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After winning the Dynamo badge at Mauville Gym, Ash heals his Pokemon, and they set off. Ash says he wants to go to the town with the next Gym, but May wants to go to Fallarbor Town, since she heard that there's a Pokemon Contest there. Hoping there's a Gym there, Max checks the PokeNav, and apparently the nearest Gym is in Lavaridge Town, and there is no Gym in Fallarbor Town… But they're both in the same direction, and about the same distance away. Ash and May then start fighting over whether to go to Lavaridge or Fallarbor, and Brock stops them and says they'll be able to do the other one later. Before they start arguing over where to go first, Brock takes a look at the PokeNav, and apparently Fallarbor is closer and has an easier way. So they decide to go to Fallarbor Town first for the Contest, then it's on to Lavaridge.

Meanwhile, in the nearby woods, Team Rocket are taking a hike, planning to steal the yellow rat, blah blah blah, but then, their stomachs seem more important. Luckily, just then they happen to pass a field of Watmels! Excited, they start collecting them, getting ready to eat them… until Jessie notices a Watmel that's a lot larger than the others. A little suspicious, they slowly go up to it… and then it starts to move. Then, it rolls towards them, and Jessie seems excited to eat it, until it starts to make noise, and then a face becomes visible, revealing it as not a Watmel, but a painted Electrode. Electrode then uses Rollout, blasting TR off and knocking the Watmels out of their hands… as they fall into the river.

Ash and co are having their picnic by the river, enjoying Brock's food, until they notice out of the blue a few Watmels floating by. Quickly, they grab them, and Brock confirms that they're fresh and safe to eat. Ash asks Pikachu to use Iron Tail to slice them, but May stops him, and tells him to let Brock handle it. As they eat their Watmels and enjoy the meal, Ash suddenly gags, and quickly spits out the seeds. May scolds him about his manners, and he apologizes, and says he's just not too used to eating food with seeds, so they kinda shot out like that… but then, Ash has a clever idea. Ash sends out Treecko, and holds out the Watmel in front of him, and says he's gonna teach it the Bullet Seed attack. Remembering the incident a few episodes ago where Shiftry attacked it with Bullet Seed, Treecko decides to give it a try. Ash demonstrates by taking a few bites out of the Watmel, and then spitting out the seeds like a gun. Ash then gives Treecko a Watmel to practice it with. Treecko takes a few bites, then shoots the seeds out of his mouth… but they go too lopsided. Ash then demonstrates again, and this time Treecko does a little better. Now, Ash tells Treecko to try to use an actual Bullet Seed attack, and it works! Apparently, it makes quite a loud noise, that someone else seems to have heard it. A Grovyle approaches! Ash checks the dex and learns that it's Treecko's evolution, and then a Slugma approaches with it! They seem angry. They attack Ash and co with a Bullet Seed and a Flamethrower, and as they start to run away, their trainer stops them.

She introduces herself as Natchi, and she seems rather annoyed that they took the Watmels without permission, since the Watmel field was her property. Then they explain that they just saw them floating in the river. But she doesn't buy it, since she takes a look at their Watmels, and recognizes them as her own, and demonstrates using Bullet Seed, and how she taught her Grovyle it with the same strategy. Then, the Watmel-Electrode from earlier comes. It looks mad. Natchi then tells it to go attack them! However, Electrode looks at them for a bit, notices they weren't the thieves from earlier, and then refuses. Then, she realizes how rude she was being, and apologizes. Then, they introduce each other, and she explains how all her life she's been growing Watmels, and knows everything there is to know about them, even the biggest secrets. So, she decides to give a tour. She explains how she mainly uses Grovyle and Slugma for battle, and Electrode as a decoy guard of the Watmel field. Ash then tells her about being in the top 16 in the Indigo league, and the top 8 in the Johto league, and she gets excited, and decides to challenge Ash to a double battle, which he happily accepts.

Brock decides to ref the match, while Natchi uses Grovyle and Slugma, and Ash sends out Treecko and Corphish. Max feels a bit nervous, given that he knows Ash will use Corphish against Slugma with the type advantage, but he's still in the dark about how he'd beat Grovyle. Brock then says to trust Ash, he's seen him succeed in a lot more surprising stuff. So they just sit back and watch.

Ash starts having Treecko attack Grovyle with Pound, and Corphish use Bubblebeam on Slugma. But Natchi has Grovyle dodge Treecko and counter the Bubblebeam with a Bullet Seed, since Grass attacks can beat Water. This works, and then she has Grovyle attack Treecko with Bullet Seed, and Slugma attack Corphish with Flamethrower. But Ash has Corphish fend off the attacks with Harden, and Treecko stand behind Corphish to avoid getting hurt, which both work as well. Next, Ash has Treecko attack Grovyle with Quick Attack, and Corphish use Crabhammer on Slugma. But Grovyle quickly jumps out of Treecko's way, and protects Slugma from the Crabhammer by attacking Corphish with Leaf Blade, which hurts it a lot! Next, comes another Bullet Seed and Flamethrower from Grovyle and Slugma, but Ash uses the same Harden strategy with Treecko hiding behind Corphish. It manages to last until the attacks go away, but by then, Corphish is really tired out. It slowly manages to catch its breath… but it's still tough and ready for more action!

Meanwhile, Team Rocket are back at the Watmel field, trying to reason with the Electrode. They imagine stealing all the Watmels, and bringing them to the boss, and having him use the “Bullet Seed” and them landing on the ground in an R shape, and the usual stuff. Electrode, however, still seems nervous and isn't sure what to do…

Back on the battlefield, it's another Pound and Bubblebeam from Treecko and Corphish, but Grovyle again jumps out of the way, hurting Corphish again with Leaf Blade! Next, Natchi has Slugma use Body Slam, and Grovyle use Bullet Seed again. Ash once again uses the strategy of having Corphish Harden and Treecko hide behind it. However, this Slugma is much faster than a normal slug, and manages to smother Corphish before it can do anything, and let Grovyle's Bullet Seed hit Treecko, damaging it hard. Corphish also looks pretty tired… but Ash has a clever strategy up his sleeve. First, he has Treecko climb on Corphish's claw, and have it use Crabhammer, throwing it right at Grovyle, as Treecko uses a Quick Attack, damaging it hard. While it still has the Crabhammer, Corphish attacks Slugma with it, damaging it as well. But they haven't fainted quite yet. Next, Natchi has Grovyle finally get ready to fire a Solar Beam! While it's gathering energy, Treecko and Corphish once again use the Harden-hide-behind strategy. This works, as Corphish just barely manages to fend it off, but it looks pretty tired. Slugma then attacks Corphish with a Flamethrower, which it counters with a Bubblebeam. Apparently they were both pretty strong, as Corphish and Slugma have both knocked each other out. It's all up to Treecko and Grovyle now…

Suddenly, her Watmel-Electrode comes, and according to Natchi it's coming to warn them that there's trouble at the Watmel field! So Natchi decides to give the battle a break, since this is an emergency. They go there, and as usual, see TR with a giant mecha-Cacnea-bot swiping all the Watmels and putting them in a basket. Then, it stuffs some of the Watmels into it's “mouth” and uses a huge “Bullet Seed”, which goes all over the place! Thinking fast, Natchi has Grovyle attack them with a REAL Bullet Seed, which shakes and damages the CacneaBot a little. But then, it picks up a huge tape gun, and shoots tape onto Grovyle's mouth to prevent it from attacking further, and then keeps digging up the Watmels. Thinking fast, Ash has Treecko use a Bullet Seed of its own this time, but when it tries, barely anything comes out. Ash gives it some advice, and then it tries again, this time cutting the rope and letting all the Watmels back out. Thinking fast, Ash and Natchi and co all stand in front of the Watmels, to catch them and make sure they fall safe. Somehow (yes, SOMEHOW) they each manage to catch a number of Watmels, and they all get saved. A Thunderbolt from Pikachu then blasts TR off.

Now, Ash and Natchi are ready to finish off their battle from where they left off, Treecko VS Grovyle. Treecko tries using a Bullet Seed, but still, having just learned it, barely anything comes out and it fails. Grovyle then uses Leaf Blade, but Ash's agile Treecko jumps out of the way in time, and hurts Grovyle a little with Pound. Grovyle then uses Bullet Seed, but Treecko hurries toward it with a Quick Attack, dodging the seeds on the way by swerving sideways, and hitting Grovyle smack in the stomach. Grovyle seems to be knocked out… wait, actually it's slowly starting to get up. It seems to have a bit of energy left. Natchi, thinking fast, decides not to use Solar Beam, since Treecko could probably knock it out while it's gathering energy. So instead, it uses a Bullet Seed. Treecko then counters with a Bullet Seed of it's own, and it becomes a seed war. Treecko then runs out of energy, being a little new to this attack, and gets knocked out by Grovyle's Bullet Seed. Treecko tries to get up, but to no avail. Grovyle wins the match!

Ash congratulates Treecko on its great battle skills, and later that evening they have a nice Watmel snack. Treecko still seems disappointed, and doesn't wanna participate. Ash tries to comfort it with a nice tasty Watmel, and saying it'll help practice his Bullet Seed, but it's not really in the mood. Ash decides to get it's attention by using the Watmel “Bullet Seed” along with Pikachu, and they hit Treecko… but then Treecko gets annoyed, and fires a REAL Bullet Seed at Ash and Pikachu. Ash then laughs and apologizes, and congratulates Treecko on this new attack. Then, they say goodbye to Natchi, and continue heading towards Fallarbor Town!

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317: What You Seed Is What You Get!

317: Treecko's New Technique!! Watmel Field's Bullet Seed!

Between Mauville and Fallabor




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Ash's Treecko Learns Bullet Seed
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