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Ash, Misty and Brock are continuing on their journey when they see a missing poster with a picture that looks like James. A limousine pulls up next to them and a man steps out with a megaphone and calls out, "Has anyone seen the boy on the missing poster?" Ash replies, "Yes, it is James from Team Rocket!" The man grabs Ash and friends and puts them in his car. He then shouts, "Off to the mansion." We then see Jessie, James and Meowth in the bushes next to the poster. They see the poster and Jessie and Meowth run over to it. They ask James "Is that you on the poster?" James replies, "That boy looks pathetic!" to which Meowth replies, "That's what we mean!" Jessie yells out, "We have to investigate." but James protests and ends up being dragged along. In the limo Ash and friends are drinking tea and ask how long till they get there. The man says they are nearly at the end of the driveway and Misty comments "It feels like we drove through the gate half an hour ago." Then they see a mansion and Brock says "I have seen smaller shopping centers then this." The mans says "This is not our house it is only the house of James' favorite Pokémon Growlie”. Then they see the real mansion which is even bigger than Growlie’s house. Jessie and James have arrived also and say they are in the lap of luxury. James isn't to thrilled. The man escorts Ash and friends into the house where they see two coffins. Misty asks if there has been a funeral and the man replies that James' parents died this morning and James was their only son. He is the sole heir to the estate. Meanwhile Jessie, James and Meowth are spying from the window. They ask James if the information from the old man is true. The old man continues that James must marry his fiancé within 24 hours or the money will be donated to charity. Ash and friends sit on the front steps. Ash wonders whether they should go and look for James to tell him about the news. Suddenly Jessie, James and Meowth fall from the top of the house. Jessie and Meowth start to hit James because they want him to get married. James yells out, "Never." Ash tells them to stop hitting James. Meowth says, "Do you want to be the richest guy or what?" Brock says, "It is up to James to decide if he wants to get married." James falls to the ground saying, "I can't remember anything except flunking Pokémon Tech and joining the bike gang. The only thing I remember before that is a little boy, me, and his pet Growlithe, Growlie. The two haven't eaten for days. The young boy says to Growlie 'save yourself' and falls down frozen and dying. He then sees angels coming for him and dies. Growlie howls all night for his master but to no avail." Jessie, Meowth, Ash and Brock are crying. Misty yells, "But he is right there! Maybe James has amnesia." Jessie says, "James has to get married or he doesn't get the money." James runs away but Jessie and Meowth lasso him and drag him back. They put James in a blue suit and gag him. Then they put on invisible costumes. The two villains drag James to the door and knock. Jessie acts as James' mouth. The old man answers and Jessie says (speaking for James), "I have come back." The old man is very excited and leads James into the house to the two coffins. Jessie says something about the money which the old man hears. Suddenly they hear laughing from the coffins and out jump James' parents, alive. James says, "I knew they would do something like this." Jessie and Meowth finally notice that James does not have amnesia. James yells "I need to escape" but the old man and his parents drag him upstairs. Ash and friends follow. Brock says, "It was all a trap so James would get married." Upstairs, with his parents James is getting a lecture about why he has to get married. His mom says, "It is the best for us, I mean you. You will learn to be a real gentleman and you can carry on the family line." James turns around to see a pretty girl hiding her face behind a fan. Jessie and Meowth are surprised and Meowth yells out, "She looks like Jessie!" The girl says, "My name is Jessebelle and I will be your loving wife, James, and I will educate you in how to be a proper gentleman." James yells again, "I need to get out!" Jessie says, "You need to get the inheritance." Jessebelle asks him, "Why are you talking to yourself?" Ash and friends are surprised that nobody can see Jessie and Meowth in their invisible costumes. Jessebelle takes James downstairs to the vault to count all of the money he will inherit. She leads him into a room full of old gym equipment. James yells, "Jessebelle you tricked me into coming down here." He then sees his parents who say, "We are tired of waiting for you to grow up." Jessebelle cracks a whip and says, "Now James will obey Jessebelle." James' parents and the old man surround Jessie and Meowth saying, "We pretended not to see you so that you would bring James down here for us." Jessie throws a smoke bomb an James tries to run away from Jessebelle but she keeps cracking the whip around him so that he can't escape. James' parents are watching this with interest. They say, "James and Jessebelle were made for each other. James yells at them, "If you weren't such lousy parents you'd stop this crazy woman." Jessebelle knocks James down and sends out her Pokémon, a Vileplume. She orders it to use stun spore. Every one is paralyzed by the attack except for James' parents. Jessebelle yells, "I will make a gentleman out of you even if it destroys us both." James says, "It is just like last time." Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, Jessie and Meowth are thrown outside. Jessie says, "At least James will get the inheritance." Suddenly they hear a pounding on the doghouse door. Everyone tries to open it but Growlie opens it himself. He runs off in the direction of the mansion off to save his master, James. Inside the mansion James is getting tired of Jessebelle whipping him and is trying to run away. She yells, "James it is time for the wedding." James calls out to Growlie and the faithful pet jumps out in front of James. Jessebelle yells to Vileplume, "Stop Growlie." But Growlie grabs James and jumps out the window. They run into the doghouse where the others are waiting. Jessie says, "Your fiancé is despicable." Meowth then says, "I told you she was like you." Jessie knocks Meowth to the ground. James says, "Jessebelle is the reason that I left home." We see another one of James' memories. We see James walking around with Growlie. James says, "Ever since our engagement was announced Jessebelle kept following me." We then see a young girl, Jessebelle, following James while holding an Oddish in her arms. Jessebelle yells at James, "Wait, I haven't finished teaching you how to eat spaghetti properly yet." James replies, "Everything I do is not refined enough for you." That is the end of the memory. James says, "My only friend on the estate was Growlie." Suddenly a wall starts to crack. It breaks and sends Jessie and Meowth flying through the roof. Jessebelle and Vileplume appear in the cavity. Jessebelle orders Vileplume to do stun spore but Growlie uses ember to burn it away. Ash sends out Pikachu and tells it to thundershock Vileplume while Growlie uses ember on it. Jessebelle and Vileplume run away from the battle. Next we see James' parents and he old man feeding Magikarp in a pond. Jessebelle runs up and says, "I can't stand that Growlie." She knocks them in the pond and then runs off. James' parents say, "She is to good for our son." James is watching from the bushes and says to Growlie, "Watch over my parents while I am gone because I have to have my freedom." He then leaves. Jessie and Meowth are walking away assuming James got married to Jessebelle when they suddenly hear a voice from behind them says, "Prepare for trouble." Jessie looks up and sees James in the balloon. She runs over with Meowth and James pulls them in. He and Jessie shake hands. Jessie says, "We may not be rich but at least we have our freedom!" They stand and look at each other while Meowth runs along the ground. Ash and friends are being chased by Jessebelle. She says, "You have to help me find James again." Ash yells back, "We will." Jessebelle then yells to him, "You're not running properly, let me show you how."

048: Holy Matrimony

049: Growlithe and James



James' Mother
James' Father

Oddish Vileplume

Growlithe Makes Its 1st Appearence