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Once again, it's a capacity crowd cheering in anticipation as a fourth round winner of the Pokemon League Competition is about to be decided. But this time our heroes are in the stands as spectators, waiting to see if Gary will emerge victorious. Gary and his opponent are both down to one Pokemon left. His opponent sends out Golem, and Gary sends out Nidoking. Gary orders Nidoking to do a horn attack, but Golem blocks it and comes back with a seismic toss. The seismic toss knocks-out Gary's Nidoking, and Gary loses the match.
Ash is really surprised when he sees Gary lose. After the match, Ash walks up to Gary, and Gary says "That trainer was lucky that I got distracted by all the girls cheering for me. They're disappointed, but you will get over it, won't you girls?" All Gary's cheerers start crying, and Gary says "Later Ash". Ash said to Pikachu "Can you believe Gary got knocked out! I thought he would make it through at least four rounds! I dunno Pikachu. Do you think we should quit while we are ahead?" Then Brock walks up to Ash and says, "Listen, you're a great trainer, and as long as I'm around, you're not even going to think about quitting, okay? Pikachu and I believe in you, don't we Pikachu?" Pikachu happily agrees. Misty walks up too, and reminds Ash that his fourth round match is starting any minute now.
Ash and Pikachu appear on the grass field, but this time he doesn't let Brock and Misty coach with him, so he can prove he can win by himself. His opponent, Janet, walks out on red carpet looking extremely proud. Ash sends out Bulbasaur, and Janet sends out Beedrill. Janet orders Beedrill to tackle Bulbasaur, but Bulbasaur dodges the attack. Bulbasaur is ordered to do a razor leaf attack, and Beedrill is ordered to counter-attack it with its twin-needle. Bulbasaur dodges the twin-needle, and then Beedrill unleashes a poison sting. Bulbasaur dodges the poison sting too. Misty says, "I just hope Janet doesn't have any more Pokemon like that Beedrill" and Brock says, "I just hope she doesn't have a boyfriend". Misty screams back at Brock "Well there's no way that boyfriend's gonna be you Mister!!!" Then Bulbasaur sends out a leech seed, which hits Beedrill and drains all its energy. Then Bulbasaur finishes Beedrill off with a tackle attack.
Janet sends out a Scyther against Bulbasaur. Scyther does a slash attack, but Bulbasaur dodges it. Then Scyther does a quick attack, which Bulbasaur is hit by. Then Bulbasaur does a vine-whip, but Scyther slices it with it's quick attack, and then does a double team, confusing Bulbasaur and Ash. Bulbasaur tries a vine whip on 2 of the 3 Scythers (from the double team) but neither of them are the real one. Scyther hits Bulbasaur a few times, and then Scyther does another double team. Scyther hits Bulbasaur, but then Ash says "Use your vine-whip on all 3!" This defeats the Scyther.
Janet now sends out a puny-looking Bellsprout. Ash tells Bulbasaur to do a tackle, but Bellsprout absorbs the energy from the attack, and unleashes the attack's power back on Bulbasaur. This happens a few times, and knocks out Bulbasaur. Ash then sends out Pikachu, and orders it to do a Thundershock. But Bellsprout dodges the attack, and then sends out a double-edged razor leaf. Pikachu then does a thunderbolt, but it doesn't effect Bellsprout. Janet says "Bellsprout's legs are like a pair of teeny-tiny lightning rods. Those electric attacks just won't work Ash." Pikachu now tries to do some fist fighting and kick-boxing, but Bellsprout puts its leg on Pikachu, and stuns him.
Pikachu is fainted now, so he starts thinking deeply. To much surprise, he sends out his Muk that he got back from Professor Oak. Bellsprout does a flying-mud kick, but Muk absorbs Bellsprout's attack's energy, and then unleashes a body slam back on it, and knocks Bellsprout out. Muk and Ash celebrate, and smothers Ash with affection. Janet says "I'm very proud of the way you battled Bellsprout. Let's go home". Misty tells Ash afterwards, "You didn't do too bad out there! But if it wasn't for Muk, you'd be out of luck!" Then Muk gives Misty a big hug.
And so, with a little advanced strategy, Ash got Bellsprout 'stuck in the Muk' and won his fourth round match. Now, his dreams are burning as brightly as the flame atop Indigo Stadium. But, does Ash have what it takes to be a Pokemon Master?

079: Fourth Round Rumble!

079: Formidable Rival in Grass Field



Professor Oak
Delia Ketchum
Officer Jenny
Nurse Joy

Pikachu Bulbasaur Muk
Officer Jenny:
Beedrill Bellsprout Scyther

Gary Fails to get past the 4th Round of the Pokémon League
Ash Gets Past The Grass Round of the Pokémon League