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Our heroes just finishes crossing the grasslands and head into the Safari Zone. Ash see so much Pokémon and are about to catch some. Ash and Misty hold him back as they think they are still in reserved lands. In the busy, Ash sees the head of a Chansey. As he was about to throw his Pokéball to catch it, he realizes that it's actually Officer Jenny (a different Jenny) wearing a hat that looks like a Chansey. She thinks they are poachers at first and takes them to a tent for questioning. Later on, they're released because they truly looked like they didn't know that it was reserved land. As they're talking, they detect a poacher. Quickly, Jenny, Ash and the gang hop onto a jeep and head towards the signal to a plain grassland where a herd of Kangaskhansgrazed and relax. As usual, it's Team Rocket who is up to their evil plans again. Using a bazooka-looking weapon, they plan to catch the rare Kangaskhans. The bazooka-thing shoots a rocket upwards and scares the Kangaskhans, which sends the herd running straight towards the jeep that Ash was in. Stepping on the pedal quickly, Officer Jenny puts the Jeep into reverse and manages to dodge away from the scared herd of Kangaskhans. As the herd is running, they run into a net and are trapped. Jenny, Ash and the gang try to help the herd but find out that Jenny overheated the engine as they were trying to dodge away from the Kangaskhans.
Jesse throws a Pokéball at a Kangaskhan but the Pokéball hits back at her face by a Tarzan-looking boy. The boy cuts the Kangaskhan free and shouts out some weird calls. The Kangaskhans seem to obey him and surround Team Rocket's truck with Team Rocket on it. The herd throws the truck into the air with their tails and seems like Team Rocket blasting off at the speed of light again. The Boy calls out again and rides on one of the Kangaskhans. Not long after, Ash and the group sees a helicopter land near them. A woman and a man steps out and says that they're looking for their son. The whole gang decide to go back to the tent and let the woman and man explain their situation. At the tent, the boy's parents explain that 5 years ago, the man accidentally dropped his son, Tommy, into the jungle below and were unable to find him after that incident. The woman shows the picture of the son and Ash and the gang immediately recognize the boy as the Tarzan-looking kid. Jenny says that the boy's name is Tomo and that he lives on the reserve and protects the Kangaskhans. Ash and the team agree to help Tommy's parents in finding 'Tomo'.
Soon, Ash and company find themselves wandering around the jungle with Tommy's parents to find Tomo. On their path, they see a hurt, baby Kangaskhan. Brock sprays some medicine on the baby Kangaskhan and it screams out from the sting. Suddenly a boomerang comes out of nowhere and heads for Brock. Brock and Misty manage to duck the boomerang but Ash isn't so lucky. Tomo appears and Misty tries to explain to him that Brock was only trying to help the baby Kangaskhan. Then, Tommy's parents try to tell Tomo that they are his real parents. Confused, Tomo doesn't remember them being his parents and only remember the Kangaskhan as his only family. Without a warning, Tommy's father hits Tomo on the head with his cane. Tomo is knocked out unconscious and then remembers his real parents. Misty tries to encourage Tomo to go with his real parents but Tomo gets confused because he wants to be with both his Kangaskhan family and his real parents. Suddenly, Officer Jenny appears in her jeep and says that the Kangaskhan are in danger again. Tomo quickly jumps through the trees to save them. Again, it's Team Rocket up to their old tricks but with a new plan. Using a fake Kangaskhan decoy that TR placed on top of their truck, Jesse imitates a injured Kangaskhan. The herd of Kangaskhan respond to the call and head towards the decoy. Then, James starts shooting tranquilizers at the Kangaskhans. Tomo appears and tries throwing his boomerang but it doesn't nothing against the metal decoy. Ash calls upon Bulbasaur.
Bulbasaur uses his whips and wraps them around the decoy as Squirtle uses his head bash. Unexpectedly, Team Rocket power up the decoy and it fires some rockets at Tomo. Ash calls upon Pikachu and Charmander at the fake Kangaskhan. Tomo uses his boomerang to hit the fuel lid. Charmander's fire comes in contact with the fuel and a huge fire builds up. For some creepy reason, the Kangaskhan decoy stills continue to chase Ash and the gang. Out of nowhere, Tomo's parents appear in their helicopter and crash straight into the decoy. Soon, all there was left was a huge rubble of the helicopter and the metal Kangaskhan. Staring at the pile, Tomo begins to cry. Miraculously, Tomo's parents appear out of the rubble and agree to live with Tomo (his real name is Tommy, though) and his Kangaskhans. Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu continue their journey as Tomo and his parents say good-bye.

034: The Kangaskahn Kid

034: Kangaskahn's Lullaby



Officer Jenny

Pikachu Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle
Weedle Oddish Vileplume Venonat Venomoth Mankey Bellsprout Victreebel Tangela Kangaskhan

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