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The last episode ended just as the Fallarbor Pokemon Contest was about to start. It has started, and the coordinators are doing their display attacks. Drew is up, and he has Roselia use Petal Dance, which gets him a 9.9, a 9.8, and another 9.9, totaling 29.6. Next, Grace and her Medicham are up, and she displays a dramatic Hi Jump Kick with an intro pose, and totals a 29.5. Now, May is up, and her Beautifly brightens up the field with a Silver Wind, earning a total of 25.9. Ash, Brock, and Max cheer. Next, some strange familiar looking woman (to May at least) named Musashino is up. The ref calls her, but it takes a while, and then she comes dangling from the ceiling, descending… in the back, she’s being held by a rope held by a struggling James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet, so she is clearly Jessie…

Back on the stage, as expected, “Musashino” uses Dustox, and starts by having it zoom around with a Tackle. However, no one notices that it has a remote receiver on its back, and is really being controlled by Meowth backstage as he hears Jessie’s commands. Next, Jessie does a special trick: She holds out a piece of prism glass, has Dustox use Poison Sting, which hits the glass, causing a rainbow! Another Psybeam gets the whole field reflected by colors here and there.

This combination gets the crowd going, even May is a little impressed, but Drew looks rather suspicious. The three raters all give “Musashino” a 9.9, having her total 29.7! However, the ref then realizes that this is an illegal move, and Psybeam was never even used. It was just the rainbow reflecting on the glass that looked like a Psybeam. Disappointed, the judges lower their votes to 8.7, 8.6, and 8.5, lowering the total to 25.8. Later, after everyone finishes, it displays on the screen that “Musashino”, Drew, Grace, and May are the top 4 (Wow, who would have expected that!), and they’re gonna participate in the finals to battle! James and Meowth cheer for Jessie, as the rounds start.

First battle is May VS “Musashino”, Beautifly VS Dustox, timed for 5 minutes. Dustox begins with a Tackle, and Jessie commands a Rainbow with it, so Meowth pushes a button. Beautifly flies upward, dodging the Tackle, and sending out a String Shot. However, Dustox counters that with a Rainbow-Whirlwind, sending the string back at Beautifly, taking about 20% of its health! Now, Dustox does a Poison Sting, but Beautifly blows the spikes back at Dustox with a Gust, not only taking 20% of its health… but also causing some sparks to fly, revealing a hint of Meowth’s attached remote receiver! Next, Dustox tries another Rainbow Tackle, which Beautifly counters easily with Silver Wind, knocking Dustox back, and taking away another 30% of health, so Dustox is halfway down! Jessie then demands a Psybeam, but as Meowtth hears this, when he tries activating the remote from backstage, nothing happens. Apparently the receiver was a bit damaged in the battle, so Jessie will have to battle on her own! While Jessie is busy worrying, Beautifly Tackles Dustox, fainting it and winning the battle.

Jessie and Dustox get up, angry… Dustox still seems to have sparks dancing around it from the remote, and suddenly in front of everyone, the receiver falls off, and the truth is revealed! The audience boos, and the judges yell she’s disqualified, so she throws a smoke bomb as Jamess and Meowth enters, and they reveal themselves as usual. So Pikachu simply Thunderbolts them, and blasts them off.

The ref sends May back to the waiting room to wait for the final round, as the next semifinalists, Drew and Grace enter. Like before, a 5 minute battle, Roselia VS Medicham. May watches from the screen in the hall, as Roselia starts with a Magical Leaf. Medicham then counters with Meditate, by getting in a meditating position in midair, and dodging it as it raises its Attack Power! Next, Medicham goes for an Ice Punch, but Roselia jumps in the air to dodge it.

However, its punch was so powerful, that as it connected with the field, it covered a small portion with ice. Roselia then uses a Petal Dance, but just in time, Medicham stops all the petals in midair with Confusion, and sends them flying back at Roselia, giving it 20% damage. Next Drew commands a Solar Beam, and as it gathers energy, Grace, who seems to have a plan, has Medicham quickly keep Ice Punching the field, making it all icy and full of glaciers! Then, to everyone’s amazement, when Roselia releases the Solar Beam, it hits one of the glaciers—and reflects right off it, towards another glacier! It goes in a zigzaggy path through the glaciers, and then back at Roselia, bringing it’s health down to 50%. Next, Medicham does a Meditate-Hi Jump Kick combo, finally fainting Roselia, winning the battle with full health! Grace is now to move to the final round of the Fallarbor Contest!

Grace VS May, Beautifly VS Medicham. 5 minutes. Beautifly starts with a Tackle, but Medicham Meditates, causing Beautifly to narrowly miss. Medicham now does an Ice Punch, which Beautifly counters with Gust, causing Medicham to trip and lose control, plummeting back-first to the ground! However, Medicham uses a Confusion to save itself from hitting the ground fast, although the Gust apparently gave it 10% damage on the way. Next, Beautifly uses a String Shot, which Medicham easily counters with Confusion, throwing them right back at Beautifly, entangling it! 20% of Beautifly’s health goes down. While Beautifly is struggling, Grace thinks fast and has Medicham hit it with an Ice Punch, easily freezing it and bringing its health down to 50%! But Beautifly is strong and manages to break out of the ice with all its might. Medicham then uses the Meditate-Hi Jump Kick combo, which Beautifly dodges this time.

A Silver Wind from Beautifly brings Medicham’s health down to 50%! May, with a clever strategy, then has Beautifly do a spinning Tackle-String Shot combo, causing the strings to move in a tornado-like fashion. Medicham tries to counter with Confusion, but only manages to have the strings collect in midair in front of him before he has a chance to throw them back at Beautifly, because Beautifly then starts spinning faster and faster, causing the strings to go in quick motion it just looks like a white pillar of String Shot, which Medicham gets caught in. This being too big of a job for Medicham’s Confusion, it tries desperately to push on the walls, but falls on the field wrapped from head to toe in String Shot.

Grace hasn’t lost yet, though… this just brought Medicham’s health down to 30%. As Beautifly heads for a Tackle, Medicham just barely manages to break out and dodge it. Then, Beautifly lets out a couple glimmering tornados of Silver Wind… but Medicham easily stands between them, and holds them apart and carefully dodges… but then, Beautifly Tackles while Medicham is busy keeping its balance, dealing it some more damage and leaving it with only 10%! With 30 seconds left, Medicham goes for a Hi Jump Kick, while Beautifly goes for a Tackle… and as they move toward each other… they connect… and there’s a big explosion of yellow light, and Medicham seems to have fainted, but Beautifly has kept its balance against the wall. Either way, time is up, and Beautifly had more health… therefore, May is the winner!

The audience cheers, and the judge awards her the Fallarbor Ribbon! Grace then congratulates her, and May thanks her and says something which makes Grace go into her bursting-out-laughing mode. They say their goodbyes, and May puts her first ribbon in her case as they walk out. Just then, Drew notices her, and congratulates her and tosses her one of Roselia’s roses. But then, he warns her that next time he may not be so easy on her, and walks off. So, May agrees to try some more contests, but now, they decide to head back to Ash’s trail of getting the next badge!

Thanks To Spinazak For Writing this for us


327: Vs. Medicham! Contest Battle

Fallarbor Town


Nurse Joy
Mr. Sukizo

Wobbuffet Dustox
Special/Other Trainers:

May wins her first Contest
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