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Professor Oak enjoys some tea in the morning as the phone rings. Krabby brings him the phone. Ash Ketchum is calling Oak to show that he's earned four badges. Oak informs Ash that all of his rivals have already earned five badges and have passed through Celadon City. Gary has already captured 30 Pokémon, and Oak is wondering why Ash hasn't sent him any Pokémon lately. Oak suggests that Ash should capture some more Pokémon.
Ash returns to the group, who are eating jelly donuts. He explains that Gary has five badges already. Brock says that Celadon City is a day's walk from their current location. Misty reminds Ash that he has to make it to the Pokémon League his own way. Suddenly, a Mankey pops out of the bush nearby. Mankey jumps over to Brock, who gives it a donut. Mankey sniffs it, then takes the donut and sits on a rock eating it. Ash pulls out a Pokéball to catch it. Ash throws the Pokéball. Mankey throws the donut at the ball, and the Pokéball traps the donut inside.
Now Mankey is angry. It charges the group as they run down the road. Brock tries to throw a donut at it to stop it, but Mankey knocks the donut away. Misty trips and falls down. Mankey uses Misty as a stepping stone to attack Ash. A cloud of altercation appears as Mankey thrashes Ash. Once Mankey finishes, it takes Ash's hat and climbs on top of a tree.
Meanwhile, Team Rocket has been spying. While Ash is in this condition, they can steal Pikachu. When Ash gets up, he realizes Mankey stole his hat. Ash yells at it, demanding his hat back, and Mankey just mocks Ash by turning the hat around and pretending to throw a Pokéball. Ash gets angry and goes to climb the tree. Misty asks what's so great about the hat, and Ash explains that it's an official Pokémon Expo hat. Ash gets to the top of the tree, but Mankey knocks him down. Team Rocket appears to steal Pikachu.
Mankey comes down from the tree and checks out Team Rocket. James gets mad and kicks Mankey to the side. Team Rocket does their motto and demands Pikachu. Brock suggests that Team Rocket run away or they'll get whipped by Mankey. They look to the side of the road, just in time to catch Mankey's evolution into Primeape!
Team Rocket dismisses Mankey as no threat and sends out Ekans and Koffing to get Pikachu. Primeape hits Jessie from behind, causing her to fly face-first into a rock. Angry that her face is ruined, she orders Ekans and Koffing to get Primeape instead. All of Team Rocket attacks Primeape, and a cloud of altercation ensues. Brock and Misty pick Ash up and carry him away. Pikachu rushes to get Ash's hat, just as Primeape finishes Team Rocket off. Primeape jumps in front of Pikachu. Primeape puts the hat on his head, and Ash tells Pikachu to use Thundershock. Pikachu zaps Primeape, but the attack only makes it angrier. Brock comes up with a theory: Primeape just wants attention. When it was a Mankey, Ash tried to capture it in a Pokéball, then James kicked it. Primeape stole the hat so it could get attention. Brock tries to calm Primeape down, but it gets angry and knocks Brock away. Primeape begins to Thrash, chasing Ash and Misty. They split up, but Primeape continues to chase Ash and Pikachu. Team Rocket takes a shortcut and digs a hole in the path. Ash runs into Team Rocket and falls into the hole. Primeape stops and watches as Koffing spews smoke. Ash tells Pikachu to Thundershock Team Rocket, and everyone but Primeape is electrocuted. Ash turns as Primeape jumps into the hole, and they scramble to get out. Primeape blocks Ash's path, and Ash remembers what Professor Oak said about catching more Pokémon.
Brock and Misty catch up as Ash announces that he will capture Primeape. Ash sends out Squirtle to use Water Gun. It has no effect on Primeape. Ash recalls Squirtle and sends out Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur uses Razor Leaf, but Primeape uses fast punches to knock away all the razor leaves. Ash calls Bulbasaur back and sends out Charmander. Primeape dodges Charmander's flamethrower attacks and starts pounding it. The flame on Charmander's tail grows larger. Ash looks it up on Dexter, and Dexter explains that Charmander is using its Rage attack. The more Charmander is attacked, the stronger its attacks become, and it will continue to fight until its opponent falls. Charmander charges up for a really strong Flame Thrower attack. Pikachu manages to rescue Ash's hat just before Primeape is scorched to a crisp. Ash throws a Pokéball and captures Primeape inside. Pikachu gives Ash his hat back.
Team Rocket comes out of the hole, and Jessie is surprised that Primeape has disappeared. Ash grins and throws the Pokéball into the pit. Primeape comes out and beats the crud out of Team Rocket. With a mighty uppercut, Primeape sends Team Rocket into the sky. Ash recalls Primeape and Charmander. They realize that they're already at Celadon City. They all head into Celadon City.
Team Rocket lands and is instantly surrounded by angry Primeape. "I wish we had some donuts!!"

025: Primeape Goes Bananas

025: Angry Primeape!



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