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The episode begins with the camera zooming in on the Mossdeep City dome shaped gym. The scene then changes to show the inside of the gym that contains many decorative planets hanging from the ceiling. On the battlefield below, Ash has taken one side while Tate and Liza have taken another. Rei, Tate and Liza's mother, is the ref. She explains the rules of the match; declaring it to be a double battle.

Ash's friends watch the space themed battlefield from the stands. May and Max notice the decorative planets floating around the ceiling and wonder how they will effect the battle. Brock mentions that Ash will have to conform to different standards of battling if he hopes to overcome the obstacles of this field. He also mentions that Ash will have to pick the right combination or this fight may be one sided.

Ash starts things off by telling Pikachu to enter the battlefield. Pikachu leaps off of his shoulder and onto the moonlike surface of the field. Ash then diverts his attention to the ceiling and wonders what Pokemon he could use to take advantage of the floating planets. He thinks for a bit and then decides to call on Swellow. The bird Pokemon appears prepped for battle alongside of Pikachu.

Tate and Liza then make their moves. Tate begins by sending out Solrock and Liza calls on Lunatone. As the two Pokemon hover above Ash's, the narrator explains that Ash is now partaking in his 7th gym match and gives the rundown of what the battle should be like. After this, Rei lifts up a dual set of flags and signals for the match to start.

Outside, our favorite team approaches the gym. Jessie and James pose with Meowth on their shoulders as they talk about how easy it should be to steal such young gym leaders' Pokemon. Meowth mentions that Solrock and Lunatone would be a perfect gift to the boss. What follows is yet another daydream that Meowth has about Giovanni. He imagines a sad Giovanni curled in the fettle position in the corner of a dark back alley. Suddenly, light shines over him and he looks up to see Solrock and Lunatone. Meowth explains that the light will cheer up their saddened boss and he'll even dance a happy jig in a top hat and suit as the Pokemon shine their light upon him. The fantasy concludes and the three begin to cheer. Meowth then leaps from their shoulders and Jessie and him rush towards the gym. They don't get very far before James yells to them. He remarks that both Solrock and Lunatone are strong psychic types, so they would be very difficult to snatch. Meowth tells him not to worry as he has a foolproof plans that is almost gauranteed to work.

Back at the gym battle, Tate tells Solrock to tackle Pikachu. Before the rodent can react, the sun crashes into it and sends it flying. Lunatone tries the same trick on Swellow, but it flies up to dodge. However, Lunatone shifts up and manages to get the hit off on the Pokemon. Ash orders Pikachu to use quick attack on Solrock and for Swellow to peck Lunatone. Pikachu leaps into the air and speeds towards the sun Pokemon. However, it quickly moves out of the way and Pikachu freaks out as it crashes right into the decorative mars. Swellow goes in for Lunatone but it does the same causing Swellow to lodge its beak into the decorative Jupiter.

A flattened Pikachu falls from Mars and lands puffed out again on the ground. It seems ready for more until an injured Swellow crashes right on top of it. With the two Pokemon down, Liza orders Lunatone to finish them off with ice beam while Tate tells Solrock to do the same with solar beam. The two attacks are launched at Ash's Pokemon and all looks hopeless. Suddenly, the two attacks collide and in a big flash of light, they both disappear! Ash's Pokemon seem confused and Max mentions that that was a bad idea. Brock agrees; explaining that cool ice attack and the hot grass attack cancelled each other out.

On the battlefield, the psychic twins begin to argue. Tate blames Liza foe interfering with his Pokemon's attack and she blames him for the same reason. Brock notices this and realizes that Ash now has a chance. Ash notices this as well and orders Swellow to use aerial ace on Lunatone. The bird Pokemon launches itself at Lunatone and smashes into the confused Pokemon. Ash then orders Pikachu to use iron tail on Solrock. It winds up its tail and smacks it into Solrock dealing a major blow. Tate and Liza realize what is happening and order both their Pokemon to tackle Pikachu. The two planet Pokemon race towards the frightened rodent as Ash calls for it to get out of there. Just before the two Pokemon smash into it, Swellow swoops down and grabs it in its talons. Lunatone and Solrock collide hard and become stunned from the massive blow.

The two Pokemon fall to the ground injured and the twins begin to argue again. It seems that they are having trouble coordinating the right combination of attacks; which Ash's friends pick up on. Rei seems a little embarrassed by her children's arguing. Ash prepares to finish the battle off but the gym suddenly begins to rumble. A large crack appears in the ceiling and everyone gasps. Jessie and James come floating down on two happy sun and moon decorative planets singing the lines to their motto. When the opera motto comes to its closing, Meowth finishes it by using a large man-like robot to smash a bigger hole in the ceiling. Debris goes everywhere destroying some of the decorative planets. Jessie and James return to their mecha and make a big speech about how they are going to steal Solrock and Lunatone. Meowth makes some comment that seems to annoy them, but they put it aside to get at the task at hand.

Ash yells for them to get out of here and Liza and Tate approach. They don't like the fact that their gym is being ruined, and so they send Solrock and Lunatone in to fight the mecha. Jessie and James begin to laugh at how easy the twins are making this for them, and Meowth agrees and pushes a red button. The mecha's hand comes through the ceiling hole and opens up to reveal two round cages. They launch at the two planet Pokemon and easily scoop them up. Tate and Liza order their Pokemon to break free with psychokinesis, but it doesn't seem to be working. Team Rocket explains that they built the cages specifically to interfere with a psychic Pokemon's abilities. Meowth retracts the cages back into the hand of the mecha and it then begins to run off. The three cheer as they make their grand escape.

Ash and co rush begin to rush down the road after the mecha. The twins begin to argue about who's fault it was but realize this isn't the time. The mecha runs to the edge of a cliff where the Meowth balloon is waiting in the air. Meowth activates a switch and a claw comes down from the basket and wraps around the mecha's waist. With it in place, the balloon begins to float away as Ash and co come to the cliff's edge. Ash orders Pikachu to thunderbolt them but the attack just falls short. Team Rocket begins to laugh hystertically and even cry excited that they are finally going to get away with a steal. Meowth begins to taunt Ash and co which angers Ash. He orders Swellow to let Pikachu ride it and go after the balloon. It swoops down and Pikachu leaps onto its back.

As the two Pokemon fly towards the mecha, Jessie and James yell at Meowth thinking he hadn't prepared for such an occasion. Meowth reassures them by saying he added a putty launcher to the mouth. He activates it and the mecha begins to spit barrages of putty towards the approaching Pokemon. Swellow dodges efficiently and Tate and Liza offer advice to Ash. He listens to them and has Pikachu use thunderbolt when it comes within range of the mecha. The balloon and the mecha are enveloped in electricity and the controls of the mecha begin to smoke. James wonders if Meowth has any more tricks up his sleeves but he seems to be out of them. The electricity short circuits the mecha causing the hand to open and released the two captive Pokemon. Thw twins thank Ash and then explain to each other that they must work together without arguing in order to get rid of Team Rocket.

The twins order their Pokemon to use psychokinesis. Lunatone and Solrock start up the attack and begin to psychically constrict the mecha crushing it into a ball of metal (with Team Rocket squished inside). Soon it explodes causing the Rockets to blast off again and everyone to become happy :). Ash apologizes to the twins and their mother for allowing Team Rocket to destroy the gym. Liza wonders where they can continue the match now and Rei suggests that they have it right there on the cliff's edge. Everyone is enticed by the idea and they decide to give it a go. The field is set up and Rei declares the match to start again.

Ash begins by having Pikachu use thunderbolt on Solrock. Liza thinks fast though and has Lunatone create a light screen in front causing the attack to be directed back at Pikachu. The rodent flies into the mountainside and Ash seems shocked. He orders Swellow to use aerial ace on Lunatone, but Solrock uses a sandstorm to blow the bird back. May and Max seem shocked and Brock mentions that the twins are now working side by side with the right attack combinations. Tate and Liza tell Ash to just concede as he'll never be able to beat their awesome combinations. Ash thinks he can counter them with a good combination of his own and orders Pikachu to mount Swellow. The bird flies down and Pikachu leaps onto it. The twins talk to each other; knowing an electric attack is imminent. Sure enough, Pikachu launches a thunderbolt that Lunatone blocks with another light screen. The attack is reflected back and both Pikachu and Swellow are struck with it.

Ash's friends think he made a slip up since Swellow is weak to Pikachu's attacks. The thunderbolt finally ends and surprisingly both Pokemon looked prepped for more. Ash congratulates Swellow for withstanding the attack and the twins are shocked that it did. They compliment Ash on his fine raising of it and he thanks them. Ash then has Swellow use double team surrounding Lunatone and Solrock in the middle. The two Pokemon launch ice and solar beams respectively and do a circular motion to take out all of the copies. One problem...the real Swellow and Pikachu are nowhere to be found! The duo flies out of nowhere to tackle Lunatone and Solrock, but the Pokemon spin and launch the beams directly into them. Swellow starts to spiral towards the ground by catches itself shortly before it hits and flies back up.

Tate and Liza once again give Ash the option of forfeiting, but he refuses to give in. Ash wonders what he can do to make a comeback and then notices some cloud formations forming above. He gets an idea and tells Pikachu to attack. Tate and Liza smirk knowing they'll just counter with light screen again. They are then taken off guard when Ash tells Pikachu to thunderbolt the clouds! It does so and soon the clouds send a lightning storm right back at it with massive force. Pikachu begins to absorb the electricity but no one can tell how Swellow is taking this hit. Everyone watches in anticipation until the lightning suddenly stops. Both Pikachu and Swellow are now covered in a thick golden electrical coating!

Everyone stares in shock as Ash orders his golden Pokemon in to attack. Swellow races at Solrock and Lunatone full speed with Pikachu clung to its back. Tate orders Solrock to use solar beam and it launches the attack. A large explosion ensues but Swellow bursts through the thick black smoke like nothing happened. Lunatone prepares a light screen to block the oncoming Pokemon, but it just smashes into it and sends the light screen right into Lunatone. The moon Pokemon flies back and Tate and Liza stare on dumbfounded. Brock mentions that Ash's Pokemon are overcharged from the electrical storm and Ash is using it to his advantage. Pikachu leaps off of Swellow still shining with a golden coat. It charges up a iron tail and smacks it into Solrock. The Pokemon winces in pain as it is blown back. Swellow then does an aerial flip and uses aerial ace on Lunatone. Black smoke fills the sky when it connects but Swellow flies out seconds later. Its golden glow starts to fade.

Inside the smoke, Lunatone has been hit hard. The smoke clears away and Lunatone and Solrock fall fainted to the Earth. Rei declares Ash the winner and the shocked teen begins to cheer. Ash's friends also seem excited and exclaim that Swellow and Pikachu made the perfect team. Pikachu and Swellow fly down towards Ash no longer covered in a golden coat, but now sparking with excess electricity. Ash hugs his two Pokemon and is immediately jolted by the overcharged Pokemon. He realizes his mistake just before surcumbing to the paralysis. His two Pokemon laugh to each other.

That evening, Tate and Liza thank Ash for the great match. They compliment on how well Ash thought up a winning combination and Ash compliments their tag team skills as well. Ash's friends also add in comments about how they are sure with some more training, Tate and Liza will become an even better team. With that said, Tate opens up a case he's holding and pulls out the Mind Badge. Ash takes it and holds it up for all to see. The episode then ends as he poses with his new badge in hand.

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376: Solid As A Solrock

376: Mossdeep Gym! Lunatone & Solrock!

Mossdeep City



Pikachu Swellow

Ash beats Liza & Tate and gets a Mind Badge
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