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Ash and co are now heading through the streets of Slateport after May's Pokemon Contest. May begins to exclaim how exciting the contest was and how she can't wait for her next one. Max is confused and reminds her that she was very depressed when she lost. May says she forgot all about that and is going to win next time. Ash laughs and says she is like him and Pikachu when it comes to winning. Brock agrees and then suggests that they stock up before heading out. May hears shopping and instantly wants to join him. Max heads off in the opposite direction with Ash, and they agree to meet up later. Ash and Max decide to head to the Sea Museum, but to their shock; it's closed. Ash checks the guidebook and says it should be open. Max gets angry and walks to the side of the building. He begins to try and climb up, but ends up falling.

He holds his rear in pain as a small boy approaches. He yells at Max ands asks what he's doing here. Max nervously says that he just wanted to get a closer look, but the kid gets angrier. He says that he is Yousuke, the protector of the museum. Ash steps up and asks what's going on. Yousuke says they are trespassing, and Ash is confused. Yousuke releases a Spheal and tells it to attack. It appears clapping happily. Ash scans the Pokemon with his Pokedex. Yousuke orders a water gun, but his Pokemon just happily claps away. He sighs and tells it again, but Spheal just turns and water guns him in the face! Yousuke is now even angrier and he orders a body slam. Spheal leaps at Ash and Max, but they dodge and it hits the wall. It ricochets off and back into Yousuke. Yousuke falls to the ground as Spheal happily claps on top of him. Ash and Max embarrassedly laugh. Ash says he could use a few pointers in battle and Max agrees. Yousuke leaps up exclaiming that he's a great trainer. He orders a powder snow, but Pikachu uses thunderbolt taking it out. Yousuke is shocked as his Pokemon rolls back. He wonders why it was a 1 hit KO and Max steps up. He explains that Spheal is a water type and therefore is weak to electric attacks. He then adds in that he and Ash think he needs some more practice in battle. Ash apologizes and tries to explain that he meant it in a nice way.

Yousuke realizes he needs to get Spheal to the Pokemon Center and recalls it. A man steps out from behind the building. He looks a lot like Yousuke. He recognizes Yousuke and says he has been looking for him. Yousuke turns and refers to him as Kusunoki, his father. Ash and Max are confused and Yousuke explains that his father runs the Sea Museum and gave him his Spheal. Max is intrigued and says he's pretty lucky. Yousuke laughs and begins to brag. He then tells Max that at least he has a Pokemon. Max gets mad and reminds him of how his battle skills aren't too good. Yousuke falls off his high horse at this. Kusunoki then steps up and formally introduces himself. Ash and Max do the same and Kusunoki offers to give them a tour of the museum. Team Rocket spies on the scene with binoculars. James remarks that they should figure out a way to snatch Pikachu and Jessie agrees. She then adds in that Spheal is incredibly cute and she fakes a cuddle. James suggests that they sell something to cool people off. Meowth nods and they cheer as Wobbuffet pops out. Inside, Ash and Max admire a large Wailord sculpture hung from the ceiling. Kusunoki then shows them to some more sculptures of water Pokemon. Yousuke approaches them and says that water Pokemon are the greatest, but he really wants a Gyarados. Ash is shocked and says that Gyarados is a strong Pokemon. He then adds in that Yousuke should train Spheal more first. Max agrees and says that Gyarados is a hard Pokemon to train, and if he can't train a Spheal, he certainly will have no luck with one. A sweat drop appears on Yousuke and he changes the subject. Yousuke shows the group to a model of an underwater exploring device.

He explains that his father uses them to pick artifacts from the ocean floor and to study the habits of underwater Pokemon. Ash and Max think it's neat. Kusunoki then goes over to his desk and pulls a case from it. He returns to Ash and Max and opens the case up. He explains that he recently found this on one of his dives. Ash and co wonder stare at the large black stone and wonder what it is. Kusunoki explains that it is a volcanic rock that formed underwater. Ash and Max wonder how that's possible, and he begins to explain. He tells them that volcanoes litter the ocean floor. He then adds in that it is said in many legends that an ancient Pokemon of the land can cause them to erupt. When the magma connects with the water, it hardens and forms the rock. Max is intrigued and asks if such a Pokemon really exists. Kusunoki believes so. The group then hears two familiar voices from outside. One yells that they are selling ice cream. Ash, Max, and Yousuke instantly want some, and Kusunoki says to go ahead. He then shuts the case. Outside, a Team Magma grunt slips a key card into one of the Sea Museum door slots.

The card is connected to a computer device and the grunt enters a code into it. After some time, the door clicks and opens. Ash, Max, and Yousuke exit the building to find Team Rocket disguised as Hawaiians selling the cold treats. Yousuke asks for four and Jessie tells Meowth to prepare some. He does so and the three sit down. She places an ice cream in front of each of them, and the fourth to Pikachu. Ash takes a bite and instantly says it's good, but sweet. He makes a Wobbuffet like face. Pikachu and Yousuke try it and make the same face. Max stares at Jessie and says she looks somewhat familiar. James cuts in exclaiming that they get that all the time. After some convincing, they finish their ice cream. The ice cream was so sweet that everyone begins to get a ringing in their ears. James grabs Pikachu as it holds its ears and a cage drops down on Ash and co. Jessie and James laugh and begins to say their motto. Meowth then places Pikachu in a cage. Inside the museum, a Magma grunt cuts the power. Kusunoki looks around confused as he walks through the hall. Inside his office, the same Team Magma agent from the secret base episode falls through the ceiling accompanied by two grunts. He grabs the case from the desk as Kusunoki enters.

He asks what they're doing and notices the case. He immediately orders them to drop it, but the agent refuses. He exclaims that items like this should be in the possession of Team Magma, and not a nitwit scientist. At that, he releases Mightyena and has it use shadow ball. When the dust from the attack clears, the Magma members are gone. Outside, Yousuke orders Jessie and James to release them. Jessie and James just laugh. Pikachu tries to shock them, but the cage just conducts the electricity. Team Rocket then begins to discuss what to do with their new capture. They then notice Team Magma making their escape. Jessie instantly wants revenge and rushes after them with James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet following. Yousuke wonders who they are and Max explains it to him. He then adds in that they better find a way out of the cage to stop them. Yousuke agrees and decides to try out Spheal. He releases it and tells it to body slam the bars, but it just happily claps. He orders it to again, but it just body slams him to the ground. Ash and Max sigh. Ash then releases Corphish and has it use crab hammer. As Team Magma rushes off, Seviper and Cacnea form in front of them. Jessie and James then step up and laugh. They know the case must be important to Team Magma, so they tell the agent to hand it over. He just smirks and Jessie orders a poison tail. Seviper lunges, but Mightyena tackles it away. James then orders a spike cannon, but Mightyena uses double team. Jessie and James are shocked and can't tell which one is real. The agent grins as Seviper lunges in for another poison tail.

He orders an iron tail. Mightyena's tail smashes into Seviper and causes it to fly into the rockets, sending them blasting off. Pikachu's cage lands on the ground and smashes open. The Mightyena growls at it. Ash and co suddenly approach and Pikachu rushes to them. Ash and the Magma agent glare at each other. Ash stands up ready to fight when Kusunoki appears. He tells Ash to let him handle this and releases a Sealeo. He orders an aurora beam, which smashes into Mightyena, who in turn smashes into the agent. The case flies from his hands and Yousuke catches it. Max tells him he made a nice catch and he thanks him. Yousuke then hands the case to his dad. The Mightyena is then back up. Ash and co look on as the grunts also release their Mightyenas. Now they have a battle on their hands. In the city, May and Brock have finally finished shopping. After May exclaims how much she loves to shop, Brock suggests they find Ash and Max. She agrees. Back at the museum, the Magma agent tells Ash and co to hand the case back over. They refuse and he grins. He says that they want to make things fun. Ash releases Corphish and Pikachu steps up. Kusunoki tells Max and Yousuke to stay back. Max doesn't want to but Yousuke agrees.

All three Mightyenas launch hyper beams. Ash has Corphish use bubble, Pikachu use thunderbolt, and Sealeo uses another aurora beam. The attacks collide and an explosion occurs. Whilst the dust rises, Kusunoki tells the boys to run. Yousuke nods and drags Max away. He and Max come to the edge of the hill and Max asks what they are doing. Yousuke smiles and says they are going to jump into the sea. Max freaks out and doesn't want to go, but Yousuke says that Spheal will be with them the whole way. The Pokemon claps. Mightyena releases a shadow ball as Yousuke grabs Max and jumps. Spheal happily follows and the attack strikes where they stood. The Agent frowns and turns back to Ash. Max surfaces and Yousuke calls him over. They both grab onto Spheal and Yousuke tells it to bring them to shore. Spheal begins to swim forward like a torpedo, and Max screams as he struggles to hold on. May and Brock head on down the beach. Suddenly, Max, Spheal, and Yousuke rush up to them. Max waves and May is confused. Back at the match, the Mightyena growl at Ash and Kusunoki.

Kusunoki then hands Ash the case and tells him to run for it. Ash doesn't want to, but he insists. Ash and his Pokemon rush off as Sealeo releases a powder snow. The agent puts his arm in front of him and orders a shadow ball. Mightyena releases the attack and it blows up in front of ash. He falls back and the case flies from his hand. The agent orders Mightyena to retrieve it. The case hits the ground and opens as the stone falls out. It breaks into two pieces. Mightyena grabs the large piece as Pikachu leaps up. Mightyena just growls and rushes back to its master. It hands him the piece and he turns to see their escape helicopter waiting. With a final shadow ball from Mightyena, the team rushes off. When the dust from the attack clears, Ash and Kusunoki are forced to watch the helicopter disappear into the horizon. Suddenly, a bunch of police cars race up. They are too late, but they place police rope around the museum anyways.

That evening, Ash apologizes to Kusunoki for letting Team Magma escape. He says it's fine as he still has part of the stone. He holds out the small piece that broke off. He then adds in that he can still do his studies. May is in awe of it and Brock says they missed a lot today. Yousuke then steps up and asks Ash if he's heading to the Mauville gym. Ash says he is, and Yousuke wishes him luck. He then adds in that he's going to do his best to train Spheal, and one day he'll beat him. Max wishes him luck and the group then heads off waving down the road.

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312: The Spheal of Approval!

312: Protect The Ocean Museum! Attack of Team Magma

Slateport City


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Pikachu Corphish
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Team Magma Succeed in Stealing a rock formed by Groudon
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