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After all that training with Beautifly for the Slateport Pokemon Contest, May is determined to get there in time, as they hurry through Slateport City to get there on time. Out of breath, May shows the counter lady her Contest Pass, and she scans it, and gets accepted in! She decides to go for the Beauty Contest, since that's what Beautifly is best at. Suddenly, Ash's stomach growls, so they decide to go out to eat in the meantime.

Team Rocket then enter the contest house, excited to enter with Dustox. They show the lady their Contest Pass, but unfortunately she can't accept them, because they came in a few minutes too late. They all give sighs of dismay, and go outside and sit on the bench to plan their next move… suddenly, they see a Frisbee fly by, and a Poochyena jumping and catching it! Then, its trainer congratulates it, and gives it a few Pokéblocks. Team Rocket then decide that Pokéblocks are probably the answer…

As the first part of the Beauty Contest starts, the hostess introduces the three judges: The mayor, a small man, and Slateport's Joy. Meanwhile, May and co. are sitting in the waiting room, watching this on the screen, waiting for her turn. She seems really nervous, but Ash, Brock, and Max help her feel more confident and ease her on. Unfortunately, Drew has been eavesdropping…

The Contest begins, and as the first members make their appearance, Shroomish, Wingull, Azurill, Bellossom, etc., those seem to go by pretty fast for May… but then, she gets a surprise, and sees that the next person to make their appearance is her rival Drew! He does a pose as he sends out Roselia, and starts off with a Petal Dance, as the opening fireworks, which looks pretty cool, and impresses them a lot. Then, he has it use a combination of Stun Spore and Magical Leaf, which impresses them even more, since Roselia looks cool in the middle of all that (even May gets impressed)! Finally, he finishes his turn off with another fireworks-like Petal Dance, and then he pops them with a Magical Leaf, which gets greater applause and cheers than ever! Then, the hostess asks the judges for their ratings out of 10: The mayor gives a 9.8, the small man gives a 9.9, and Joy gives a 9.7. Drew's total average so far is 29.4/30. Then she interviews them to hear their comments: Joy says he has a clever combination, the small man said it all looked beautiful, and the mayor said that he really did use excellent strategies to make it that far, but not quite perfect. This gets May even more nervous and determined to beat Drew.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket are pulling some sort of scam to collect Pokéblocks, and holding out boxes and signs that say that it's like some sort of charity drive for Pokéblocks. They don't seem very successful, but then, a tiny old man with a cane approaches them, and he seems to be interested in what they're doing. They explain, and he decides to help them out…

Drew returns to the waiting room until the next stage starts, and greets May, noticing she seems to be a little nervous he wishes her luck. Then, they continue watching on the screen as the hostess introduces the next person: A tall, blond, mysterious looking trainer named Robert, and he's using a beautiful Milotic! He has it use a Safeguard, giving it a beautiful green glow, as the judges and audience watch in amazement and cheer. Then Ash seems interested, so they creep into the room to get a closer look. Milotic starts wagging its tail, and this seems to get a lot of applause, because it makes it look even more beautiful and friendly, and everyone seems to love it. Beautifly, who is also watching, looks a little jealous of Milotic. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are out there, listening to old man's advice, as James takes notes and writes down what he says, but it doesn't seem that interesting, since Jessie looks bored…

Finally, May and Beautifly are up! May is overly nervous though, as she slowly walks up, with a worried face. She takes a deep breath, and decides to just pay attention, pretend their not there, and try to look cool instead of nervous. Then, she manages to pull herself together, and throws the Pokeball hard to send out Beautifly… so hard, that she trips. A few people laugh, and the judges don't look too thrilled. The hostess helps her up, and she just laughs and says that that was part of the show. Beautifly comes out, and it certainly looks beautiful, and gets a lot of applause. May starts with showing off it's Frisbee talents: May throws the Frisbee, Beautifly from far away uses it's String Shot to whip it right back at her directly. They keep doing this for a while, and they seem to be rocking the hall with applause, as they get faster and faster, and the judges look impressed. Now they decide to try a different technique.

May throws the Frisbee, and this time Beautifly attempts to send it back at her with a Gust. She manages to touch it, and fumble with it for a while and go crazy, but luckily she manages to save it before it hits the ground… but it still looked rather geeky. Well, she still has a chance, so she decides to end with something special: Beautifly uses Silver Wind, then spins to make it stronger and less nervous! A great pillar of Silver Wind stands in the middle of the stage, and now the cheers start to come on. This seemed to pay up for all that embarrassment, since people seem to really like it. Then, it gets time for the judges to rate her: Joy gives 8.1, the mayor gives 8.3, and the small man gives 8.5. May's total is 24.9. Dissapointed, she goes back to the waiting room… she didn't win this stage, but oh well. Suddenly, to her surprise, Drew comes in, and gives her a rose, to help cheer her up. She blushes, thanks him, and they decide to make this a friendly rivalry, but no one is going easy on anyone. Meanwhile, that man is still giving Team Rocket his “important” lecture on advice to get Pokéblocks, and they seem to be drifting off, but James is still taking it all down…

Next, the hostess announces the next stage of the contest: Battling. On the screen the trainer's profiles rearrange themselves into brackets… and apparently, May has to battle Drew! They stare at each other for a moment, and then agree to make this a fair battle, and not taunt, but not go easy on one another.

The rules of this battle have one small difference… instead of battling until someone faints, they have a 5 minute time limit, and whoever has more energy at the end wins, and if someone faints in the middle the automatically win, obviously. Roselia and Beautifly come out, Roselia starts with a Magical Leaf, and Beautifly tries to fend them off with a Gust. It manages to fend a few off, but then it runs out of energy for it, and the leaves hit it. Beautifly loses about 20% of its energy. Roselia then uses a Stun Spore, and Beautifly seems unaffected! Thinking quickly, Beautifly uses a String Shot, but another Magical Leaf from Roselia cuts the String, and hurts Beautifly more. Now, May loses another 20%, and has about 60% of her energy left. May decides to try her luck with Silver Wind, but Roselia kinda cancels it out with a Petal Dance. Just as the Petals are about to hit Beautifly, Beautifly manages to barely dodge it, and not get hurt at all.

They notice that the time is half up, as Roselia starts to gather energy for a Solar Beam. Beautifly aims a String Shot right at it from a distance… and JUST when the attack is about to connect, Roselia fires the Solar Beam, which injures Beautifly a lot, making it faint. May desperately tries to urge it to get up, but the judges all hold up big X's. The hostess declares Drew the winner!

May is very disappointed, as she goes back to the waiting room, crying. Ash and co. try and comfort her, but she seems like she was so intent on winning the contest, she practiced SO hard with Beautifly… and now it's over. She lost. Ash tries to tell her she's making a big deal over nothing, but she's depressed. Suddenly, on the screen, Drew is about to battle in his next round, so May seems interested and decides to watch. Apparently, to Drew's luck, he has to face that Robert dude with the Milotic! Milotic starts with Iron Tail, and Roselia counters with Magical Leaf. Then, Milotic uses a Twister, sending the leaves flying, as they fall and fail to hit Milotic…

Eventually, time runs out, and Robert has about 80% of its energy left, and Drew has 20%, so the victory goes to Robert. Surprised, May decides to wait for Drew in the waiting room, and comfort him…

Meanwhile, the old man is STILL lecturing Team Rocket, Jessie and Meowth have fallen asleep with Wobbuffet, but James is still working hard taking notes… Drew passes by, May congratulates him on his good job, and they both wish each other good luck in future contests! But Drew gives her advice to try the Normal Rank contest first.

The old man is still giving his complex lecture, now even James seems to be half asleep while taking the notes. Eventually, he just stops, and collapses. But the boring old man, too into this PokeBlock business, continues drawling on…

Thanks To Spinazak For Writing this for us

311: Win, Lose or Drew!

311: May! The First Pokémon Contest Challenge!

Slateport City


Nurse Joy
Mr. Sukizo

Special/Other Trainers:
Psyduck Ponyta Bellossom Forretress Poochyena Wingull Shroomish Azurill

May & Drew lose their first contest challenge
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