Pokémon Ranger and must travel the land helping out people & Pokémon eventually becoming a better Pokémon Ranger. Like in Mysterious Dungeon, the more missions you do, the higher your rank goes.

You are recruited by the Ranger Leader of Ring Town in order to simply protect people, Pokémon & nature itself. However this is not done by battling people in the conventional Pokémon Battles. This is done by obtaining Pokémon and using their special powers to help do tasks all througout the land of Fiore

However things are not as easy as they seem, while you go around Fiore and help People & Ranger Leaders out, there is a group of people called Team Go-Go going around Fiore and causing problems and you need to stop them

Obtaining Pokémon is also completely different, instead of battling them, you take temporary control of them with a Capture Styler. Once obtained, you are capable of using them to help out once.

Only 210 of the known Pokémon are obtainable in this game, however event given missions allow for several more Pokémon including new addition Manaphy to be obtained or even seen!

Pokémon Ranger has also had several influences in the Animé with an episode and a movie based solely on them. Click for their respective pages

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