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While walking through the middle of town, our friends notice that it is full of huge mansions. Apparently, Palm Hills is famous for its sprawling estates and sweeping lawns. Ash, Misty and Brock then come across a very large mansion and stand at the gate in complete amazement. While gazing at this majestic mansion, three butlers are seen in the background searching for something. As Ash, Misty and Brock continue to walk through town hoping to see some movie stars houses, they find an upset Growlithe. Wondering why it is upset, they see a pink Pokémon attached to the end of Growlithe’s tail.
Brock recognizes this pink Pokémon as Snubbull. Dexter, “Snubbull. The fairy Pokémon. While it may appear gruff and grumpy, deep down Snuggle is a kind and caring Pokémon”. Misty then notices that Snubbull has two pink ribbons attached to both ears and concludes that it must be a girl Snubbull. Ash then jumps in and says that this grumpy girl Snubbull, who isn’t afraid of chasing Pokémon reminds him of Misty, of course he meant this in a good way! Suddenly, a Butler runs past and notices that our friends have found his master’s Snubbull safe and sound. Snubbull’s trainer, who we shall refer to as Madam (as we never really find out her name), then invites our friends to lunch.
The majestic mansion Ash, Misty and Brock found themselves staring at earlier turns out to be owned by Madam. On their way to the frond door, via an automatic walkway, Brock notices that Snubbull is not too happy about being home. Upon entering the huge mansion, Madam shows our friends around Snubbull’s wing (yes, that’s right, she has her own wing). As our heroes are showed Snubbull’s bedroom, her “drive-in” closet, her workout room and her bubble bath (which Pikachu and Togepi quickly take advantage of) they learn that Madam does not like to take Snubbull outside, as she is afraid she might bet sick.
After completing the tour of Snubbull’s wing, our friends go to lunch in a very large room, which Misty thinks is a dining room but in actual fact it is a “humble little breakfast nook”. As our friends help themselves to the large variety of food, Snubbull refuses to eat. Brock thinks he has the answer and rumbles through this backpack in search of a snack for Snubbull. Finally Brock finds what he was searching for – Popcorn Balls, and Snubbull loves them.
Meanwhile, outside the gates of the large mansion, Team Rocket reminisces about James’s wealthy upbringing. Jessie, James and Meowth then decide to rob the place, but while sneaking up to the mansion they run into Snubbull who catches a glimpse of Meowth’s tail and grabs hold of it. At this point in time, the three butlers come running and notice the intruders. As Team Rocket try and make their escape, they run into Ash, Misty and Brock. Jessie then tries to get Snubbull to let go of Meowth’s tail by flinging it around. Eventually it lets go and lands in Madam’s arms. Weezing then uses his smoke screen attack and Team Rocket successfully escape.
Once back inside, Brock tells Madam that Snubbull is a little unhappy. But our friends then learn that Snubbull is not unhappy but rather nervous about her upcoming wedding to Winthrop Snubbull fellow (a rather ugly looking Snubbull). Meanwhile, Team Rocket are plotting to steal Snubbull by using Meowth as bait (literally), he just does not realize it yet. As the two Snubbull trainers chat about their Snubbull and how perfect they are for each other, Brock notices that both Pokémon are trying to escape. Frustrated and a little upset, Brock jumps out from behind the bushes and gives both trainers a lecture. Ash and Misty also jump into the conversation. Team Rocket then appears and introduces themselves in typical fashion. Meowth is then gradually lowered towards Snubbull, and she takes the bait and grabs hold of Meowth’s tail. Before Ash and his friends could be anything, Team Rocket uses some sought of cuffs to immobilize them. As Jessie, James and Meowth hide out in a crappy little shed. Jessie and James start abusing Meowth, but Snubbull comes to Meowth’s aid and protects him from their verbal attack. He then again notices Meowth’s tail and grabs hold of it.
Meanwhile, our heroes continue to search for the stolen Pokémon. Meowth then runs out of the shed screaming in pain. Jessie and James follow closely behind and now everybody knows where they are. Arbok uses his tail to knock out the butlers and Weezing launches his smoke screen. Heracross, after sucking on some flowers, then head buts Weezing and uses his horn attack against Arbok. Snubbull then joins in on the action by biting Arbok’s tail. Brock then convinces Madam to tell Snubbull to use her tackle attack. Snubbull, enjoying herself immensely, is then struck by Arbok’s tackle attack. Furious, Snubbull then unleashes her scary face attack (be warned it is very scary) and then again bites Arbok’s tail. Victreebel is then instructed to attack but instead swallows James. Snubbull then tackles Victreebel and begins to jump up and down on it. Snubbull, eventually begins to fling Victreebel around and when she lets go, Victreebel lands on Team Rocket. Then, somehow, Team Rocket’s balloon returns and they jump inside to escape the onslaught. Heracross then uses his horn attack against the balloon and they blast off into the clear, blue sky.
Finally realizing how happy Snubbull is while “playing” with others, she builds him an exercise yard outside. While Snubbull runs off into the yard to play, our friends say their goodbyes and continue on their journey. Snubbull, while playing, then envisions Meowth’s tail and runs out of the exercise yard and off into the sunset

126: Snubbull Snobbery

126: Snubbull's Magnificent Life



Madame Muchmoney

Pikachu Heracross
Victreebel Weezing
Madame Muchmoney:
Special/Other Trainers:
Snubbull Growlithe

Snubbull starts following Team Rocket