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On the way to Lilycove City, our heroes notice a big banner sign in the middle of nowhere, with a bunch of Slakoth munching on bananas. This one especially catches Max's attention, since he knows his dad's Slakoth pretty well and has been around them for a while. Brock checks on the map, and sees that there is indeed a Banana garden nearby, which is basically a habitat for Slakoth who love bananas. Ash is also interested, because he also met Norman's Slakoth, so they decide to check it out. Max and May, however, start to argue about if its even worth checking out, but Brock then takes out his recipe booklet and shows them all the wonderful goods that can be made from bananas, such as banana splits and whatnot. May then gets interested, and gives in.

As they walk, May borrows the recipe book as she drools over the great banana treats, eager to get there. Suddenly, they come to an entrance to a big jungle-like reserve, and given the sign, this must be it. It seems to be closed, though… but as Ash leans on the gate, to their surprise it moves, so they head on in. Oddly, it seems to be empty… after walking a bit, while May is more interested in the bananas, which there seems to be no sign of, Max gets disappointed at the lack of Slakoth. Suddenly, a big, loud rumbling shakes the forest, frightening them all! As they are paralyzed in fear, a few more pounds tremble the earth under them, just when the ground begins to crack… to their luck, a young man comes running to their rescue. They all follow him, and get to a small house, which seems to be the reception office for this place.

As they all pant out of breath, the man, who introduces himself as Makino, explains to them that the place is closed temporarily, because they are experiencing some difficulty. After the rumbling calms down, he shows them the window, and right outside they see a sleeping Snorlax! Since this is May's first time seeing one of those, she looks it up in the 'Dex, and Makino explains that the Snorlax has been terrorizing the Slakoth and gobbling up the bananas, and they realize that that must be the reason for the lack of either. A lot of the Slakoth have either run away, or have been hiding in fear without even a chance to eat the bananas, because of that Snorlax. Makino then explains that he's been working on a plan to get rid of Snorlax.

Ash then remembers dealing with similar Snorlax issues in the past, and he even remembers capturing one in the Orange Islands. Of course neither Brock, May, or Max were there when he did it, but knowing him, they believe he can handle it pretty well. After all, Brock has met Ash's Snorlax when he used it in that Sumo tournament and the Johto League, but it's currently at Professor Oak's lab. Makino does indeed know Professor Oak, and knowing that Ash has captured a Snorlax, he trusts them that they're worthy enough to help him save the Slakoth, to which they gladly agree.

Team Rocket wouldn't be far from the twerps as well, but first they notice the sleepy Snorlax in the garden. Once again, Meowth comes up with another far-fetched plan to steal Snorlax, give it to the boss as a good-morning present in a giant box, assuming he would like it and have no fear of it trampling his house, as it takes him on an adventure through the wilderness with a beautiful view. Yeah, Meowth sure has some narrowed-down fantasies.

Back at the lodge, Makino shows them the security cameras he has through the garden, as Ash and the others keep an eye on the snoozing Snorlax. Suddenly, they hear another huge pound shortly after turning it off, and Makino explains that he's used to Snorlax rolling over in its sleep. Ash, on the other hand, feels confident enough to battle Snorlax and maybe help get rid of it by capturing it in a Pokeball. Suddenly, May notices on the screen that Snorlax is now wide awake, and feasting away on the bananas! It's really asking for it now, and before anyone could think, Ash rushes outside to find it and challenge it, while the others follow.

As Snorlax nears the area where the Slakoth are taking cover, Ash finds it, and demands it to stop, and when it doesn't, he challenges it and threatens to capture it. It doesn't seem to care as it just continues eating, so Ash has Pikachu try its Thunder. Sure it causes a big explosion and even surrounds Snorlax with smoke, but as it clears, they find Snorlax still feasting on banana bunches, as if nothing happened. While Max and Brock are paying attention to the effect, all May seems to notice is that her precious bananas are still being eaten, to which Max and Brock sigh in disappointment. Ash then tries having Pikachu strike its Iron Tail, but it seems to have just as little effect as Snorlax is still happily feasting on the bananas. Just then, Snorlax leans back with its mouth open. Ash thinks its probably done eating and about to sleep again, glad the battle will be easier now. But Brock is more aware of what's going on, and warns Ash that Snorlax is actually acknowledging the battle, and about to counter with its Yawn technique! Ash has no idea what that is, and before he can ask, Snorlax releases a line of pink bubbles, and Ash suddenly gets all fatigued and drowsy, as does Pikachu, and they both collapse on the ground and doze off. Brock then explains the effect of the attack causing drowsiness, as Max and May try and shake them awake. Unfortunately, Snorlax's Yawn bubbles hit them too, and they fall asleep as well. Before Brock and Makino can do anything, it hits them too. Snorlax then takes a deep breath of victory, and joins them in the nap.

As usual, Team Rocket are flying over the garden in their balloon equipped with a lever and robot claw, searching for Snorlax. To their luck, they find not only it sleeping, but the twerps sleeping next to it, so perhaps they can snag Pikachu too! Meowth gently lowers the claw at Snorlax, trying not to wake up the blob. Unfortunately for them, they don't know about its ability to do stuff in its sleep, and just as it's an inch away, they get a taste of Snorlax's Yawn attack, and the three of them fall asleep in the balloon. While they're asleep, Meowth lets go of the lever, losing control of the claw which goes back up. In fact, it goes back up so fast, that the balloon explodes, and Team Rocket, STILL asleep (man, heavy sleepers), fall out of the balloon and land in a bush near the twerps. Even after that, they still haven't woken up.

A few hours later, after they've all woken up, Makino and the twerps are back at the lodge, and Ash has decided to make a call to Professor Oak. Having explained the while situation to him, he's rather surprised they were hit by a Yawn attack of all things. Max then reminds Ash of his Snorlax he said he had, so he asks Oak for it. Well, as Oak calls Ash's Snorlax, he says its doing pretty well, in a very healthy condition, he even shows them that he has been feeding it fresh PokeBlocks! Ash and the others are already familiar with PokeBlocks and their functions, and they're glad to see that he's feeding it some. However, Oak then breaks the bad news to them, that if Ash wants to battle the other Snorlax with it, that wouldn't be a good idea, since Snorlax needs to wait between PokeBlock meals to battle. Ash then sighs, but Oak has a bit of advice for them. A decent way to evade Snorlax's Yawn attack would be to use a Pokemon with an Ability such as Vital Spirit or Insomnia, so it won't be able to fall asleep. Max may be an expert, but having grown up with his dad, it would be basic knowledge to him that Vigoroth has Vital Spirit! The last Vigoroth they saw may have been at home, but seeing as there are Slakoth in this garden, there has got to be one close enough to evolution. To their luck, Makino actually has been training the lead Slakoth, and it's at a pretty high level, so one more battle should evolve it. Their plan to capture Snorlax should be self explanatory by now.

As Makino leads them to Slakoth's current hideout, he tries calling them, but they're too scared to come out. Then, he says he has a plan to get rid of Snorlax, but he needs them for it, especially the lead one. However, they've dealt with enough pain, they are all too scared to move. So now Makino tries to actually explain the plan a bit more deeper, and says that all he needs is to help one of them evolve into a Vigoroth, and from there, have it take on Snorlax in a battle. The Slakoth are a bit surprised at this, and the leader is a little nervous, but the rest of them seem to trust it the most. While its taking the Slakoth so long to settle this and convince the leader to try, Makino is about to give up, but as usually happens when someone gives up, the lead Slakoth jumps out of the bushes, with a stronger and braver than ever attitude. Makino thanks it with a hug, and off to training they go, as the rest of the Slakoth watch from behind the bushes.

First, they start off with Makino using it to face off in a battle against some of Ash's Pokemon. Pikachu uses Quick Attack, Slakoth uses Counter and knocks it back. Torkoal uses Flamethrower, Slakoth easily dodges it. Grovyle then tries Leaf Blade, Slakoth counters with Scratch. As they continue the same routine for a while, eventually all three of them faint, and just as they had planned, Slakoth evolves! Now that they've got a Vigoroth, all they gotta do is find Snorlax now.

They find Snorlax easily in a nearby grove snacking on banana bunches again, and challenge it for a rematch with Makino's brand spankin' new Vigoroth. As he sends it to fight, Snorlax tries opening its mouth for a Yawn attack, but Vigoroth just ignores the Yawn and keeps running, and hits it hard with a Scratch. The battle seems to be going somewhere for once, as Snorlax fires a series of Hyper Beams which Vigoroth is fast enough to dodge. Snorlax still hasn't given up Yawn, and as it tries it again failing miserably, Vigoroth knocks it back with another Scratch, nearly fainting it, as it beats its belly with glee (jungle style!). Vigroth now uses its Focus Energy, but Snorlax is already in the air, about to Body Slam it! Thinking fast, before it lands, Vigoroth uses the energy for a Focus Punch, which pretty much leaves Snorlax motionless. Makino then tries the PokeBall, and successfully captures it! Makino congratulates Vigoroth, and just then all the Slakoth who have been watching from behind the bushes come out and thank them both, hugging them.

Well, now that the Snorlax problem has finally been settled, the reserve is now open again as a tourist attraction, and a Vigoroth has been added onto the sign and banner. To celebrate, Makino has made them a wedding-style banana cake with tiers, and a Slakoth on top! May thanks him greatly, but the rest of them think she's a bit too excited, of course. While they're at it, Makino might as well put his Snorlax to some use, which he does. Since a lot of traveling tourists come to this lodge, he's made a rest area room for people to take a nap, and he plans to let Snorlax hang out it this room, and use its Yawn to help them fall asleep, as well as the workers who stay there overnight. Another stop, another hand-lending, another adventure… now its time for the group to head on towards Lilycove City! They're almost there, anyway.

While you're probably wondering what became of Team Rocket who fell asleep in the bushes earlier… well, lets just say they had a dream of being a new, greatly improved TR, and still have yet to wake up to realize their disappointment to reality… day, another side adventure, now, back on the road to Lilycove City.

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364: Garden of Eatin'

364: The Snorlax in Slakoth's Banana Garden!!

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