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Ash and the others are by a river, eating rice balls. In some tall grass nearby, someone's watching them with a camera! He seems to be trying to take a picture of Pikachu. Ash sees the camera, and thinks it's a gun, he thinks someone's trying to shoot them! He knocks everyone down, and the thing of rice Brock was using falls into the river and Togepi starts crying. Ash says he thought he saw someone trying to shoot them! To prove it, he has Squirtle spray water where he saw the 'gun'. A weird kid with a camera is there and yells out for them to stop! He says his name is Todd, and he says his camera is his life. He says he wants to take a picture of Pikachu! It was put in the Pokémon Times, and he became famous! Ash sees that the Aerodactyl in the picture is the same one that almost ate him in the Pokemon Canyon! Todd says it's interesting that Ash is in the picture, but Todd is the one who became famous! He offers to make them some pancakes for breakfast. Todd tries taking a picture of Pikachu while it's eating, but it gets nervous, and just keeps staring at the camera. Todd tells Pikachu to relax, and pretend he's not there! He clicks the button to take a picture, but it startles Pikachu, and he shocks him! Todd says he can't work like this! He doesn't want the Pokémon to try and pose for the picture. Todd, commonly known as Snap shows our heroes pictures of some of his best captures, Pokemon captured on film, some of these include; Two Eevee's, a Chansey holding her egg, and a Snorlax sleeping. These pictures are all excellent! Todd says they look much happier in the wild. Ash says they have other Pokémon he could take pictures of. He, Brock, and Misty bring out all their Pokémon. Todd says he only wants to take a picture of Pikachu, but he can't say why. He tells Pikachu that he'll capture him, and Pikachu looks a bit worried. Todd follows them outside. He remembers being told by an old man and woman, actually Jessie and James in disguise, what is it with these disguises, like we don't know who they are. Anyway they want Snap him to capture Pikachu for them. Somewhere else, in the amazing world of Pokémon we see a house; Team Rocket is there, still in their disguises. Meowth says he read that the kid was the best at capturing Pokémon. He even showed him an album of all the Pokémon he had caught! We see Ash and Pikachu are washing their faces at a stream. Pikachu sits up, and Todd tries taking a picture, but Pikachu gets scared Ash keeps trying to keep Todd from taking a picture! Snap cannot get one, Ash is too quick and we Ash is dangling from a Tree with a Big grin on his face! Meowth and James are digging yet another hole. They cover it up, and then dress up in their old age costumes, getting them switched around at first! Todd sees them, and tells them he hasn't captured Pikachu yet. James almost tells him about the trap, but Jessie and Meowth drag him off. Todd says he'll wait for Ash and the others to pass by. He gets his tripod ready, and hides in some bushes. Ash and the others go walking by, with Pikachu hiding in Ash's backpack. Suddenly, they all fall into the hole! Brock says it must be Team Rocket. Team Rocket who's watching, can't believe that they weren't the ones to fall into the hole, their first success in hole digging! Todd runs over, and says he has some rope to get them out. Jessie and James can't figure out why he's trying to help them! Meowth re-reads the magazine, and sees that it says Todd is the best at capturing Pokemon on film! Jessie and James punch him. Todd manages to take a few pics of Pikachu while its distracted. Ash and Pikachu fall into a sewer underground, and are swept away! Todd jumps down after them. He runs on the side things, and tells Ash to grab onto something. There's a waterfall coming up! The only thing Todd has with him is his camera! He throws the strap to Ash, who grabs it right before he and Pikachu fall over the waterfall. Todd starts pulling them in. On the ground near the waterfall, its Team Rocket in their old people disguises. Meowth gets out a net, and uses it to scoop up Pikachu! Jessie is mad at Todd, because they thought he would actually capture Pikachu, not take its picture. James pulls out a bomb, and throws it at Ash. It barely misses, but Todd it starting to lose his grip. He throws more. Pikachu tries to escape from the net, but it's made of rubber. Ash gets and idea, He crawls up to the camera, and holds it up. He tells Team Rocket to say cheese, and they both immediately pose, and Jessie starts fixing her make-up. James then realizes he's been holding the bomb for too long, and it explodes. Jessie kicks James, and Ash sends Bulbasaur, who chases them away. Jessie and James fall into the water, and come to another waterfall. Team Rocket drifted down the stream. Brock and Misty come running. Todd has pulled Ash to safety and Brock and Misty are surprised to see they're acting like friends.

055: Pokémon Paparazzi

055: Shutter Chance Pikachu




Pikachu Bulbasaur Squirtle Pidgeotto
Vulpix Zubat Geodude Onix
Psyduck Horsea Goldeen Staryu Starmie Togepi

Todd Joins The Group