Pokémon Masters

Pokémon Masters Artwork

Pokémon Masters is a mobile game developed by The Pokémon Company and DeNA. This game brings mobile gaming and the main series games together in a new element where you play as a trainer who faces off against many Pokémon Trainers such as Blue, Cynthia and more.

The game provides 3 VS 3 battles where you team with 2 other trainers against 3 trainers and your Pokémon can use a move or an item. The battles are in real time with special moves being available as a move gauge builds.

This game not only has you collect Pokémon but also has you collect Trainers. Each Trainer has got a Sync Pair, a special Pokémon they work best with which can be of aid to your team.

The game has a story where you go through multiple Chapters to earn badges and participate in the Pokémon Masters League in the unique region of Pasio facing off against various trainers and stopping the evil Team Break from stealing other people's Pokémon.

System Requirements


iOS 11 or higher
64 bit processor required
Recommened 2GB of RAM


Android 5.0 or higher (recommended Android 7.0 or higher)
64 bit processor required
Recommened 2GB of RAM