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Ash and co are once again spending a nice quiet day relaxing on the beach. May, Max, and Ash crowd around Brock, who is preparing some sandwiches on a picnic table. The Pokemon are also crowded around staring hungrily at the food. Brock looks down at Corphish and asks if it would like to help him. Corphish nods happily and leaps onto the table. It grabs a vegetable and cuts it into slices in no time flat.

It continues to slice the vegetables around the table until it comes to the sandwiches. Ash and co call for it to stop, but it is too late. Corphish happily chops the sandwiches into little bits, making them look like mashed potatoes. Everyone sulks while Corphish jumps around. They sit down on the grass and all begin to eat, but find out that chopped sandwiches are not the best meal. Ash scolds Corphish, but it just happily jumps up and down. Max comments that it always seems to mean well, but usually does wrong. Ash sighs and agrees.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket stumbles upon an old mine shaft. James checks the map and informs them that it used to be used for mining gold, but now it's abandoned. Jessie gets excited thinking about all the gold left in it. She has a daydream of herself sitting on a mountain of gold, and declares that they are going to check it out. James doesn't like this idea, as old mine shafts are usually very dangerous. Jessie replies that it's worth the risk and Meowth seems to agree. James is still reluctant, but Jessie informs him that with gold, they will never have to worry about money again. At this, James is convinced and they all happily cheer.

Inside the mine shaft, Team Rocket quietly walks along. They soon stumble upon a mining cart and Jessie motions them to get inside. The mining cart rolls along its track as Team Rocket looks around. Jessie is depressed that she hasn't found a single trace of gold yet, and James says it must be farther down the tunnel. Meowth replies that it is very dark and creepy, but Jessie tells him to put his fear of the dark behind him as they have gold to find. Wobbuffet then pops out, annoying Jessie.

As the cart moves on, Team Rocket notices 2 sparkling dots up ahead. They wonder what it is when suddenly; a toothy grin appears above the dots. The three freak out and Jessie screams for James to pull the break. He does so and Meowth flies out in front of the cart. The face then starts to move toward them, and Jessie screams for James to go backwards. He puts the cart in reverse and it speeds away, leaving Meowth behind. He gets up and freaks out; telling them to come back, but the cart is already gone. Meowth looks back to see the creature take shape. It lets out a scream that freaks Meowth out again. He rushes away, but trips and falls down stunned. The creature exits the shadows, revealing that it is actually a Sableye. It pokes Meowth, who doesn't budge. It then begins to wonder what it has just done.

Outside the mine shaft, Jessie and James peak out of their cart. James asks Jessie where Meowth is, and they both realized what happened. As they talk about how the creature must've gotten Meowth and he's a goner, Ash and co approach the mine. Jessie notices them and her, James, and Wobbuffet rush away.

Ash and co notice the mine and Ash says he wants to check it out. He rushes to the entrance and pushes a button, turning on a row of lights inside the tunnel. May and Brock approach, asking if he really plans to go in there. Ash says he does, and they wonder why. Ash then says that he wants to play a trick on Corphish just for fun. Brock, May, and Max aren't to sure about this, but decide to go along with it. Ash begins to whisper his plan to them. Jessie and James watch from behind some rocks. Jessie informs James that this is the perfect opportunity to catch Pikachu. He asks why and she explains that the tunnel is dark, which will make it easy. James agrees and Wobbuffet pops out. It begins to say its name, but Jessie and James plug its mouth.

May and Max enter the shaft first in one of the mine carts. Max asks May what they are doing and she holds up a sheet, telling him to put it on. Meanwhile, Meowth wakes up to see Sableye peering over him. He freaks out, but realizes it's not going to hurt him. Meowth begins to talk with it, then notices they are in the mine's control room. He asks if it lives here and it nods its head. It then pulls on a rock and begins to eat it. Meowth says he is hungry and Sableye offers the rock to him. Thinking it's food, Meowth takes a bite, but hurts his teeth and cries out in pain. Sableye laughs hysterically, angering Meowth. He then looks up at the monitors to see May and Max. Sableye looks up to and becomes excited. It explains to Meowth that it likes to trick people who enter the mine for fun, giving Meowth an idea. He decides to use Sableye to capture Ash and co's Pokemon for Jessie and James.

Ash walks along the mine shaft until he reaches the cart. May and Max are behind it. He then releases Corphish and tells it they are going to do some training in the mines to prepare for his match. Corphish is a little confused, but decides to go along. May then makes a ghostly laugh, and Ash says something must be coming. May then tells Max to put the sheet on, and he gets on her shoulders. They jump out pretending to be a ghost. Corphish freaks out as they approach it, and after some scary words from Ash, it becomes so freaked out that it tackles the ghost! May and Max fall back into the mine cart. Corphish thinks the ghost is in the cart, so it tackles it, sending it flying down the track. It then rushes after it as Ash chases, trying to explain that it's a trick.

May and Max lie in the cart, stunned at what Corphish did. May comments that it must be very gullible to believe that. Suddenly, Sableye appears on the back of their cart. It lets out a freaky laugh, scaring the siblings. The cart comes to a stop and Sableye leaps onto the ceiling. Max recognizes it and May scans it with the Pokedex. Max then comments that Sableye would make a great Pokemon; so May decides to try her luck.

She releases Torchic, who uses ember. Sableye dodges and jumps down, licking Torchic. May recalls it as Sableye laughs hysterically. Meowth then walks up, telling Sableye it did a good job. Max asks what he's doing here, and Meowth says he and his new friend are playing tricks. He then presses a button and a net falls over May and Max.

Outside, Ash and Corphish exit the mine. Ash explains to Brock about what happened, and then he realizes that May and Max are still inside. Brock says they have to go find them, and Ash agrees. In the control room, May and Max are hung up in a net. Meowth and Sableye then notice Ash and co in the tunnel on the monitor. Meowth asks Sableye if it's ready for more scaring, and it agrees. The two then leave. May wonders why Sableye is helping Meowth and Max says it must only think they are doing this for fun.

Ash, Brock, and Corphish head down the shaft looking for May and Max. Suddenly, the mine cart comes rolling back. Ash checks, but finds it empty. As he does, Sableye appears behind him and licks the back of his neck. It then rises up again, leaving Ash confused. He asks Pikachu if it did that, but it shakes its head. Sableye then appears behind Brock and does the same. It then lets out a laugh; scaring Ash and co. Meowth then appears behind Corphish and smacks it with a fan. Corphish looks around, but sees nothing. Corphish looks at Ash, very pissed off now. Ash wonders why it's mad, and it tackles him. Ash is shocked and Pikachu jumps to protect him, but Corphish knocks it away too.

May and Max notice this on the monitor and know they have to do something. May releases Torchic, but it's still paralyzed from the lick. She asks if it can use ember, and it does, freeing them. She then recalls it for some rest.

Pikachu and Corphish duke it out, and Ash begs them to stop. Meowth then leaps up and fires a net, capturing both Pokemon. Ash tells them to let his Pokemon go, but Meowth just laughs. May and Max then appear on another mine cart. May yells to Sableye, telling it not to help Meowth. It cocks its head and May explains that Meowth isn't doing this for fun. She explains that he belongs to Team Rocket and will turn it in to them when this is over. Meowth tries to deny it, and Sableye grabs its head, not knowing who to believe.

Suddenly, Jessie and James appear in another mine cart and say their motto. Jessie tells Meowth he did a great job, and grabs Pikachu and Corphish. Sableye glares at Meowth, knowing he tricked it. Meowth nervously laughs and leaps into Jessie and James's cart. The cart speeds away leaving Sableye pissed off. Ash releases Taillow and tells it to attack the rockets. It pecks at Jessie, angering her. She pulls out a smoke bomb and tosses it. James knows this isn't a great idea, but it's too late. The bomb explodes, sending their cart flying. The mine then begins to cave in, and Ash and co are worried. Sableye then jumps down and motions them all to follow. They do just as the ceiling comes crashing down.

Outside the mine shaft, Team Rocket looks at the fallen ceiling. They wonder how Ash and co could've survived. Meowth is worried about Sableye, as he still considers it his friend. Jessie and James try to convince themselves that it isn't their fault the twerps died, when Ash and co suddenly appear above the mines. Meowth is happy to see Sableye is safe, and Jessie and James are shocked that they are alive.

Ash then says that Sableye is with them now, confusing Jessie and James. Meowth explains that he sort of tricked Sableye, shocking Jessie and James. Sableye leaps off the hill and fury swipes the net, freeing Corphish and Pikachu. Ash then orders them to use crab hammer and iron tail, blowing the rockets back. Sableye then uses night shade, sending them blasting off again.

The evening, Ash and co thank Sableye for everything. Sableye nods and shakes hands with Corphish. They then notice the mine has caved in and wonder where Sableye will go. However, it doesn't seem to mind. It climbs up the hill and turns back, waving to them. Ash and co wave back as the sun sets, knowing they've made a new friend.

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