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Ash, Misty, and Brock are walking along, when they come across a small town, with several banners flying. It occurs to them that it is kid's day, they're favorite holiday. They marvel at the banners, and Misty wishes that they could play all day like they used to. Ash reminds her that he still has to get the Volcano Badge, and Brock adds that she already had her "Princess" festival. Ash and Brock say that Kid's day should be a boys only holiday, but Misty whacks them over the head with her fan. Suddenly, they hear the voice of a young woman telling them that she was expecting them and that the children are in the playground. Ash and his friends have no idea what she's talking about, but Brock jumps up and apologizes for keeping her waiting, adding that he is pleased to meet her. The young teacher's cell phone rings, and she hears that the trainers who were supposed to show up, didn't. She explains that they were supposed to come and let the children play with their Pokémon. Ash tells her that he and his friends are trainers, and Brock offers to take the others' places. She ushers them inside. Nearby, Team Rocket has been listening. James remembers how he always got out from school and got to play in the pool and eat ice cream sandwiches every Kid's day. Jessie, however, wasn't so fortunate, as she never got out of school, never had a pool, and always had single-slice bologna sandwiches. The young teacher takes Ash and his friends outside, and the little kids rush up. They start to play with Pikachu, poking him, pulling his cheeks, and the like. Pikachu gets a little annoyed, and Ash is able pull him from them before he shocks all them. Unfortunately, Ash is the one to get all the electricity. The teacher yells at the kids for playing too rough, which scares Ash and his friends, but not the kids. Guess they're used to it. Anyway, Ash, Misty send out most of their Pokémon and the kids start to play with them. Misty observes that even the Pokémon seem to be having fun, and Brock notes that playing with children seem to help Pokémon relax. Misty notices a boy, who's name is Timmy, standing all by himself, and they all go over to him. After being asked, he says that he wants to play with the Pokémon, but he's sad that they don't have a Meowth. They ask him why, and he explains that one day a Meowth saved him from a large Beedrill when he was playing in the woods. Ever since then, he's wanted to see him again. Misty asks him if the Meowth said anything, but Timmy says no. Brock comments that it's unusual it is for a Meowth to take on a Beedrill like that. Timmy says that that is why he wants to meet a Meowth, as he is his hero. A couple other kids come up to him, and start to tease him, since they don't believe his story. Suddenly, a small van pulls up. Inside are none other than Team Rocket, disguised as a magician (Jessie) and his female assistant (James). They tell the kids that they are doing a free magic show in honor of Kid's Day. All the kids sit down, along with Ash and his friends. They don't seem to notice the fact that the magician is a female, even though half her chests were exposed (perhaps this is why this episode wasn't originally dubbed). Team Rocket tips over a box, letting everyone look inside, seeing that it is empty. They ask to borrow Pikachu, and James snatches him up. He places him into the box, count to three, and Meowth pops out, much to Timmy's delight. The young children cheer, and Team Rocket is just about to leave when Ash asks where Pikachu went. Team Rocket throws off their costumes, and say their motto, being interrupted by the little kids twice. The kids get a hold of Weezing, and start tossing him around like a beach ball. The teacher does another of her drastic mood swings, and the kids go outside. James has Weezing fill the room with smoke, and they start their getaway once again. Timmy wants to see Meowth, but trips over the box in the smoke, spilling Pikachu out, but getting trapped inside himself. The Rockets grab the box, run outside, and peal out of the schoolyard. Ash dashes outside, and calls to them to bring Pikachu back, but Pikachu runs out from the building instead. Ash is relieved to have them back, but the Teacher notices that Timmy is missing. In the forest, Team Rocket prepares to put Pikachu into a net. Jessie opens the box, reaches in, and pulls out a crying Timmy. James looks in and realizes that they don't have Pikachu. Timmy continues to cry, until he sees Meowth. He asks him if he remembers him, and tells him that he is his hero. Meowth is about to tell him that he's got the wrong Meowth, when Jessie and James grab him and take him around to the other side of the van. They tell him that Timmy thinks that Meowth is the Meowth that saved him from the Beedrill, and that he should make it stay that way. Meowth finally agrees, with the pictures of being a superhero. They remind him not to say anything, as it will ruin everything. Jessie and James come back around the van, and pretend like they are about to do something bad to poor Timmy, when Meowth jumps out. Team Rocket scoffs, saying that a pathetic little Meowth is nothing to stop them. Timmy tells Meowth to use his Fury Swipes, and he does so, surprising Team Rocket a bit. Timmy and Meowth then run back to the school. The other kids apologize for teasing him, and ask if they can play with Meowth. Meowth consents, but in the attention he gets, he accidentally says something. Misty points this out, and, frightened, Meowth runs off, with Timmy and the rest soon behind. Meowth runs to a cliff area, where Jessie and James are waiting. Timmy and everyone else run in soon behind, but don't see where Meowth went. Team Rocket jumps onto a rock and says their motto again. They send out their Pokémon and Ash sends out Pidgeotto and Brock sends out Onix to battle them. Pidgeotto's Gust attack blows Weezing away, and Onix successfully slams Arbok into the cliff. However, in the process of the battle, a large boulder is dislodged from the top of the cliff, and rolls down toward them. Timmy trips, and Ash scoops him up, only to see the boulder bearing directly down on them. Meowth is worried that Timmy and Ash will be crushed, but another Meowth jumps out and kicks the boulder in half. Jessie and James roll over the horizon on another boulder, with Meowth running ahead of them. Timmy takes the other Meowth back to school, and the teacher thanks them all for what they did. Timmy tells Ash that he plans on using Meowth when he gets bigger to enter the Pokémon League. Misty tells him that he'll compete against Ash sooner or later and Ash says that that will be fun. Ash, Misty, and Brock leave, waving goodbye to Timmy, his new Meowth, and his classmates. Later, Team Rocket is walking along, and Jessie tells Meowth that he should've kept his mouth shut. Meowth replies that he wouldn't have liked it, and tells her and James that they need all the help they can get. James disagrees, then asks him what they're going to do next, only proving what Meowth said.

053: The Purrfect Hero

050: It's Children's Day! Mass Approval




Pikachu Bulbasaur Squirtle Pidgeotto
Vulpix Zubat Geodude Onix
Psyduck Horsea Goldeen Staryu Starmie Togepi
Beedrill Meowth

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