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The doors of the Pokemon Center open as a refreshed Ash Ketchum comes out. He looks out over the city, and the group begins to head off. As they go, Max asks Ash where they plan on going. Ash says they are heading to the next gym, but he doesn't know where that is. Max sighs. May then cuts in exclaiming that the nearest gym is in Lavaridge Town. Max checks the Pokenav and sure enough, she's right.

Ash says they'll head there then, but May once again interrupts. She exclaims that Nurse Joy told her that another Pokemon Contest will be held in Fallabor City, so they should head there. The two begin to argue back and forth about where to go when Brock interrupts. He says they'll head to whatever town is closer. Max checks the Pokenav and informs them that Fallabor is closer. Brock suggests they head there first and after some pleading, Ash gives in. May cheers and puts her hand up.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is lazily walking through the forest. James complains of hunger and Jessie adds in that they haven't seen Pikachu all day. Meowth says he'd rather worry about finding something to eat and catch Pikachu later. The group comes to the edge of a cliff to find the surrounding area is full of watmel berry patches! The group rushes towards them and all begin to wonder which one to take. After some time, they leap into the patch and pull some out.

Team Rocket then notices a giant watmel berry just in front of them. Jessie exclaims that they don't need these puny watmels with one like that. She tosses hers and rushes towards it. The giant watmel begins to roll down the hill towards her. Jessie is enticed by this and welcomes it with open arms. It stops inches from her to reveal that it has a face. James is freaked out and Meowth remarks that he doesn't like food that looks at him. The three then realize that the watmel berry is actually an Electrode in disguise! It explodes, and the three are sent blasting off. The watmel berries they took fall into the stream below.

Ash and co are now having lunch by the stream. Ash remarks on how good it is and Brock thanks him. May and Max begin to say that they'd like to have something besides stew when the watmel berries come floating by. Brock fishes them out of the lake as Ash and co crowd around hungrily. Ash takes one of the watmel berries and tells Pikachu to iron tail it. May then snatches it from him and says they are eating these. She hands it to Brock for him to prepare it.

The group begins to chow down on the watmel berry slices. May remarks on how good they are as Brock sprinkles some salt on his. Ash asks Pikachu if it likes it and Pikachu smiles and nods. Ash then begins to spit the seeds out. May cuts in exclaiming that it's a little rude. Ash embarrassedly apologizes, and then remarks that he likes to pretend he can use bullet seed. At this remark, Ash gets an idea.

He fishes through his belt and releases Treecko. It lands on the ground and places its twig in its mouth as Ash approaches. He shows it the watmel berry and exclaims that he is going to teach it to use bullet seed. May asks where he got that idea and Ash has a flashback to Shiftry annihilating Treecko with it when they battled. Ash begins to show Treecko how to spit watmel seeds. He spits them everywhere and tells Treecko to try. It does, but not to Ash's liking. Ash tells it to pick up the pace as he begins to spit more and faster. Treecko does it again and Ash says it's doing great. Ash then tells it to try the actual attack now. It begins to power up a yellow ball in its mouth.

Suddenly, a barrage of bullet seeds smash into the group in a cloud of smoke. A Grovyle angrily steps up as the group regains their footing. Ash scans it with the Pokedex as a Slugma joins the fray. May pulls out her Pokedex and examines this new Pokemon. Grovyle then releases another bullet seed as the group tries to run. Slugma sends a flamethrower in front of them, and they are trapped between attacks. Ash and go wonder what to do when a girl's voice tells the Pokemon to stop.

As and co turn to see a young woman in a red jumpsuit with green hair. She exclaims that they'll pay for steeling her precious watmels and rushes towards them. Ash tries to tell her they didn't steal them, but she points at the slices and says the evidence is right there. She then munches on one and spits the seeds at Ash and co. Ash still denies it and she holds a slice up exclaiming that she is the caretaker of the watmel fields around here.

Brock tells her they don't want any trouble as Ash explains that they didn't steel the watmels. May adds in that they just floated by the river and looked appetizing. The girl tells them to save it and motions to the bushes. The watmel Electrode rolls towards her. She asks if these are the thieves it found in the fields earlier. It inspects then and shakes its head. The girl is shocked by this and nervously apologizes. She then adds in that she has a bad habit of jumping to conclusions and asks if they forgive her. Ash tells her to calm down as they forgive her.

After a bit more conversation, the girl commands them to come see her watmel fields. Before they can interject, she begins to walk off. She then embarrassedly turns around and says she forgot to introduce herself. She says her name is Natchi and then asks for theirs. Ash and co laugh and introduce themselves. Natchi takes the group to the cliff overlooking her fields. Max is intrigued and Brock says she has a fine garden. Natchi is grateful and says her Pokemon help. With that, Electrode rolls down the hill and back into the fields.

May says her garden is beautiful and Natchi laughs Ash then exclaims that Grovyle is strong and Max adds in that Slugma is too. Natchi thanks them and explains that she has to raise strong Pokemon to make sure no one gets away with her crops. Ash then asks if she would like a match seeing as how he could use the training. Natchi is intrigued and excitedly asks if it can be a double battle. Ash agrees and Natchi is overjoyed.

Ironically, there is a battlefield in the middle of the watmel patch. Natchi, Grovyle, and Slugma stand on one side with Ash on the other. Brock asks as ref again as May and Max sit on a bench. May wonders what Pokemon Ash will use and Max says he'll probably make it so he has the type advantage. Ash throws two Pokeballs releasing Treecko and Corphish. Max says he made a good choice as Slugma is weak against water types. May then adds in that Treecko might have a disadvantage to both. Brock turns to her and explains that Treecko might be better trained.

The battle begins with Ash telling Treecko to slam Grovyle. It leaps up and brings its tail toward the Pokemon. Ash then tells Corphish to use bubble on Slugma. Corphish releases the attack as Slugma stands its ground. Natchi tells Grovyle to dodge and block the bubbles with bullet seed. It does so, canceling the attack. Max stands up exclaiming that though Corphish has a type advantage on Slugma, Grovyle has one on it.

Grovyle then releases a bullet seed towards Treecko as Slugma sends a flamethrower. Ash tells Corphish to use protect. It does so as Treecko leaps behind it. The attacks hit Corphish, but it is unfazed. Natchi grins and says she's having a great time. Ash then has Treecko use quick attack and Corphish use crab hammer. Natchi orders Grovyle to dodge and use leaf blade. It gets out of Treecko's way and slams its leaves into Corphish dealing major damage.

Ash is a bit worried and Natchi orders her Pokemon to attack. Corphish uses protect again as Treecko takes cover behind it. The attacks slam into it, and Corphish begins to weaken. It manages to hold on, but it is exhausted. Max is worried and May remarks that Corphish won't last longer. Corphish holds on as Natchi tells Ash he can't win. Ash is a bit worried, but he has confidence in his Pokemon.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket has made it back to the watmel fields. They are now exhausted, and stare at Electrode. It stares back making sure they aren't stealing. Jessie and James say they should give up, but Meowth refuses. He has a daydream of Giovanni going on an expedition in the desert and having his only personal watmel patch for when he gets hungry. His daydream ends with Giovanni spitting watmel seeds to make an R in the sand. He says they should steal the watmel berries and give them to the boss. Jessie and James agree and they all begin to dance as Electrode stares at them awkwardly.

Treecko tries to slam Grovyle again, but it dodges and deals another leaf blade to Corphish. Natchi then tells her Pokemon to focus all attacks on Corphish. The two Pokemon lunge as Corphish uses protect again. Suddenly, Slugma leaps up and body slams Corphish. Ash and co are all worried and shocked. With Corphish not there to protect it, Grovyle manages to hit Treecko with a bullet seed. Treecko flies back and weakly gets up. Natchi's Pokemon glare at Ash's, who are both badly injured.

Corphish is still up surprisingly, but Max is now worried. May remarks that Natchi's Pokemon make the perfect team. Ash says he'll show them team work. He then has Treecko leap on Corphish's pincer. It uses crab hammer as it flings Treecko forward. Natchi is shocked to see Treecko get a strong quick attack off on Grovyle. Grovyle flies back as Corphish deals a crab hammer to Slugma. May and Max think Ash could win now. Natchi tells Grovyle to use solar beam this time, surprising Ash. As it begins to take in sunlight, Corphish uses protect and Treecko gets behind it. The attack smashes into it, but Corphish miraculously hangs on.

Natchi now has Slugma use flamethrower, but Corphish counters with bubble. The attacks crisscross and strike both Pokemon. They both hit the ground fainted. Brock declares each Pokemon taken out. The battle has now come down to Grovyle Vs Treecko. May thinks it is a lost cause. Ash and Natchi both recall their Pokemon and prepare for the battle. Suddenly, Electrode hops up and tells Natchi that the thieves are back. Grovyle and she are shocked and she tells Ash the battle will have to be postponed. With that, she rushes off. Ash tells his friends to follow and they go after her.

Team Rocket is now in a giant Cacnea mecha harvesting the watmel berries. Ash and co approach and Team Rocket appears on top of the robot's head. They say their motto and get back inside. May what they want this time and Meowth says they are going to use the Cacnea mecha to steal the whole watmel patch. Jessie remarks on the brilliant scheme she came up with as James tells Meowth to show the twerps what it can do.

Meowth hits a switch and the Cacnea mecha scoops some watmel berries into its mouth. It then begins to spit seeds at Ash and co. The group blocks themselves and Natchi tells Grovyle to attack the mecha with bullet seed. Ash then tells Treecko it should try too. Treecko watches Grovyle strike the mecha. Meowth says it's time to test out their "shut the mouth" bazooka. The Cacnea mecha pulls out a large bazooka and hoists it over its shoulder. I then fired a big X at Grovyle's mouth, clamping it shut. The Cacnea mecha then pulls out a net and Team Rocket happily continues their harvest.

Ash tells Treecko it's up to it. It nods and charges up a bullet seed. Not surprisingly, it can't seem to get the attack off. Ash tells it to try as hard as it can and this time it succeeds! The seeds strike the mecha's backpack, releasing all the watmel berries. Ash and co rush around frantically and manage to catch them all. Pikachu then uses thunderbolt, exploding the Cacnea mecha and sending Team Rocket blasting off again.

Back at the battlefield, Ash and Natchi prepare to finish their match. Ash tells Treecko to use bullet seed, but it fails. May and Max are now worried. Natchi has Grovyle use leaf blade, but Treecko dodges and slams it hard. Grovyle then tries a bullet seed, but Treecko use quick attack to dodge and smashes into it again. Grovyle lands hard as Natchi gets worried. Grovyle weakly gets up. The two are now panting heavily and Natchi wonders what to do. She thinks a solar beam would be too much for Grovyle to get off now, so she has it use bullet seed again.

Ash tells Treecko to use bullet seed too. The attacks collide, but no one gets a hit off. Suddenly, Treecko's attack fails and Grovyle manages to hit it. Treecko flies back knocked out. Brock declares Natchi the winner and she hugs Grovyle. It looks as if it's being strangled by the annoyed face it has. Ash asks Treecko if its ok and it nods.

That evening, Ash and co enjoy a watmel berry dinner at Natchi's cabin. She washes a watmel in the well as Brock exclaims that she grows great crops. Natchi thanks him for the comment and he embarrassedly laughs. Ash then turns to see Treecko sitting on the ground admiring the sunset. He walks up to it to see how it's doing, and it turns its head. Ash tells it not to be a poor sport and him and Pikachu spit seeds at the back of its head. It turns around aggravated as the laugh.

Treecko releases a bullet seed at their faces blowing them back. May exclaims that it did bullet seed usefully! Brock says it just took Ash's joke to do it. May says he should try that more often as Ash holds his head. Treecko is shocked that it managed to use the attack and it then smiles very pleased with itself. The scene then rises to the setting sun.

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317: What You Seed Is What You Get!

317: Treecko's New Technique!! Watmel Field's Bullet Seed!

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