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Ash and co have finally made it to Fallarbor Town, and with that, May is excited about the upcoming contest, she can even see the hall in the distance! May imagines herself winning with Beautifly, and also sends it out, informing of the upcoming contest and pointing to the hall in the distance.

As they enter, Brock gets excited about meeting come female Pokemon coordinators as usual, and as they see all the trainers and coordinators, they come across a mysterious looking girl sitting alone on a bench, isolated, with the strange Pokemon Medicham FLOATING in a sitting and meditating position next to her, so they go and check it out. Just as they learn from the Pokedex that Medicham is the master of telekinesis with its Pure Power ability, Max’s glasses fly off his face! Just then, Pikachu, Ash’s hat, and everyone’s backpacks start flying off them and floating in midair, and it seems to be happening all around the room (even a girl’s skirt flies up)! Then, Medicham’s trainer signals for it to stop, as it does, and everyone catches everything. She then apologizes, and then explains that she and Medicham were practicing their Meditating and mind technique skills. Brock then does his usual drama and gets dragged off by Max, and May explains that Brock is like that. She then tells the girl she is entering the contest, and asks if she is. Apparently she shouldn’t have, because the girl takes that as a stupid question, starts laughing hysterically, and accidentally slaps May and knocks her back. Then she stops acting weird, and apologizes for her behavior, and introduces herself as Grace, and her Medicham.

Later that night, Grace takes Ash and co out to dinner at the Pokemon Center to discuss a little about the contest, and Brock, sitting next to her, gets a romantic-first-date type of feeling as usual, and gets ready to make a move. Ash then asks her how good she is at contests, as she proudly takes out her case, showing three ribbons! Max makes some ignorant comment about the ribbons and gets slapped by May, and May asks to explain how the ribbons work. She explains how she won them all with her trusty Medicham, and then May admits that she almost feels under pressure, if she’ll have to face her and Medicham. Grace then has a hysterical moment again for a second, then does a pose, and offers to show some of Medicham’s talents as they go outside.

As she sends out Medicham, she starts by having it Ice Punch a few times, showing the beauty in the sparkle of its fist. Then, it uses Confusion by jumping up in the air in the middle of the moonlight, causing a lot of sparkles, as it dances and poses in midair! Impressed, Brock adds that this is an excellent combination. Then, as Medicham slowly descends to the ground, even May is impressed! Now, May has a shot at showing off her Beautifly. She sends it out and starts by having it use Silver Wind, which succeeds, then commands a Tackle. While it goes down, she demands a Gust plus a String Shot. The Gust succeeds, but it messes up the String Shot and blows it all over the place as Beautifly gets entangled. Embarrased, she’s about to return it, but then she runs into the last person she’d wanna meet now: Drew.

Drew harshly criticizes May on the combination, and brags that he and Roselia will easily top it, as he tosses her one of Roselia’s roses to show off. She actually admits it smells good, but Drew continues to criticize her, and even shows that he has three ribbons as well! She’s gonna have to train a lot harder with Beautifly! Meanwhile, J&J are pulling off a fake PokeBlock scam, as they get their first customer! He says he’s a coordinator, and would like to get some PokeBlocks. To make it seem more convincing, Meowth does a tight investigation on him, asks him a bunch of questions about his contests and stuff, making him more nervous. Then, he says they’re offering packs of Gold and Silver PokeBlocks: Gold ones make your Pokemon tough and cool, Silver ones make your Pokemon beautiful and cute. Then Jessie demonstrates it by having Wobbuffet eat a Gold fake PokeBlock, and then Wobbuffet comes in a secret agent suit and hat, looking and acting really tough. Convinced, the man decides to buy the pack! As he leaves, J&J cackle in pride… Apparently these Gold and Silver PokeBlocks are really regular Pokemon food shaped into cubes, and painted gold and silver.

Back at the hall, as they wait for the contest to start, Ash is sitting on the bench with Max, who is reading a Contest guide, and thinks of giving May a few tips. Then, they realize Brock isn’t with them… he’s just going around hitting on the coordinators in the hall. Then they see Drew, who recognizes them immediately as May’s friends. They talk for a little about the contest, but Ash makes the mistake saying he’s rooting for May. He starts to go on about how she’s a loser and such, which leads to an argument, so they decide to have a battle.

Taillow starts by hitting Roselia with a Quick Attack. Then, Roselia jumps up in the air and uses Magical Leaf, which Taillow easily dodges. Then Roselia uses Petal Dance, but Taillow dodges it again and starts heading towards Roselia. Then, Taillow goes for a Peck, but Roselia counters with a Stun Spore, so Ash quickly calls for it to roll out of the way. It swerves up high… but the pillar of Stun Spore catches it, making it hard to move. While Taillow is paralyzed, Roselia uses Solar Beam, knocking out Taillow and winning the battle.

May has been watching from behind the bushes. Drew says that battling is just as easy as Contests… May hears this, and thinks about telling him off for insulting her friend, but decides to just forget it.

Later that night, May and Beautifly hang out by the hall, looking at the moon and looking forward to the contest the next day. Drew and Grace’s words keep going through her head…

The big day has come, and J&J have made a lot on their scam. Now James is even using the Silver fake PokeBlocks on Cacnea, decorating it with flowers and making Cacnea look all cute. May approaches with Beautifly, and a nearby guy from the crowd explains what’s going on. J&J recognize May immediately and decide for a moment to think fast. But May seems easily fooled, and thinks about getting some for Beautifly, as she picks up a Silver PokeBlock and examines it. Suddenly, Grace approaches with her Medicham, and immediately suspects them as scammers. Obviously with her Contest expertise, she can recognize a real PokeBlock, and tells May and everyone to let them go. Then May realizes it’s fake, so she drops it, apologizing to Beautifly. Grace then has Medicham use Confusion, making the disguise clothes fly off them, revealing who they really are. Then they fly up in the Meowth balloon, say their motto, and use the old grabbing arms trick. They take out five, grabbing Beautifly, Medicham, and few trainers’ Teddiursa, Wigglytuff, and Marill. Then Grace has Medicham use Confusion with all its might, and it just manages to make the arms let go of the five Pokemon, as the trainers catch them.

They don’t give up yet, though. May has Beautifly grab the balloon with String Shot, but James easily breaks the string with Cacnea’s Pin Missile. Then Jessie tells Seviper to use Poison Tail, but Grace has Medicham Hi Jump Kick it before it can even start. Cacnea tries Pin Missile again on Beautifly, but Beautifly dodges and Tackles. Finally, Medicham uses Ice Punch, sending Cacnea and Seviper back to the balloon, and blasting TR off.

May thanks Grace, and later that day they get ready for the Contest. It’s about to start… it’ll be tough for May to get past Grace and Drew, but we’ll see!

Thanks To Spinazak For Writing this for us

326: Pros and Con Artists!

326: Pokémon Contest! Fallarbor Convention!

Fallarbor Town



Pikachu Taillow
Wobbuffet Seviper

May & Co. find that Drew has earned 3 Ribbons
May starts her 2nd Contest
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