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The scene opens with Team Rocket on the beach. James exclaims about how they have made it back to shore and Meowth remarks that they can now get back to stealing Pikachu. A big wave crashes against the shore. Jessie, however, just wants to relax on the nice beach. James and Meowth turn to see her lying on a lounge chair and soaking in the sun. James and Meowth begin to yell, but she just picks up her fruit drink and takes a sip, saying she just wants to take it easy today. Meowth and James continue to bicker, and then they notice Wobbuffet lounging on another nearby lounge chair and begin to yell at it. Whilst they fight, a strange creature speeds towards the beach from the ocean. Jessie starts to speak up when she suddenly notices it and screams. The mysterious creature rams them from under the sand, sending all the Rockets clear over the horizon. The creature then returns to the ocean.

Ash and co now sit on the same spot James and Meowth were in the beginning scene. A wave also crashes down as Ash declares that there will be a lot of training today to prepare them for the rematch with Brawly. Lotad waddles up with some water in its lily pad. Ash notices this and he and Pikachu begin to wash their faces. May and Max sit at a nearby table brushing their teeth while Brock and Torchic start a fire to prepare the stew.

Ash then releases all his Pokemon and they begin to meditate at the edge of the beach. Ash starts to explain to his Pokemon the importance of meditating and for them to think about winning the match. May wonders what he is doing while Max sits at the edge of a pool of water washing the clothes. Forretress then collects the clothes and does a rapid spin to dry them. Max thanks it and he takes the clothes to May to hang up. May asks Max why Ash is spending all his time meditating, but Brock interrupts. He informs her that meditating is actually a form of training, as it prepares Ash and his Pokemon for matches. He then tells them that he thinks Ash is learning to listen to the waves.

A giant wave begins to head to shore. Taillow begins to freak out but Ash tells it to keep meditating, as if it can learn how to sense the waves, they may be able to beat Brawly and his surfing techniques. Taillow shuts its eyes and continues to meditate as Ash listens intently. The wave grows larger and nearer and Ash tells them all to get out of the way. They all get up and rush off, but when the waves recede. Pikachu lies on the ground covered in seaweed. Ash checks on his Pokemon, now aware that they didn't make it out in time. May laughs a bit and Brock tells Ash to hang up their wet clothes.

Ash and his Pokemon then try again. Ash orders them to run and this time, they all get away, but Treecko stays! It starts to open its eyes, but the wave hits it. Ash wonders why it didn't move and May and Max comment that it must want to learn to take the attacks. Ash wonders why it isn't listening and May makes a snobby comment about Pokemon Contests, which makes Ash angry.

Treecko continues to take wave after wave, not budging. May then cuts in saying about all she has learned from Pokemon Contests. Ass Brock brings the group some tea, May leaps up and begins to dance around. Ash and co are confused, and she then releases Torchic and Wurmple. The two begin to play around, but May comments that they have to learn to be more graceful, and she begins to dance again. She then stops, saying she must've gone too far. Brock agrees and Max comments that gym battles are different from Pokemon Contests. May walks up to them and starts to brag again, and Ash says she must really like contests.

Suddenly, they all notice that the tent is walking away! Ash and co chase after it and Ash orders Pikachu to shock it, but Brock says that isn't a good idea. May tells Wurmple to stop it with string shot, and it snags the tent. May then tells it to reel it in, but Wurmple seems to be having trouble. Treecko grabs on to help, but it to is pulled forward. Ash and co all grab the string and start to pull, but the strange creature under the tent causes them to trip. It drags them along the beach for a few minutes, then retreats to the water, causing Ash and co to fall in.

Everyone's clothes are now hung up to dry and Ash stands on the beach covered in sand wearing no pants. They inspect the damaged tent and the rice balls that litter the beach and wonder what could've done it. Ash suggests that a group of Digletts could, Brock thinks a Krabby did, and Max thinks it was an Aron. Brock begins to sew the tent up while exclaiming that a Pokemon that could pull all of them like that must be really strong, but May thinks it was scary. Ash then becomes intrigued and decides he wants to snag and catch it. Brock and Max agree to help, but May just sighs.

Meanwhile, up on a cliff, Team Rocket recovers from their earlier blast off. Jessie remarks about how strong that thing was and James and Meowth wonder what is was. Wobbuffet pops out at the edge of the cliff and Jessie turns and recalls it. She then notices the mysterious creature speeding up the beach under the sand. She points it out to Meowth and James as the creature smashes into a rock and diverts direction. Jessie instantly wants to get it and she begins to rush off. She jumps over a rock and lands on a sleeping Loudred! Jessie steps back and freaks out as the Pokemon angrily wakes up. It lets out a blood curling cry sending Team Rocket sky high.

That night, Ash and co sit by some bushes waiting for the mysterious creature to reappear. May complains that she is tired and wants to go to bed, but Ash refuses. Max ticks her off with a smart mouthed comment and she begins to tackle him. Pikachu then hears something and Ash asks if the creature is close. It signals that it is and they all freeze to look out at the Pokemon food they placed at the edge of the beach.

As they wait, Ash suddenly hears something behind him, but it's too late. The creature smashes into them sending them all flying onto the beach. It continues its pursuit and Ash and co split up. It decides to chase May as she runs screaming for her life. Ash turns around and tells Pikachu to shock it, and it does. The creature sinks into the sand and Ash and co examine the hole it left. Ash asks Pikachu if it can still sense it, but Pikachu signals that it's gone.

That morning, Ash and co lean against the tent exhausted. May comments that they shouldn't waster their time catching it, but Ash gets angry. She asks him why he wants to catch something that almost killed her, but he still doesn't listen. Brock suggests they try a different plan and Ash says if it attacks again, he and Pikachu will shock it. He then adds in that he saw three spikes protrude from the sand when it attached, and he suggests that it may be a pair of Sandslashes. Max remembers Sandslash and says he learned about it in Professor Oak's Pokemon Guide. May is confused and he pulls out the book and shows her.

The group then heads back to the beach and Brock has Forretress make a huge hole in the sand with rapid spin. Brock thanks it and tells it to make more as Ash explains they are going to use the pitfall trick. May and Max cover the holes with leaves as Ash explains that when the Pokemon tries to chase them, it'll fall into the holes. May and Max don't think it'll work.

That night, Ash and co wait in the bushes again while watching the Pokemon food. Ash notices three large bunches of seaweed emerge from the water. They walk up and begin to eat the Pokemon food. Brock says the plan is working and he sets some more food on a nearby rock. One of the seaweed bunches spies this and the three head towards the new food, only to fall into a hole!

Ash and co approach, only to find that they have snagged Team Rocket. They begin to say their motto, but May and Max interrupt, asking why they were covered and seaweed and eating Pokemon food. Team Rocket cowers in the hole, saying they had to make do. Suddenly, the creature emerges from the hole and smashes Team Rocket out, sending them blasting off again! The creature then slides up the side of the hole and heads towards the food, but Pikachu quick attacks it, sanding it flying out of the sand. It lands with a thud to reveal that it is actually a Corphish!

Ash scans it with the dex and Brock says that Ash should catch it fast, as its speed and power will be perfect in a match against Brawly. Ash agrees and sends in Pikachu as Corphish gets up. Max thinks this will be easy, as Corphish is at a disadvantage. Pikachu starts with thunderbolt, but Corphish dodges and uses bubble. It then digs under the ground leaving Pikachu confused. It looks around, but Corphish smashes up and uses crab hammer, sending Pikachu flying. As it falls, it tries to use iron tail, but Corphish catches it and chucks it at Ash, sending him flying back.

Brock comments that this Corphish is stronger then he thought, and Ash has a challenge on his hands. Ash agrees, but he now lays all his trust in Treecko. Ash releases it and the match begins. Ash tells Treecko to meditate, and it closes its eyes and stands there. May wonders what he is doing but Ash seems to know. The sun begins to rise and Corphish becomes impatient. It uses bubble, but Ash tells Treecko to hit them away. It uses slam, knocking the bubbles off course. Corphish begins to steam and it rushes in for a crab hammer, but Treecko quick attacks it, sending it flying. It lands on the ground and Ash throws a Pokeball, catching it!

Ash picks up his Pokeball and does his "I caught a Pokemon" pose. Brock, May, and Max congratulate him and Ash releases Corphish. He kneels down and introduces himself, saying he hopes to train it well. Corphish smiles and shakes his hand, but ends up tossing Ash in the process. Everyone laughs and the scene rises; Ash with a new Pokemon.

Thanks To GoldenNoctowl For Writing this for us

299: Gone Corphishin'

299: Roughneck of the Sea! Corphish Enters!

Dewford City



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