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Ash and co are now taking a break at the Slateport City Pokémon Center. As they enter, it becomes apparent that many trainers are preparing their Pokémon for the contest. Several of them litter the lobby. One trainer flicks his fingers and his Kecleon disappears. May walks in very impressed by all this. Brock comments that she has a lot of competition and Max remarks that she hasn't even begun to train yet. Ash asks if when she plans to start and she makes a fist, exclaiming that now's as good a time as any. She then wonders what she'll train on first.

On the beach, Brock becomes excited by all the hot girls in bikinis littering the sea shore. May comments that this is the perfect place to train. She releases Beautifly while elegantly spinning, who comes out in a shower of stun spore. Ash tells her when she plans to start and she turns around. Her eyes are all swirly and she exclaims that a trainer being hit by their Pokémon's stun spore isn't too graceful. She then collapses. Ash and co then fall down anime style.

May then throws some Frisbees at Beautifly and tells to whirlwind them back. It does so, but its wind creates a huge sand storm! The storm catapults May through the air, then sends Ash and co flying with it. Soon, the people relaxing on the beach are covered in sand. Max pops out exclaiming that whirlwind on the beach isn't such a good idea.

The group then heads to a more uninhabited part of the beach. Max asks what attack she plans to practice next, and she exclaims that Beautifly needs to work on silver wind, seeing as the judges loved it in Megumi's contest. She tells Beautifly to use silver wind, but it can't seem to get off the attack. May falls down depressed, exclaiming that this is going to take a lot more practice. Ash suggests she try the Frisbees again, and she agrees.

May throws three Frisbees to Beautifly, who gently whirlwinds them back. May gracefully catches the first two, but the third goes flying over her head. The group turns around to see it sail straight towards a green haired kid that is watching from the boardwalk. He catches the Frisbee with no sweat at all and exclaims that May isn't a very good contestant for a contest. May gets mad as the Frisbee is thrown at her feet. The kid jumps down and may angrily introduces herself. The boy introduces himself as Drew, and exclaims that she needs a lot of work. May becomes enraged and lunges at him, but he just pulls up his hand and holds her back.

Ash and co approach and ask what is going on. Drew begins to explain to May how her Pokémon is second rate and there's no way it can win. May is now in a rage. She tries to lunge again, but he just smashes his hand into her face. She still tries to run at him, but he easily keeps her at bay. Ash tells him to stop insulting her Pokémon, but Drew just flips back his hair and laughs. He explains that he plans on competing in this contest too, and he's staying at the luxury hotel and not some cramped Pokécenter. Ash and co turn to leave, but May turns back. She informs him that she'll see what he's got at the Pokémon Contest. The two begin to glare at each other.

From some nearby rocks, James and Meowth spy on the group. Wobbuffet pops out and they then hear Jessie. The two turn to see her instructing Dustox on attacks. James approaches and asks what she's doing. She explains that she is preparing her Dustox for the contest. James and Meowth go pale. She explains with fire in her eyes that Dustox has the grace to win and she won't let its talents go to waste. She then tells it to use poison sting. It does so, and the barbs hit the ground gracefully. She grins and gives James an "I told you so" look. The barbs then start to go haywire and the three run screaming. Wobbuffet follows with many barbs stuck into it.

Meanwhile, May and Ahs decide to have a practice battle to help Beautifly get use to performing attacks. Brock announces the rules of the match, and May sends in her Beautifly. Ash releases Taillow. Taillow flies towards Beautifly and May orders a stun spore. It flies towards Taillow as well, leaving stun spore as it goes. It gracefully twirls as it approaches, but Taillow dodges. It then comes in for a quick attack, but May tells Beautifly to twirl out of the way. It does so, and then uses string shot to trap Taillow. Ash tells it to tackle the net around it, and May begins to worry. She thinks for a second, and then orders a whirl wind. Beautifly does so, and Taillow crashes to the ground. May leaps up, thinking she's won, but Taillow gets up!

Ash tells it to bite away the string and it begins to do so. May is now very worried and she wonders what to do. She orders a silver wind, but like before, it fails. Taillow continues to bite at the net and it then breaks through! It flies into the air and wing attacks Beautifly extremely hard, sending it falling. May rushes to it as Taillow lands on Ash's arm. She asks if Beautifly is ok and it happily flies up.

Suddenly, a man approaches clapping loudly. He says that was amazing and May thanks him. The man passes her up and approaches Ash. He exclaims that Taillow battled so elegantly and he would like to see it in Pokémon contests. A sweat bead appears on May's head and she exclaims that she is the one training for contests! The man laughs and says she did well too. He then exclaims that he is actually a leading expert in Pokémon contests, and he may be able to help her out. The man introduces himself as Hanabishta. Everyone introduces themselves and Max goes starry eyed. May also does and she begins to approach him, exclaiming that she wants to know all the secrets. He pushes her back and says that the secret lies in berries. He tells the group that he grows many berries for Pokémon Contests and he'd be happy to help.

Whilst they discuss the berries, Ash and co's Pokémon happily sleep in the corner. Torchic has a little bubble coming out of its beak. It pops, and Torchic wakes up. It looks around and spies a building not to far off. Torchic decides to investigate it. When it reaches the building, it smells something good and rushes inside.

Meanwhile, May and Max listen to Hanabishta as he explains some more stuff to them. He tells May that to win contests, she needs these special Pokéblocks that raise the condition of Pokémon. He then pulls out a Pokéblock case and exclaims that every Pokémon contest contestant has to have one, which is used to store Pokéblocks. He tells May that when you mix berries, they form Pokéblocks. She becomes really excited and he hands her the case, exclaiming that she can have it! May is overjoyed and hugs her new contest item. Hanabishta then tells her to follow him to his berry building where she can make some Pokéblocks of her own!

Team Rocket watches this from the bushes. James informs Jessie that she needs one of those, and Meowth suggests they steal it and the berries. Jessie is intrigued and they all agree. As the group walks along, Hanabishta explains about the Carnival of 7 Nights. Ash and co listen as he explains that just off of the beach is a small island where they hold it. He tells them that the first day of the carnival is tonight, and he'd be happy to show them the fireworks. May is overjoyed and definitely wants to go.

They reach the building to find Torchic's rear sticking in the air just outside the door. May wonders what it's doing and it turns around. Its beak is covered in purple goop and it happily looks up at her. Hanabishta goes insane, exclaiming that the goop is actually berry juice!

The group heads inside to find an empty box covered in the purple berry juice. Hanabishta sighs, exclaiming that those were his freshly picked Bluk berries. Brock checks the guide and explains that Bluk berries make Pokémon's coat's extra shiny, but their juices stain. May is a little mad, but Hanabishta assures her that it's all right. He then sighs, exclaiming that he would really like to find some more before the contest though. He adds in that they are pretty rare in this area. May shoves Torchic's face into the ground, but Hanabishta says it isn't Torchic's fault.

Ash exclaims that he wishes they could do something. May then cuts in, exclaiming that it was Torchic's fault. She then tells Hanabishta that she will find more Bluk berries for him so she can make Pokéblocks. She becomes determined, and Hanabishta thanks her. Outside, Team Rocket listens in. Jessie says this will be easy, as all they have to do is let the twerps find the berries. Meowth agrees and says they can give some to the boss. He then has a daydream of Giovanni sipping Bluk juice and his hair turning shiny. James agrees and cheers, but Jessie interrupts, exclaiming that all the berries are for Dustox. The three then imitate Wobbuffet as it pops out.

Ash and co meet up in the forest. Not one of them has had any luck. Ash then asks where Torchic is and they all call for it. May hears it in the distance, and they head off. Torchic stands at the edge of a cliff looking up at a Bluk berry tree. It gets a determined face and rushes up the side of the hill chanting like the little engine that could. It makes it halfway up, and then topples back down. It tires again, but the same thing happens. It tries one more time, and this time uses its beak to propel itself into the tree.

It bites onto the branch and hangs there. Ash and co approach and see Torchic hanging. May congratulates it on finding the berry just as the branch breaks! Torchic falls fast, but Beautifly catches it with string shot. May hugs it; happy to have it back. Drew stands on a rock above them holding the berry. May notices him and asks what he wants. Drew laughs and informs her that he would like a match with her Beautifly to determine who gets the berry. May agrees.

Team Rocket watches from the bushes and decide to steal the berry when both Pokémon are wiped out. The battle starts and May does her spin move to release Beautifly. It comes out in a shower of stun spore. Drew releases a Roselia, which uses stun spore to do an acrobatic dance in the sky. Ash scans it with the Pokédex as it gracefully lands. The battle starts with a stun spore from Beautfily. Roselia uses magical leaf, which envelopes Beautifly and sends it flying. Roselia then uses stun spore. The attack hits Beautifly and smashes it to the ground. Drew laughs, saying he expected a little more of a fight from it.

May begs for Beautifly to get up, and it slowly opens its eyes. Drew orders Roselia to finish it off with bullet seed. It charges the attack up, and Ash tells May she better forfeit. May thinks it over as Roselia launches the attack. Beautifly flies up and May orders a silver wind. It launches the attack, deflecting the seeds and sending Roselia tumbling hard! May jumps for joy, exclaiming that Beautifly used silver wind successfully!

Drew is shocked and Brock says it look like the match is over. Suddenly, the Bluk berry is pulled away. Everyone looks to see Team Rocket in their balloon. James reels in the berry and they say their motto. They taunt May, and then float away. Everyone gives chase and may looks back to Drew. She says the match has to be put on hold, as she needs that berry. Drew looks at her; his expression doesn't change.

Team Rocket laughs as they make their get away. Ash tells Pikachu to shock them, but a special satellite under their balloon absorbs it. Meowth laughs, saying electricity will do no good. Ash has it try again, but the same thing happens. Suddenly, a solar beam strikes the satellite frying it! Ash and co turn around to she Drew give them a little grin. Ash has Pikachu use thunderbolt and Drew has Roselia use solar beam. The attacks combine and strike the balloon, sending the rockets blasting off and the Bluk berry falling.

Everyone watches, but Torchic rushes towards it. It leaps high into the air and grabs the berry! It seems happy with itself, and then realizes it's falling off a cliff! Beautifly saves it with string shot, and Torchic is placed in May's arms. She hugs it then turns to Drew. She tells him she can't wait to face him the contest, and Drew says he looks forward to it. He adds in that she surprised him today, and he can't wait to see what she can do at the contest. He recalls Roselia and then heads off. May happily watches him go.

That night, Ash and co stand on the beach with Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip out of their Pokéballs. Hanabishta signals that it's time, and the fireworks begin going off. Everyone watches them in awe. Even Drew watches with Roselia from the boardwalk. The scene then ends with a happy May watching the fireworks. She is now ready for her first Pokémon Contest….

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