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Ash and co are now racing through a dark cave trying to escape some Slugma. May holds Skitty in her hands as they run for their lives. Max comments that this was not the best way to take and May just says to keep running. Skitty starts to wiggle and May tells it to calm down.

The Slugmas then release flamethrowers at the group as they rush on. Suddenly, Ash notices a slit in the wall ahead. He immediately has Pikachu iron tail it, causing an explosion. When the smoke clears, Pikachu stands in front of its newly formed hole. Ash and co race through and the Slugmas stop.

As Ash and co make it out, they suddenly find themselves toppling down a grassy hill. At the bottom, Max wakes up holding his head. The others soon come to and check to see if everyone's all right. May says that was some fall when Skitty suddenly rushes off.

May tells it to come back, but it has found something interesting. A lone Numel is sleeping close by. Skitty approaches it and begins to sniff it. It goes all around the creature sniffing everywhere. May is a little embarrassed and Ash just wants to know what kind of Pokemon it is. He scans it with the dex, and soon Skitty starts to head butt it. May tells her Pokemon to cut it out as it may wake the sleeping Numel. Skitty refuses to give in and it starts to double slap the Pokemon. May is now fed up and recalls it.

As May wonders what she is going to do with Skitty, Ash comments that Numel must be sound sleepers. Brock agrees and ads in his comments. Steam then erupts from the Numel's back as it starts to get up. Ash and co watch in suspense as it slowly approaches a nearby tree. It then rears up and starts to eat the fruit. Ash and co watch for a little while longer when suddenly a Furret appears.

A girl calls out to it and approaches with many more Numel. She is happy to have found her Numel, and Brock lets out a call of affection causing her to notice them. She doesn't seem the bit irritated, and introduces herself as Yoko. She wonders who they are and why they are here though. The group introduces themselves, but Brock cuts it short by rushing to her.

As he does his little routine, the Numel erupts steam causing him to leap about. Yoko laughs a bit. The Numel then notices another fruit tree and happily rushes to eat some. Yoko calls to it, and has Furret stop it from making it to the tree. It leaps in front of Numel, who sulks back to where it was. Ash comments that Numel look like fun Pokemon and Yoko explains how she raises them at a nearby ranch. She then explains that this particular Numel escaped and she has been looking all over for it. Ash and co seem interested in this ranch, so she invites them back to it.

As the group heads back to the ranch, Yoko explains how she herds Numel. Before she can say much though, Brock cuts in doing his usual flirting. Max comments that they must have a lot in common as Brock is a breeder. When they arrive at the ranch, Yoko and the others herd the Numel back into their pen.

In a nearby tree, Meowth spies on the group with his binoculars. He tells Jessie and James about the Numel, which entices them. Meowth explains about the Numel's constant erupting, and adds in that it produces heat. James comes up with an idea of stealing the Numel and having his own personal sauna bed. Jessie is already convinced, so they all cheer.

Back at the ranch, Yoko places a bowl of food down for the Numel, who steams in happiness. Brock and Max then rush up and exclaim that they want to help. Max starts to brush one, and Brock takes the bucket. He explains that as a great breeder, he wants to help with the chores. Yoko is flattered, and allows him. Brock approaches a Numel and places the bucket by it. The Numel happily steams in his face, causing Brock to cry out.

Meanwhile, Ash and May are standing in front of the house. May suggests that they have a Pokemon battle to help out Skitty, and Ash agrees. Yoko overhears them as she approaches and says she'd be happy to battle her instead of Ash. May is more enticed by this, and forgets about her battle with Ash. The two face each other and Yoko says she'll be using Furret. May calls out Skitty and tells it to take this slow. Skitty however rushes straight in. Yoko tells Furret to rush in, and Skitty begins to chase it. Furret is confused as Skitty tries to bite its tail.

May tells Skitty to cut it out, and Yoko commands Furret to stop. It does so, and Skitty is sent flying from its tail. Ash calls to it from the sidelines and the Pokemon weakly regains its footing. May tells it to tackle Furret, but it misses. May then tries a double slap, but Furret dodges this as well. Skitty soon wears itself out, and May looks worried.

Yoko tries to help by suggesting that Skitty must know more than just two attacks. May checks the Pokedex and learns of a new one. She smiles and orders an assist. Skitty winds its fist up and releases an ember! Yoko is shocked, but manages to have Furret dodge. May tells it to try again, and this time a gust is released. Ash is in awe. Furret dodges this as well, and May realizes how fast it is. Yoko then orders a slam, taking Skitty out.

May picks it up and Ash asks if it's ok. Yoko approaches and says May put up a tough fight. May thanks her, and then begins to wonder how Skitty knew all those attacks. Yoko says that is obvious, and explains that Skitty can learn assist, which is an attack that allows it to borrow attacks from its trainer's other Pokemon. May and Ash are surprised and in disbelief. Ash asks if it can do all of May's Pokemon's attacks and Yoko says it can. May is very excited by this.

That night, Ash and co decide to stay with Yoko. Yoko gives Skitty and Pikachu some Pokeblocks and May asks where she got them. Yoko explains to her that before she was a rancher, she used to compete in Pokemon contests. May listens excitedly as she explains. Max then enters exclaiming that the food is ready.

Ash and co enter the kitchen to find a feast. Yoko is shocked and Brock explains that besides being a good breeder, he can also cook. Max adds in that he helped and Yoko happily takes her seat. Ash sits as well and they all exclaim how tasty it looks.

Meanwhile, a large robotic Numel comes over the hill towards the ranch. The real Numel are all sleeping soundly in their pen. The robotic Numel arrives and inside Meowth excitedly exclaims that this is it. Jessie says they should be fast and quick, so they begin. From the volcanic hole on the robot Numel's back, two mechanical hands appear. They begin to grab the Numel and place them inside.

Furret hears something and wakes up. It lazily looks out the window, and then screams at what it sees. Yoko is awoken by this, and Ash and co are awoken by Pikachu. They wonder what is going on, and it points out the window. At this moment, Skitty pops out of its Pokeball. The group then rushes out the door along with Yoko. She asks what is going on here, and Team Rocket emerges from the Numel's head.

They say their usual motto, and then Yoko asks what they are doing with her Numel. Jessie explains that they are just stealing them and it's no biggie, and James adds in that he is going to make a sauna bed. Ash disagrees and has Pikachu thunderbolt them. Team Rocket laughs from inside the mecha as Meowth explains of its immunity to electricity. They then push forward on the lever causing the mecha to race toward the group. Ash and co are worried, but Skitty just wants to play. It happily rushes towards the towering thing, and May catches it just before it's trampled. The mecha then uses its hands to launch itself over the group.

Team Rocket has no clue that May is clinging to the hands, and they retract them. With a cheer, they take off. Max says they have May and Brock assures him that they will find her. Ash agrees, and Yoko pulls up with a pick up truck. She tells them to get in, and they do as ordered.

As the mecha heads down the road, May and Skitty try to wake the sleeping Numel. May says they aren't any help, and Skitty will have to get them out. She orders it to tackle the side, but the Pokemon just bounces off. This wakes up one of the Numel. It realizes they are not at the ranch anymore and bellows, causing the others to wake.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket begins to imagine their bed sauna. Jessie then says that she would rather turn them into barbeques for cooking food, and they seem to like that idea as well. The three then here a loud racket coming from the back. The Numel are now all tackling the side of the mecha. One is still asleep and May tries to wake it. Meowth begins to laugh and says he prepared for this. He presses a button and a sprinkler goes off, putting out the steam of the Numel and making them weak. May wonders what to do now, and the last Numel wakes with a yawn.

The pick up truck speeds down the road to catch up with the robo-Numel. Back inside, May has the last Numel tackle the side. It tries its best, but soon gets tired and falls asleep. May is saddened, and then remembers assist. She tells Skitty to use it, which causes a gust and wakes the Numel back up. May thinks it was a little extreme, and then knows that Numel will be powered up if it is heated. Skitty uses assist again and embers Numel.

It wakes up steaming and flamethrowers the other Numel to wake them up. They all begin to flamethrower the sides and May cheers. Team Rocket realizes that it seems to be getting hotter. Jessie is furious and has Meowth put the sprinkler on again. The Numel are drenched, but Skitty double slaps it. With the sprinkler now broken, they continue to heat the sides.

The control room and its controls are now on fire and Team Rocket panics. The robo-Numel tips over and its head comes off. May and the Numel herd rush out as Team Rocket tiredly comes out of the neck. They refuse to give up, but the pick up truck suddenly approaches. Yoko rushes out of the car to reunite with her Numel.

Team Rocket refuses to give in so easily and prepare for battle. They release Seviper and Cacnea, but Cacnea just turns to hug James. Seviper tries to poison tail Furret, but it dodges and uses slam. Cacnea then prepares for a needle arm, but Pikachu uses thunderbolt, sending them blasting off. Yoko applauds and thanks everyone. Suddenly, Numel notices that they are near the fruit trees again and rushes off. It begins to eat them as May points it out. Yoko is a little nervous, but just laughs.

That morning, Ash and co say their goodbyes to Yoko. She points them to the nearby Mt. Chimney, and informs them that Lavaridge Town is just past it. Ash thanks her, and Brock begins to flirt. Max pulls him away and Yoko laughs. The group then heads off waving

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329: Game Winning Assist

329: Skitty & Assist! Meadow Of Numel

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Wobbuffet Seviper
Furret Numel

May's Skitty Learns Assist
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