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The scene opens on a very exhausted Roselia. It then pans out to show that a battle is going on between Drew and a mysterious trainer garbed in black and wearing a Dusclops mask. Next to him is his actual Dusclops. They are in some sort of canyon where people dump their trash near Verdanturf City. The trainer laughs a bit at Drew's nervousness. He then remarks that he expected better from a talented Pokemon Coordinator.

He then orders his Dusclops to use shadow punch. The Pokemon's eye glows and it launches its fist straight at Roselia. Drew only has time to scream out before the attack smashes into his Pokemon. Dusclops then finishes Roselia off by winding up a will-o-wisp and sending it flying into the worn out Pokemon. As Drew goes to cradle his injured Pokemon, the mysterious trainer starts up a whirlwind full of black petals and laughs at Drew's misfortune. The wind picks up and when it clears, the trainer is gone…

Meanwhile, Ash and co have arrived at the Verdanturf Pokemon Center. As they walk inside, Max notices Drew talking with Nurse Joy as Chansey holds a stretcher. Ash and co approach to say there hellos, and Drew calmly welcomes them. Brock asks if he plans to compete in the Verdanturf contest as well, but he informs them that he has dropped from the competition. Everyone is shocked by this, but they soon realize why he chose to quit. Nurse Joy holds Drew's very weak Roselia in her arms. May asks what happened to it and Drew explains that it was massacred in a battle he recently had. As he turns to leave, he tells May to watch out for a trainer wearing a Dusclops mask. He informs her that the trainer goes by the nickname "The Phantom Masked Coordinator". May seems in shock, but Drew leaves the center before she can form a follow up question.

Outside, May seems more confident then ever. She informs her friends that no "Masked Coordinator" is going to stop her, and Ash remarks about how tough he seems and how great it would be to battle him. Team Rocket is also nearby planning their next move. It turns out Jessie wants to compete in the contest with her Dustox again. James thinks it’s a waste of time after what happened last time, but Jessie assures them that she'll win this time. As she explains her plans, James drifts off and notices the twerps close by.

May releases Skitty from its Pokeball to find the cat chasing its tail. She informs it that they have to practice harder for the contest now, and Skitty begins to pay attention. She then tells it to practice blizzard. Skitty leaps into the air and launches the attack, but its aim is a little off and it manages to cover Ash and co in a small snowstorm. May yells for it to stop and it immediately shuts its mouth. May is a little more than annoyed by this, and exclaims that blizzard works fine.

She then changes to appeal practice and tries to have Skitty juggle the balls like Ayane taught it. Skitty readies its tail and May tosses the first ball. Skitty juggles it fine and May adds the second ball. After Skitty gets the hang of juggling two, May tosses the third. Skitty manages to juggle it as well and May seems happy. Suddenly, one ball falls and the rest soon follow. May is now annoyed, but she tells Skitty to try again.

Team Rocket spy on this scene from behind a trash can and Jessie remarks that she can beat May's act easily. A few feet behind them another young boy is watching May. Meanwhile, Skitty has gotten the hang of balancing three balls. May then tosses two more in and Skitty manages to juggle every one of them! May is so happy and tells Skitty to try a spin now. It does so happily, but topples over and falls down.

Suddenly, the black petal whirlwind from before starts to brew and the Masked Coordinator appears. He mocks May's ambition and exclaims that he will be the one to win the contest. May recognizes him as the "Phantom Masked Coordinator" that Drew was talking about. Ash immediately introduces himself and asks the trainer for a match. Team Rocket wonders who the heck this guy thinks he is. The Phantom Coordinator explains to Ash about his miraculous battling skills, and then informs the group that he has won many contests. Brock wonders how he did it, but Ash interrupts still wanting a match. The coordinator then accepts.

Ash says he'll be using Pikachu. The Masked Coordinator sends out his Dusclops. Ash scans it with the dex, and then has Pikachu rush in for a quick attack. When it connects, Ash realizes that it didn't even affect the Pokemon. Max warns Ash that Dusclops is a ghost type and so normal attacks won't work. Dusclops then sends a barrage of shadow punches at Pikachu, easily striking it with each attack. Ash tells Pikachu to get away as Max comments on how bad this looks.

As the Masked Coordinator prepares to have his Pokemon finish off Pikachu, a black limo suddenly speeds down the road beeping like mad. The Masked Coordinator seems scared by this and immediately recalls his Dusclops. Brock asks what he's doing, but the coordinator just laughs and vanishes in a whirlwind of black petals. The limo doors open and a very plump rich woman leaps out yelling like mad. She notices the Masked Coordinator fleeing and rushes to catch him. The Coordinator runs as fast as he can to escape the bulbous woman, but a tree branch cuts his glove and he stops to examine the cut it made on his hand.

The woman makes it to him telling him to stop, but he rushes off again. She tries to follow, but trips over her fatness and smashes to the ground. She weakly grabs a pencil with a Pokeball tip from the ground as she does. As Ash and co rush to the scene, she immediately recognizes the object. Ash asks her what the problem is, and she turns to eat…I mean greet them. It turns out her greetings consist of yelling and screaming because she begins to interrogate them. She demands that they tell her who the masked trainer was, as she has reason to believe it is her son Kimamaro. When Ash and co stare back dumbfounded, she lunges for Ash and begins to shake him demanding for him to let it out.

Brock nervously tells her that they don't know anything and are just trainers. May then adds in that she is here to compete in the contest. The fat woman immediately stops shaking Ash and sets him down. She laughs at her mistake and introduces herself as Kimiyo. Brock then asks her about her son and with tears in her eyes she explains what happened. She informs the group that Kimamaro has been acting strange lately, and so she hired someone to spy on him. She then explains that the man spent days watching her son and now has reason to believe that he is in fact the fabled "Phantom Masked Coordinator" that has just started plaguing the town. She ends by saying she needs to put a stop to it before he begins to like Pokemon and leaves her.

She then asks Ash if he's a Pokemon trainer and he tells her that he is. She immediately lunges at him again and begins to ask questions about the Phantom Coordinator. Ash tells her that he can't quite think when his shoulder is gripped so hard. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is spying on the scene from the bushes. James wonders why Kimamaro would want to have a secret identity, but Jessie thinks it’s a good idea. She has a vision of herself in a skimpy purple outfit with feathers and says she would like to be known as "The Beautiful Coordinator". James and Meowth sigh as Wobbuffet joins the party.

Kimiyo then takes Ash and co back to her mansion to see is Ash can identify her son as the trainer he faced. She calls for him as they enter the lobby. Upstairs, Kimamaro bandages his wound as he looks up Drew in the Pokemon Coordinator Magazine he has. He then fishes in his pocket for the pencil to write down that he defeated him, but he can't seem to find it. Kimiyo then gets annoyed and yells for him to come downstairs immediately.

Kimamaro shyly enters the room and greets his mother. She introduces him to Ash and co and asks her son if he knows these trainers. Kimamaro says he has never met them and then proceeds to say he's busy. As he turns to leave, Kimiyo stops him and shows him the pen she found. He is shocked at her find and even more shocked when she towers above him telling him to admit to his secret identity. Kimamaro insists that it was just a coincidence as the pencil doesn't belong to him. Ash and co watch this scene as if she's a child abuser.

As Kimiyo continues to interrogate her son, she soon notices the bandage on his hand. Within seconds her huge arm grabs his and she begins to question him on what happened. He tells her that he just hurt himself and breaks free. She watches in shock as he runs from the room. The group then follows her to the living room. She sits down and informs them that she feels horrible for what she's doing to her son, but this whole Phantom business really has her upset. Ash then asks Kimiyo if her son is a trainer of a coordinator, but she immediately lunges at him.

Ash is once again shaken as she tells him that she would never allow her son to become involved with Pokemon as she hates them. Brock doesn't seem to like her view and says she needs to tone it down. She then points her finger at him saying for all she knows he could be the phantom. As everyone stares, she storms out of the room. Max is a little frightened by being yelled at by a cow, and May suggests they leave so she can practice for the contest some more.

Ash agrees and turns to get up but suddenly comes in contact with a depressed man sipping tea. Ash asks who he is and he introduces himself as Kimamaro's father Tamuramamo. The group immediately freaks out, thinking he'll be just like Kimiyo, but he informs them otherwise. He leads the group into his study where he opens a drawer and takes out the same mask and cape that the Phantom Masked Coordinator wears. He then explains to the group that he loves Pokemon as much as his son and was once a coordinator as well. Ash and co ask what happened and he begins to explain it to them.

Years ago, when Kimiyo was thin, he fell deeply in love with her. They did everything together, but he never really explained to him about being a coordinator. It was one day when they were in his garden that she saw a Torchic and began to attack him for having Pokemon. Sadly, Tamuramamo told her he gave up coordinating and she then agreed to marry him. However, in the late hours of the night, Tamuramamo would continue to train his Dusclops while wearing his disguise. After a while it became hard to conceal his identity, and so he hid his disguise and never trained again.

They soon had Kimamaro, and when he was older he too got into Pokemon. Tamuramamo explains about the night Kimamaro found a lone Duskull and brought it home only to have Kimiyo tell him he can't keep it. (She must be cranky because she looks like a whale). Kimamaro took it hard, and took Duskull into an alley to cry. Soon, his father found him and apologized for his wife's behavior. He then handed Kimamaro his old phantom clothing and said that he knows how he feels. He then tells Kimamaro to keep the Duskull and train it in secret. He then adds in that he can wear the mask and disguise while competing in contests so Kimiyo never discovers who he truly is.

When the story is done, Ash and co understand what he's going through. Tamuramamo explains that he became worried when Kimiyo started suspecting something, especially since the local contest was nearing. Ash thinks he should tell Kimiyo how much he cares for Pokemon, but Tamuramamo doesn’t wish to loose his wife. Inside his room, Kimamaro sighs at his cut on his arm. The door then knocks and his father enters with Ash and co. Kimamaro freaks out thinking that they are friends of his mom, but Tamuramamo assures him that they are here to help. Ash tells Kimamaro that they have a plan to trick his mother.

Meanwhile, Kimiyo is being driven home in her limo. When it stops at a light, she looks out to see a mother giving her daughter a new Poochyena. The mother explains to the girl that she should train it hard and one day she can compete in contests! The girl can't wait to become best friends with her new Pokemon. Kimiyo feels some slight guilt by this, and sighs to herself.

Max and May are helping Skitty practice its juggling act in the front yard when Kimiyo gets home. As she steps out of her limo, the black petal whirlwind picks up and the Phantom Masked Coordinator appears on the upstairs balcony. Little does she know that it's actually Brock. May pretends to be frightened by him and Ash says he's here to cause trouble. Kimamaro and his father then rush out and Kimiyo realizes that the coordinator isn't her son. May winks at Ash as Kimiyo looks dumbfounded.

Brock continues to talk when suddenly a fishing line snags his mask. He tries to keep it on as the scene zooms up to see that Jessie and James are behind it. They say their motto from the balloon while wearing disguises and it finished with Wobbuffet smashing through the moon in the background. May yells for them to stop ruining their plan, and Kimiyo wonders what plan this is. The two release Seviper and Cacnea to aid in getting the mask. Cacnea, however, just wants to hug James.

Seviper wraps Brock cutting his arms from holding the mask. Before they can reel it off he manages to bite on the string and hold it in place. Ash tries to have Pikachu shock them, but he doesn't want to hurt Brock. James gets aggravated and has Cacnea attack, but May has Skitty use blizzard. The attack, however, just strike Brock and sends him flying. Seviper unravels and he falls to the ground. Brock lands in front of Kimiyo, and she prepares to look upon him. He manages to place the mask back on before she sees though.

As Seviper and Cacnea fall back to Earth, Ash has Pikachu use thunderbolt, shocking them and the balloon and eventually blasting them off. Brock then laughs and rushes off into the forest stumbling as he goes. Tamuramamo thinks she knows it's Brock, but she miraculously just says it’s a relief Kimamaro isn’t the coordinator. With that, she heads inside the house and shuts the door. Brock comes back asking if it's clear and they say it is. He sighs and Kimamaro thanks him for the help and says he'll be able to compete in the contest now. May then comments that she is competing in the contest tomorrow as well, and the two form a rivalry immediately. What will happen, who knows?

Thanks To GoldenNoctowl77 For Writing this for us

337: Disaster Of Disguise

337: Enter The Phantom Masked Co-Ordinator!

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May gets a new Rival, Kimimaro
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