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Ash and co are now at Rustboro's Pokemon Center. Ash takes out his badge case and admires his newly gotten Stone Badge. Max looks at it with excitement too. Ash wonders where the next gym is, and Max checks the Pokenav. A small island appears and Max informs Ash that the next gym is in Dewford Town on the sea. Ash can't wait to get there to win his 2nd badge.

Ash then turns to see Brock and May looking through some Pokemon Magazines. The magazines are giving tips on Pokemon Contests, so May is reading intently while Brock points out some key ideas. Ash says he wants to hurry to the next gym, but May says that can wait. Max sighs and takes a sip of his soda, when he suddenly spills it all over the Pokenav! He freaks out and fumbles with it, cleaning it off. He tries a button, but it doesn't work. Ash, May, and Brock turn and ask him what's wrong. Max nervously hides the broken Pokenav behind him, saying nothing is wrong, and he is going to go for a walk. With that, he rushes off leaving Ash and co confused.

Max walks down the road as a giant television plays an ad for Devon Corporation. He suddenly notices a group of kids surrounding a man. He rushes up and asks what is going on, and the kids inform him that the man is promoting his newest toy, a wrestler that can open soda cans. He tries to show them, but the toy ends up opening the can and splashing soda all over his face. The group of kids laughs and disperses.

Max watches them go, then looks down at the Pokenav, still worried about how he'll fix it. The salesman walks up and tells Max that he may know a way. Max asks how, and the man introduces himself as Mr. Stone, an employee of the company that makes the Pokenav, Devon Corporation. Max has never heard of them, and the man then adds in that it happens to be right in Rustboro City.

A black car pulls up and a man jumps out, telling Mr. Stone that he needs to get back to the Devon building right away. Mr. Stone gets worried, and tells Max he has a dilemma, but to stop in later. He rushes off followed by the man. The man stops halfway and pulls out a cell phone, telling Officer Jenny they are on their way.

Back at the Pokemon Center, Ash shows off his badge to Professor Oak by video phone. The professor congratulates him, and then hangs up. Brock walks up with a bunch of things he purchased and Ash asks where May is. Brock points to a bench, where May lay with a stomach ache. Ash sighs and asks where Max is, and Brock says he hasn't seen him. May then jumps up and grabs one of Brock's bags. She rushes to the door as good as new, confusing the other two. Se turns around laughing, apparently obsessed with the item in the back. She forgets all about her stomach ache and rushes outside.

Meanwhile, Max reaches the Devon Building. He looks up to see it towers high into the sky, then nervously walks up the stairs. Team Rocket also sees the building, and in their conquest of Hoenn, they decide to check it out. Inside, Max approaches the front desk and asks to see Mr. Stone. The lady informs him that Mr. Stone is not available right now, and Max sadly walks away. He turns around and notices Officer Jenny approach the desk, and he hides behind a pole. He looks down at the Pokenav, exclaiming that he has to get in there to get it fixed.

Jenny turns around to see Mr. Stone and the man behind her. Mr. Stone asks why she called for him, and she explains that there are reports of a mysterious team threatening to get their hands on some Devon goods. While she talks, Mr. Stone sneaks behind the pole and grabs Max. Max struggles, but he informs him that he doesn't intend to harm him.

He leads Max down a hall and takes the Pokenav. Max is a little angered at this, but Mr. Stone assures him he only means good. Mr. Stone then takes Max into a room filled with scientists. He informs one of them that this kid's Pokenav is busted, and it needs repairs. The scientist takes it and refers to him as president. Max is shocked. Mr. Stone laughs and says he does own Devon Corp.

Max and Mr. Stone continue down the hall as he explains about the many things Devon Corp makes. Mr. Stone then asks Max how the Pokenav broke, and Max stops and explains the soda incident nervously. Mr. Stone just laughs. He shows Max a room where the scientists work below, then asks if he would like to see some of their machines.

Mr. Stone takes Max through a bunch of rooms, showing him their many inventions. He then shows off a machine with tubes containing a strange liquid. He informs Max that this machine could very well make extinct Pokemon live again. Max is shocked, and Mr. Stone adds in that it doesn't quite work yet. He tells Max that the liquid in the tubes is actually amber that they retrieved that has DNA of ancient Pokemon in it, and they could extract it to make the Pokemon live again Max stares on starry eyed.

As they continue on, Max explains to Mr. Stone that his dad is the gym leader of Petalburg City. He then adds in that he is currently traveling with his sister, May, and his friends Ash and Brock. An employee approaches and tells Mr. Stone he has been looking all over for him, and Mr. Stone introduces him to Max. Mr. Stone then tells the employee that Max's friends are in the nearby Pokemon Center, and to let them know where their young friend is.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket sits outside the Devon Building wondering how to get past the guards. Jessie says she has an idea and pulls out some white uniforms and sunglasses and says they can pose as scientists. James agrees and they change. Meowth goes to rush the building, but Jessie and James pull him back, saying Pokemon can't be scientists.

Inside, a strange scientist walks up to the amber tubes and takes them! He walks casually by Mr. Stone and Max, who take notice to him. Max asks who he is and Mr. Stone says he is a new scientist they employed, but he is rather strange. The two decide to follow him. They walk through a corridor behind him, and Max asks what they are doing. Mr. Stone tells him to keep it down and explains about his suspicion of the scientist.

In the main lobby, the employee informs Ash and co that Max is with his boss, and he offers to take them to him. They walk away just as Team Rocket walk by carrying Meowth. They tell Officer Jenny that they are here to do some research on Meowth, but Jenny says she won't believe them without ID cards, which freaks Team Rocket out.

The strange scientist makes it to a door and opens it. Mr. Stone is now very suspicious. The employee leads Ash and co through a hallway while explaining what Devon Corp does. May laughs, saying this place is right up Max's alley. They walk into the lab to find no Mr. Stone, but a group of scientists crowded around the prehistoric machine. The employee asks what is going on and a scientist informs him that some of the amber is missing!

Max and Mr. Stone continue to follow the scientist up a flight of outside stairs, when Max trips. The scientist hears this and rushes up the stairs. Max apologizes to Mr. Stone, but he seems happy. He informs Max that this has just confirmed his suspicion and he'll make sure he doesn't get away. He calls up the employee on his cell phone and explains that he has found a thief scientist which must be what Jenny was telling them about. The employee tells him about the stolen amber, and Mr. Stone orders them to get a team to the roof right now. The employee hangs up and tells Ash and co the dilemma, and they decide to get up there and help.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket tries to worm their way out of showing ID cards. Suddenly, the loud speaker sounds informing the building that there has been a robbery of the amber. Team Rocket smirks, knowing if they get their hands on the amber they can become rich, and takes off their scientist disguises. Jenny notices this and chases after them.

The scientist rushes up to the roof to find Ash and co blocking his path. Mr. Stone and Max appear behind them. Max informs him that these are his friends, and Mr. Stone seems happy. He demands the scientist return the amber, but he just smirks and throws a Pokeball, releasing a Crawdaunt! Ash looks it up in the dex, and then sends in Pikachu. It uses head butt, smashing into Crawdaunt. It flies back then counters with crab hammer, sending Pikachu flying as well.

Team Rocket rushes to the roof and gains the attention of Mr. Stone. They say their motto, and then notice the scientist. Jenny comes up a few seconds later and sees them all. The scientist smirks and orders Crawdaunt to use bubble beam, which smashes into everyone. He then recalls it and rushes to a nearby box. There he pulls out a small contraption which turns out to be a handle that he grips which has rockets on it.

He takes off the building, but Team Rocket leaps onto him. They struggle with him, and Meowth pulls the amber from his pockets, but the scientist can't steer right and begins to head right towards the building! Meowth freaks out and drops the amber. Max dives at them as Pikachu uses thunderbolt, sending Team Rocket blasting off and the scientist clumsily spinning away. The whole group looks down at Max to find that he has caught the amber!

Everyone thanks him when Jenny interrupts. She recognized that scientist as a member of Team Aqua. She explains to them that they are a notorious team that will stop at nothing to get what they want, but she isn't sure what they wanted with the amber. She then informs them that she'll have her whole squad look for him.

That night, the police search the city but find only the scientist's jacket and broken rocket. Ash and co have dinner with Mr. Stone at a local dinner, all discussing Max's great love of Pokemon and his big save. May then asks Max is she can see the Pokenav to see where the next island is, which makes Max nervous. Mr. Stone signals Max from under the table, and he notices the Pokenav in his hands. Max smiles and takes it from him so that Ash and co can't see, but Pikachu does. Max checks it and finds it works fine! He shows it to Ash and co who see their next destination pinpointed on the map. Max thanks Mr. Stone who says it was nothing. Now with a fixed Pokenav, Ash and co will head on to new adventures in Hoenn…

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293: Stairway To Devon!

293: Devon Corporation! Shadow of Team Aqua!

Rustboro City


Mr. Stone
Aqua Grunt

Aqua Grunt:

First Appearence of Team Aqua
Max gets a fixed PokéNav
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