Pokémon Chronicles is a US series that deals with many of the Specials AND some of the unaired shows such as Winter Vacations. Below are the details of the episodes known. Click them for Synopsi and Pictures

  • Jimmy, Marina & Vincent come into contact with Raikou and help defend him from Team Rocket in New Bark Town
  • Brock Returns to Pewter City and saves his gym from his Water Pkmn loving Mother. He leaves all his Pokémon but Forretress with his brother
  • Misty Returns to Cerulean Gym and takes command there
  • Team Rocket become heroes in the eyes of a Village
  • Butch And Cassidy try to take all the Pokémon From Oak's Lab
  • Misty and Tracey head off to find the material to make more badges for the Cerulean Gym

    # -English Episode Name- -Jp. Episode Name- Pics
    C1 Legend Of Thunder! Part 1 Raikou! Legend Of Thunder! Pics
    C2 Legend Of Thunder! Part 2 Raikou! Legend Of Thunder! Pics
    C3 Legend Of Thunder! Part 3 Raikou! Legend Of Thunder! Pics
    C4 Pikachu's Winter Vacation: Delibird's Dilemma Delibird's Present! Pics
    Pikachu's Winter Vacation: Snorlax Snowmen White Story! Pics
    C5 A Family That Battles Together, Stays Together!! Brock! Save Pewter Gym! Pics
    C6 Cerulean Blue! Revenge Match at Cerulean Gym! Pics
    C7 We're No Angels! Tough Battle! Enter Team Rocket! Pics
    C8 Showdown at the Oak Corral! Epic Battle at Oak's Lab! Pics
    C9 The Blue Badge of Courage Misty! Get the Cascade Badge! Pics
    C10 Oak-Napped Pokémon Investigation! Search For Oak! Pics
    C11 A Date With Delcatty The Seriousness of Misty's Match! Risking A Life!? Pics
    C12 Celebi & Joy! Another Legend of Celebi! Pics
    C13 Training Daze! Team Rocket! Origin of Love and Youth! Pics
    C14 Journey To The Starting Line! Pallet Town! The Setting off of the Pokémon Trainer! Pics
    C15 Putting The Air Back Into Aerodactyl! Pokémon Researcher Gary & The Revived Aerodactyl! Pics
    C16 Luvdisc Is A Most Splendored Thing Misty & Luvdisc! Love Battle! Pics
    C17 Those Darn Electabuzz! Casey & Charizard! Intensive Fire Training! Pics
    C18 The Search For A Legend Galloping Sky Legend - Richie & Moltres!! Pics
    C19 Of Meowth and Pokémon Calling Great Detective Meowth Pics
    A Little Skitty Is Niece Azurill in Great Trouble!?! Pics
    C20 Trouble In Big Town We Are The Pichu Brothers Pics
    C21 Big Meowth, Little Dreams The Millennium Town Encounter! Pics
    Piece'a Pizza Peace Pizazz Meowth's Part-time Job Trouble! Pics
    C22 Pikachu's Winter Vacation: Christmas Night Let's Play on Christmas! Pics
    Pikachu's Winter Vacation: Ice Games Let's Play on the Snow! Pics

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