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Ash is now excitedly rushing towards the gondola station in hopes of making it to Lavaridge City is record time, but the others can't seem to keep up. May and Max yell for him to slow down and Brock remarks that Ash is always excited to get to a gym. They rush into the station and Ash takes a seat on the gondola. May, Max, and Brock all come in breathing heavily. They warn Ash that he better not pull something like that again as others can't keep up, but Ash just laughs.

Suddenly, three gondola workers come rushing towards them yelling to wait. They are obviously Jessie, James, and Meowth in disguise. (Meowth is dressed as an old woman and it's plainly obvious who he really is.) They board the gondola and it starts to rise. Ash looks out the window and admires the forest below as everyone else relaxes.

Meanwhile at the top of Mt. Chimney, Professor Cosmo is doing some exploring. He holds a locating device in his hand but it still hasn't picked up on what he's looking for. He admires the area and then makes a joke causing him to laugh to himself. Ash and co are all admiring the surrounding area from the safety of the gondola. Max is a little afraid of the heights, but he is doing well.

Team Rocket begin to scheme about how they can steal Pikachu. After some conversation, they cut into Ash and co and begin to act as tourist guides. They begin to explain to the group about Mt. Chimney and the gondola, and Max and May begin to ask questions. Team Rocket does their best to answer them, but they seem to be winging it. Meowth mentions something and Brock corrects him, which makes Meowth a little nervous.

Suddenly, a large red helicopter blazes by and Jessie tries to make up an excuse for it. Max doesn't buy her information, and she nervously changes the subject. Professor Cosmo is still exploring when his detector finds something. He rushes along the volcano and soon comes to a small meteor that is embedded into the ground.

As he bends over to pick the meteor up, the large helicopter lands on a hill behind him. He hears it and wonders what a helicopter would be doing here. The hatch of the copter opens and Team Magma grunts rush out. The same grunt leader from the secret base episode steps out and orders the grunts to retrieve the meteor. The grunts nod and jump off the cliff towards Cosmo. They immediately surround the confused man and he asks what they want. The grunt leader tells Cosmo that he holds something that Tam Magma desires, but Cosmo refuses to hand it over.

Meanwhile, Jessie continues to announce to Ash and co what they are seeing. Suddenly, another helicopter blazes by and Jessie says they can see another helicopter. She then realizes that it seems weird. Ash and co also begin to wonder what is going on. Professor Cosmo and the grunt leader begin to argue about the fate of the meteor. The grunt leader exclaims that his team will just take it by force if need be, but Cosmo is still reluctant. The other helicopter then blazes by and the grunt leader recognizes it.

The helicopter lands nearby and the same Team Aqua squad from the secret base episode jumps out. The grunt leader informs half of her group to find the meteor while the others disable the gondola. They nod and rush off. At the gondola station, the operators are confronted by two Aqua grunts. One grunt gets rid of them by having his Crawdaunt use bubble, and the other shuts down the gondola.

The gondola stops suddenly leaving Ash and co confused. Max and May are worried, and Brock asks Team Rocket what's going on. Jessie and Meowth try to think of what to say, but Brock grows impatient and spies an emergency phone on the wall. He picks it up, but seeing as how the operators all tied up, no one answers. Brock informs the others that no one is answering and they begin to worry. Jessie goes insane and begins to scream for help into the phone. When no one answers, she begins to punch at it. After a few hits, the phone explodes leaving her moaning and covered in smoke.

Ash and co then begin to wonder about these "gondola workers." They ask who they really are and Jessie and James begin to say the motto. Meowth interrupts them, and after he bickers, they take off their uniforms and continue the motto. Meanwhile, Team Aqua confronts Team Magma. They begin to bicker again, and the Aqua grunts actually seem like the good guys. The grunt leader explains that they won't allow Tea Magma to get a hold of the meteor, as they would use it to erupt the volcano. Cosmo hears this and starts to sneak off. The grunts argue some more, and then finally release their Pokemon for battle.

The Magma grunts release two Golbats and three Mightyenas while the Aqua grunts release two Crawdaunts and two Walreins. The grunts notice Cosmo making his escape and the leader sends a few Magma grunts after him. The Aqua grunt leader also sends some of her grunts to stop them. The Magma grunt leader then leaps down and they prepare for battle.

Team Rocket are still saying their motto inside the gondola, but they soon realize the others aren't paying attention. The three begin to yell, but Ash tells them to shut up. Brock then asks if battling is more important than escaping, and Team Rocket back down. Ash opens up a hatch in the floor and pulls out a long rope with a hook.

The group opens the top hatch and go on top of the roof of the gondola. May holds the metal beam connecting the gondola to the rope while her and Max bag Ash to come back inside. Ash refuses and tosses the hook over. It snags a large pillar that holds the rope up. He pulls it tight and then tells Brock to tie it to the beam May is clinging too. He does so and Ash begins to crawl across the rope. Ash calls back to tell them to cross when he's done, but May says she'd rather wait for rescue. Brock agrees and tells him to just get the gondola going again.

Team Rocket pokes their heads out at this, and Jessie gets angry. She immediately heads towards the rope to make her escape as well. She leaps onto it which causes the rope to wobble. Ash hold on tight, but Jessie is now hanging from it. She is insane with fear and tells James and Meowth to come help her. They sigh and jump over causing the rope to sway more. It turns out they weren't much help, as all they are doing is hanging and calling for help too.

Brock tells them to stop wiggling, but they won't and the rope breaks. Ash swings down onto the pillar while Team Rocket is hanging from the rope on the gondola side. Ash calls back saying he'll find help, and then slides down the pillar. Team Rocket hang on for their lives.

At the battle, a Crawdaunt releases a bubble but the Mightyena dodges by leaping behind a rock. It then leaps on top of the rock and releases a hyper beam. Both Crawdaunts are caught in the blast. The Golbats then use razor winds taking both Walreins out. Another Aqua grunt warns his leader that the meteor is more important, and she agrees. They recall their Pokemon and rush off. The Magma grunt leader basks in victory, and then orders his grunts to prepare the laser.

Three grunts bring a large object to the mouth of the volcano, and it grips the ground. The laser then pops out and points into the lava as the grunts busily work on it. Meanwhile, Ash rushes up the hill in search of help. Professor Cosmo is in turn running down the hill, and they obviously collide.

Cosmo apologizes and then remembers that he is running from the Magma grunts. Ash hears this, but doesn't have time to react. The two hide behind a rock as the grunts rush by. Ash recognizes them and explains who they are to Cosmo.

Meanwhile, Max and may continue to worry. Max's stomach growls and May comments that he isn't too worried that he can't eat. Max laughs and Brock says he has some sandwiches in his pack. They all prepare to eat them when they suddenly hear Team Rocket's stomachs growling. Max says that they can have some and Jessie and James rush to feast. Meowth folds his arms and explains that Team Rocket doesn't accept sympathy from twerps. He then realizes Jessie and James are eating and asks if they have any pride. They reply that they don't, and Meowth reluctantly joins the feast.

Team Aqua is still searching for the meteor. The grunt leader reports back and says she is still looking. Meanwhile, Professor Cosmo shows Ash the meteor and informs Ash that he studies objects from space. He then explains that some people believe meteors hold special powers. Ash asks to hold it and Cosmo hands it to him. As Ash inspects it, Cosmo explains that this meteor hit the earth's atmosphere, broke apart and crashed on Mt. Chimney.

Ash hands it back and Cosmo then adds in that he can't allow the meteor to fall into Magma's hands. Suddenly, a Golbat flies down and grabs it. It flies up to the Magma leader and he thanks them for it. The group then rushes off. Ash and Cosmo know they have to get it back, so they immediately follow. At the laser, a grunt begins to type in some things on the computer. Another grunt approaches and informs the leader that they are ready. The leader laughs and remarks that when the volcano erupts, it will make them one step closer to creating a world of all land. The winds begin to pick up rocking the gondola. Max is scared and holds may. She tells him it's going to be all right, and Team Rocket starts to freak out too.

The meteor is then placed inside the laser and a grunt activates it. A red laser strikes the lava and begins to make it bubble. Ash and Cosmo watch from some rocks. Cosmo explains that they are probably trying to use the meteor's power to cause an eruption. Ash says that they have to stop them and they start to strategize. Cosmo suggests that he create a diversion and Ash get to the laser. Ash agrees and they part.

Ash inches closer to the laser as a grunt intensifies it. Suddenly, Professor Cosmo calls to the grunts and chucks a rock. It just misses the leader's head and he tells a few of them to get him. Cosmo rushes off as a few give chase. Ash then takes this time to approach the laser. The grunt informs the leader that the pressure is building and the computer is reading a lot of activity. The leader smiles knowing it won't be long now.

Ash notices the meteor inside the laser and tries to pry it open. When it won't, he has Pikachu quietly thunderbolt it. An explosion occurs and an alarm signals a breach in the laser. The grunt leader looks down the hill to see Ash banging on it with a rock. He recognizes him and tells the others to stop him. Ash has Pikachu shock them and they back off. The laser is starting to overheat and even the computer sparks. The grunt exclaims that it's reaching critical. The winds are now very bad and the gondola is practically doing flips on the rope.

The grunt leader leaps down and prepares to tackle Ash, but Cosmo smashes into him. He then approaches Ash who informs him that the meteor is inside the laser. Cosmo tries to pry it open, but can't. He then begins to push the laser toward the lava. The grunt leader gets up telling him to stop, but the laser goes over the cliff and into the lava. With it gone, the grunt leaders orders his troops out of there. Cosmo continues to look at the lava. Ash knows it was hard for him to destroy the meteor, but knew he had no other choice.

Up above, Team Aqua watches them. A grunt asks if they should capture Cosmo, but The Aqua leader refuses. She tells them that what's done is done, and their part in this is over. The Magma helicopter takes off with the grunt leader setting his sights towards a new goal. The Aqua helicopter then takes off as well. From inside, the Aqua grunt leader admires what Cosmo did, and awaits the day they meet again.

Back at the station, the others managed to make if off the gondola. As they talk, Team Rocket stands at the edge of the cliff. They now want to take this time to catch Pikachu, but Wobbuffet pops out and the cliff gives way and they are sent falling down it. When Ash and co turn to them, they realize they are gone. Team Rocket screams as they sail down the cliff. That evening, Cosmo points the group down a trail and says it leads straight to Lavaridge. They thank him and wave goodbye as they head off.

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330: Fight for the Meteorite

330: Once Again, Team Magma Vs. Team Aqua! Mt. Chimney Battle!

Jagged Pass


Aqua Grunt
Magma Grunt
Professor Cozmo

Aqua Grunt:
Crawdaunt Walrein
Magma Grunt:
Golbat Mightyena
Crawdaunt Walrein

Team Magma & Team Aqua Fight at Mt. Chimney
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